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Final Fantasy IX
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Final Fantasy IX Guide

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Disc 3

Back to Treno

There will be a short scene in Treno and once it’s over, you will gain control of Zidane, with the ATE prompt popping up in the corner. View Eiko Talks Life, then start descending the tower to have another one pop up, How He Ended Up Here. At the end of this ATE, you will have a choice with Vivi on whether to stop by home or stay in Treno. Each one will lead to another ATE, with the other one becoming missable, but this shouldn’t affect the Movie Critic trophy/achievement, especially if you’ve been following this walkthrough. Having him visit his home will get you an extra scene, while staying in Treno will allow you to win a special during the upcoming Tetra Master card tournament. Note that you can still get a copy of that card later on in the game, so let’s go with having Vivi visit home for this walkthrough.

Note: If you chose to have Vivi stay in Treno, then you would get an extra ATE here called Hippo’s Prize.

Continue down Tot’s tower and select Memories By The Water as the next ATE you pick. Go down the stairs to the Bishop’s House area (as if you were going to the synthesis shop), then continue south to the card stadium, where another ATE will pop up, called City People. You will find a Chimera Armlet on the ground during this ATE. The next stop on this tour will be the equipment shop, and you can save your game with the moogle right outside of it. Note that he will have a letter delivered to him from Artemicion, so go ahead and read it (should be about Vivi being the new sprint champion).

You’re going to be fighting the second challenge at the shop, but you want to equip a few things on Zidane before doing so. Outfit him with a Coral Ring, as well as the Beast Killer and Jelly abilities. If you forged the Angel Bless weapon in Alexandria, toss that on Zidane, too. The monster you’ll be fighting is the Catoblepas, and Jelly will protect you from its Devil’s Bell skill, while the Coral Ring will make Thundara heal you. It doesn’t have too much health, so it shouldn’t last long against Zidane. You will be rewarded with 15,000 Gil, so exit after you’ve won and visit Queen Stella again.

This place, if you don’t remember, is located to the north of the Bishop’s House area. Hand her the three new Stellazzio coins you’ve found to be rewarded with an Elixir, 10,000 Gil, and a Black Belt. The synthesis shop has nothing new over what Alexandria had, so it’s not worth a visit. It’s time to go on a little detour now, as you will be leaving Treno. If you let Vivi visit home, go to Quan’s Dwelling right now to find him in the back and after a short scene, he will rejoin you.

Note: If you chose to send Vivi home, then you will want to wait until after winning your first card game later on before you actually retriever Vivi from Quan’s Dwelling. If done correctly, then you will get an ATE in Treno called Home Sweet Home.

Revisiting the Village of Dali

Back on the world map, go west of Treno and pass through the South Gate. Upon entering Dali, go to the back of the village and enter the windmill. From here, you can go inside of the mayor’s house via the exit in the bottom left. Check out the room when given the option, picking the Desk to find a Mini-Brahne. Do this two more times (checking the desk) and once the kid shows he’s fully sleeping (by the Zzz), check the Heater to receive the Mayor’s Key. Leave the room to return to the windmill, then climb the ladder and open the chest up here for a Cachusha.

Near the ladder is a plank that connects to the southern end of the top of the windmill, where you can find another chest that contains an Elixir. Back down the ladder, check out the door in the back of the room to see that it needs a key to open, so use the Mayor’s Key to do that. You should now be in a little enclosed area with a chocobo. On the right side here, search the area to find a whopping 30,000 Gil. Fiddle around a little bit more to see another prompt, which lets you grab some Burman Coffee from under the bo. This will be the third, and final, coffee needed for the Rare Coffees side quest.

Before leaving Dali for good, take a small stop at the shop to purchase 99 Wrists for the Cotton Robe trick. Go ahead and leave Dali now and pay a visit to the Observatory Mountain now. Morrid can be found by the stairs outside, so talk to him and offer him the coffee beans you’ve gotten to receive the Mini Prima-Vista, although he sends it to the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum. You will unlock the My Little Airship trophy/achievement at this time.


Back to Treno

The little excursion to the areas near Treno is over, so let’s head back to the bustling town. This wasn’t mentioned earlier, but you can visit the auction to find some new items available for bidding. Two of the four new items are only sold if you don’t have any in your inventory; those are Feather Boots and the Anklet. The third new item is Dark Matter, which you probably want to get, as it can teach the Odin summon to Dagger. This item will likely cost you around 19,000 Gil, so hopefully you have enough. The Dark Matter in the auction is the only way to obtain it outside of the game’s superboss.

The last item is the Rat Tail, which is one of those seemingly useless items like the Une’s Mirror. This can be bought for around 17,000 Gil and once you get it, you are able to sell it to the Adventurer roaming about the Bishop’s House area. Refuse his first offer and you can sell the Rat Tail for a nice 25,000 Gil. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to finally move on with the story, which will involve actually playing Tetra Master.

Note: Despite being mentioned as useless, the Rat Tail, Une’s Mirror, Griffin’s Heart and Doga’s Artifact are needed to get an item later on in the game. So, if you didn’t get the others, do that now, keeping an eye on your money.

Important: It’s imperative you save your game before going to the Card Stadium, as the upcoming tournament should be won to get the item. Also, there are a few missable ATEs in between the rounds, so you definitely don’t want to redo the whole thing.

Card Tournament

The Card Stadium is found by going south from the moogle, so head there and speak to the NPC behind the desk to get registered for the tournament. You should have a few good cards from your adventure so far, so use those in your first round, paying special consideration on your placement on the board. You especially don’t want to leave a powerful card open for the taking by leaving its unprotected sides vulnerable. After winning the first game and being deposited outside of the stadium, an ATE named Good Old Days will pop up, so watch that. During that ATE, choose the "I’m interested" option.

Change screens and another ATE will pop up, called Lessons of Life. Feel free to save your game again, then return to the stadium for the second round of the tournament. Note that your second opponent will differ, depending on your choice in the How He Ended Up Here ATE at the beginning of this page. If you chose to have Vivi stay in Treno, then your opponent will be someone named Mario and he will have the Namingway Card. This can be used to rename one of your characters and there’s only two of them in the game. If you made Vivi visit his home, then your opponent will be no one special.

After winning the second round, you will have a choice of two ATEs upon exiting the stadium, Hallucination and Premonition. The former ATE is needed to view a later one in Lindblum. Pick one, switch screens and choose the other. That wraps up the ATEs, so feel free to save your game again and return to the stadium for your bout with the champion, who should be familiar. For winning the match, you will have won the tournament and will receive a Rebirth Ring. This handy little add-on can teach the Auto-Life skill to characters, so it’s nice to get that started a little earlier than usual. With that out of the way, watch the scenes here that’ll bring an end to your return trip to Treno.

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