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First Published: 28-04-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy IX Guide

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Disc 3

Assault on Alexandria

Well, things aren’t looking so hot for Alexandria right now, so Dagger gathers up the soldiers to help defend the city. When you finally regain control, you will have to give orders to each of the soldiers. If you give them all the correct orders, then you will receive a nice accessory. Here are the following orders to give each of the soldiers:

  • Gather information: Blutzen and Kohel
  • Protect the townspeople: Weimar and Haagen
  • Contact Lindblum: Breireicht and Laudo
  • Fire the cannons: Dojebon and Mullenkedheim

Picking all of the above options will net you a pair of Angel Earrings. At this point, the game will switch over control to Steiner and Beatrix, who will be going through the town to rid it of any monsters. Take the time to outfit Steiner with all of the goodies you have found thus far, and it might be a good idea to even snag the Cross Helm from Beatrix, since she’s only going to be in your party for a short bit here. Once you’re done getting ready, head south to find a Mistodon waiting for you.

It should go down easily, so don’t fret over the battle with it. Continue south into the next area to find another Mistodon. Clear it out and keep following this path, knowing you will be doing battle with plenty more of these beasts. When you get to the battle where Steiner will automatically go into Trance, then that will be the final one. Remember that Beatrix has access to White Magic, so she can use Cura to heal up your wounds from the battles, instead of you having to use items. Upon finishing that battle with the automatic Trance, the game will cut back to Dagger inside of the castle.

The bottom exits are blocked by some kind of force field, so you can only go upstairs. Do that and take the exit at the bottom of the screen, then continue climbing the next set of stairs to your left. Keep head north and in the big hall, take the exit on your left, which will be a staircase. Climb all the way to the top and upon exiting, there will be a scene with a new path opening up before you. Follow this all the way to the top and once you reach it, the game will switch over to Zidane and the others. Watch the following scenes (which are quite awesome), then it will be time to take control of Zidane and his group.

This little section could be a tad longer, depending on your actions on your previous visit to Alexandria Castle. If you defeated Tantarian on that trip, then you don’t really have much to do here. If not, then this is the last opportunity for you to do that. It’s a lot easier this time around, as you don’t have to worry about a time limit, plus your characters are definitely stronger. Like before, though, you lack a healer, so you will have to use items to keep your health up to snuff.

Also, unlike your previous visit, you have access to a save point and don’t have to worry about the random guards butting in here. To get to the save point, head upstairs and take the southern exit, then take the path to the right to the guards’ room, where Mosh the moogle will be waiting. If you don’t know where Tantarian is located, head back downstairs to the lobby of the castle and the library will be off to the left. Look in the lower left corner to see a stray book on top of the one shelf, which will be Tantarian. For the strategy on how to beat this thing, refer to the link above, knowing that Vivi will be your primary damage damage, since you don’t want to use physical attacks once the book is open.

The primary reason for going after Tantarian is the pair of Running Shoes it drops, which allows characters to learn the Auto-Haste ability. If you’ve already defeated the demon book on the prior visit, follow the same path that you took with Dagger to the very top of the castle for more scenes. After they are over, you will be in Lindblum.

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