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Final Fantasy IX

Vivi Ornitier

Jarrod Garripoli

Vivi is a Black Mage that the player meets very early in the game, who tags along with the rest of the gang to find out who he truly is. He lacks self-confidence and is shown to be very clumsy, often tripping over his own feet throughout the game. At the beginning of the game, Vivi is fearful of his powers, opting to not use them until he gets some encouragement from the others. Because of this, he does look up to Zidane as some sort of brotherly figure.

Vivi’s unique power is Black Magic, allowing him to cast all sorts of damaging spells on enemies. He is the only person with Black Magic in the game, so he should be a mainstay in your party, whenever you have access to him. His other unique ability, Focus, basically increasing his magic for the duration of the battle. Vivi’s Trance is called Dbl Blk and as the name suggests, it allows you to cast two spells in a single turn. Note that both will use MP, so you’re not getting any help from there. Vivi’s strengths lay in blasting foes with elemental magic and once he gets access to some spells like Bio, non-elemental magic. One more thing is that if Steiner’s in the same party as Vivi, Steiner will have access to Sword Magic, which doesn’t cost anything on Vivi’s end.

Black Magic

Black Magic Learned AP Needed
Fire Mage Staff, Leather Hat 20
Fira Flame Staff, Mage’s Hat, Topaz, Power Belt 50
Firaga Octagon Rod 75
Blizzard Leather Wrist 25
Blizzara Ice Staff, Opal 50
Blizzaga Octagon Rod 85
Thunder Glass Buckle, Silk Shirt 25
Thundara Lightning Staff, Peridot 50
Thundaga Octagon Rod 85
Sleep Flame Staff 20
Slow Ice Staff, Magus Hat 20
Stop Oak Staff 25
Poison Lightning Staff 35
Bio Oak Staff 40
Osmose High Mage Staff, Gaia Gear 70
Drain Oak Staff 60
Demi Cypress Pile, Amethyst, Black Belt 30
Comet Cypress Pile 55
Death Black Hood 45
Break Cypress Pile 30
Water N-Kai Armlet 55
Meteor High Mage Staff 95
Flare Black Robe 95
Doomsday Mace of Zeus 150

Support Abilities

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