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Final Fantasy IX

Memoria (2) - Tiamat

Jarrod Garripoli

When you’re ready to continue with Memoria, return to where you fought Maliris and move onto the next screen. In this room, you will witness a scene happening, with Alexandria in the background. Once the scene is over, walk onto the raised portion and check the left side to find a hidden item, which turns out to be an Angel Flute. On the right side of this same raised area will be a hidden save point, so you can rest up with some Tents and save your game. Continue to the right and into the next room.

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The Ultimate Flute

Obtain the Angel Flute.

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Head up the spiraling stairs and when you get back outside, Zidane will comment that it’s raining. At the top of the stairs here, off to the left, will be another one of those Phantom card players, the Defense Phantom. On the stairs on the right side of this area, there will be another quick scene, this one of a boat scene. The room after the one with the boat scene will have another quick scene with a familiar eye, and it is here that you need to stop for a few moments. On the left side of this room will be another hidden item, this one containing some Rune Claws.

(1 of 2) The location of the Angel Flute in Memoria

The location of the Angel Flute in Memoria (left), The location of the Rune Claws in Memoria (right)

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The Ultimate Claws

Obtain the Rune Claws.

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At this point, there will be another boss coming up, so you want to prepare. Protection against both fire and wind is recommended, as well as Body Temp for the boss’ one move. Having access to Silence also helps negate one of the mechanics with the boss, too, but it’s not necessary. Whenever you’re ready, walk up the stairs and you will be thrown into the fight.

BOSS - Tiamat

Tiamat can definitely be an annoying boss, as it will spend a lot of time absorbing your stats and adding them to its own. There’s nothing you can do about this, either, so you just have to grin and bear it. It can use both Absorb Strength and Absorb Magic, as well as Absorb MP. The longer the fight, the stronger that Tiamat’s attacks can be, so you don’t want a drawn out battle. Of course, these abilities are a lot better than some of its other attacks. Silent Claw is a physical attack that can deal some good damage to a single character (even more if it spams Absorb Strength), plus it can inflict Silence.

Tiamat has access to Twister, but having wind protection will make that attack worthless (Ribbons are great here). It can also cast Float on your characters, so Twister can deal more damage, but there’s another, more nefarious, reason for Float. If you physically attack Tiamat with a character under Float status, then it will counter with Snort, taking that character out of the battle permanently. This is definitely something you don’t want happening, but Tiamat is susceptible to Silence and this removes Float out of the picture, meaning it can’t use it at all.

(1 of 2) Tiamat’s Float can be dangerous, as that can lead to Snort

Tiamat’s Float can be dangerous, as that can lead to Snort (left), Jet Fire is definitely the most dangerous skill Tiamat has (right)

By far, the most dangerous move in Tiamat’s arsenal is Jet Fire, a fire-elemental attack that hits all characters and can inflict them with Heat. Naturally, you should have Body Temp equipped on everyone to counter the Heat, but you want some fire protection to negate all, or at least some of, the damage from this move. As previously mentioned, the longer this fight goes on, the more dangerous it becomes, as Absorb Strength will put Tiamat’s Silent Claw at a point where it can KO a character with one hit. This could also hold true for Twister, although having Ribbons equipped will make it heal you. Lastly, if you want more goodies, you can have Zidane steal a Blood Sword, Feather Boots and Grand Helm from Tiamat.

Once Tiamat goes down, you can continue by entering the giant eye.

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