On Disc 3, whenever you return to the city of Alexandria, you can encounter a NPC named Hippaul and his mother on the one street. Note that if you agree to see the play by Ruby, then you will miss out on this little side quest, as it won’t be available afterwards. So, you have a small window of opportunity to take it upon yourself to complete this side quest. Distraught over her son’s addiction to Tetra Master, Hippaul’s mother wishes for him to lose some weight and thinks running will help with this. Agree to race and this mini-game will begin. The objective of this minigame is to alternate button presses between Square and Circle (X/B on Xbox, and Y/A on Switch) to move Vivi. There is no penalty for pressing the buttons early, so you can get into a rhythm before Hippolady says go.

(1 of 3) You can begin pressing buttons while the mother is counting down

Hippaul starts out at level one and depending on how close the race is, he will gain either a single level (close race) or five levels (if you win by a large margin). For every ten levels, you will win a prize, which happens to be a Tetra Master card. As his level increases, he will become faster, so it might be more challenging to win by a larger margin. Once Hippaul reaches level 40 or so, it does become a bit more difficult to have his level increase by five for each race. Once you get Hippaul to level 80, you’ll receive the key item, Athlete Queen and the related trophy/achievement. There are no rewards past that one.

Hippaul's LevelReward
10Wyerd Card
20Carrion Worm Card
30Tantarian Card
40Armstrong Card
50Ribbon Card
60Nova Dragon Card
70Genji Card
80Athlete Queen Key Item

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A group known as the Tantalus Theatre Troupe visits the kingdom of Alexandria to celebrate the birthday of Princess Garnet. Unbeknownst to the royal family and the citizens of the city, the troupe is actually a band of thieves, who are aiming to kidnap the princess. However, to add a twist, the princess was planning on escaping the castle all along, even asking the troupe to "kidnap" her. This little event kickstarts many others, leading to a grand adventure.

This guide is planned to have a beginning-to-end walkthrough of the main story, while simultaneously guiding you through all of the side quests and other goodies in the game. The side quests include Chocobo Hot and Cold, Tetra Master, and all of the smaller ones, like the jump rope mini-game, Friendly Monsters, Excalibur II, and much more. In addition to all of this, you will find lists of all abilities that characters can learn, as well as Quina's Blue Magic.

  • Beginning-to-end walkthrough, covering all story elements
  • Coverage on all side quests, from major to minor ones
  • How to learn all abilities, including Quina's Blue Magic
  • Detailed trophy/achievement guide

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