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Final Fantasy IX

Madain Sari

Jarrod Garripoli

You’re back on the world map and your next place to visit is called Madain Sari, home to Eiko. Madain Sari is that little rock-looking place straight ahead of the exit from the Mountain Path, but there’s a slight diversion you should take before entering the town. Go into any of the forests here and do the usual stutter step, if you want, until you encounter some hairy-looking monster. This is the Yeti and he is one of the Friendly Monsters. He’ll ask for some Ore and he’ll take two of them, so hand them over to get an Elixir and 20 AP. That’s about all there is to do here, so go ahead and enter Madain Sari.

As with previous ones, the Yeti will ask for some Ores

Madain Sari

There will be a scene upon entering for the first time, then when you finally regain control, you can trigger an ATE called Vivi’s Feelings. Once that is over, go behind the fountain nearby and look for the item there, which turns out to be Libra Stellazzio. Head north and exit there to get another ATE prompt, this one for Dagger’s Feelings. Talk to the moogle blocking the cave entrance up top here to catch a glimpse of Quina, who will jump into the water shortly after showing up. Return to the fountain area and another ATE should automatically start, called Eiko’s Feelings. Here, you assign jobs to some moogles, so pick the following:

  • Send Chimomo fishing
  • Ask Mocha to dig up the potatoes
  • Momatose will help in the kitchen

When you’re done there, go where Dagger was standing/sitting just south of the fountain and check there for an item (Tent). Continue left of the fountain to find Vivi, then try to enter the doorway nearby to be stopped by a moogle named Morrison. He’ll ask you to accompany him to the Eidolon Wall, so follow him. You should get the Eiko’s Kitchen ATE by the fountain, where you will need to pick more answers to questions.

  • 11 people
  • Do not add the oglop
  • Let Momatose cook and lend a hand

The Eidolon Wall is north of the fountain and was guarded by that one moogle earlier. As Morrison explains a few things, Zidane says he’ll go get Dagger, as she can summon eidolons, too. She will be at the entrances, so retrieve her and go back to the Eidolon Wall. As Dagger looks around, she decides to stay to look over the murals, so exit this area to receive the final ATE here, Eiko’s Kitchen 2. When prompted to, ask Quina for advice and watch the rest of the scene. Back in control of Zidane, feel free to speak with Moco in the fountain area, then try to enter the kitchen area again to finally be let in.

(1 of 2) Look behind the fountain for the Libra Stellazzio

Look behind the fountain for the Libra Stellazzio (left), Once you gain access to the cooking area, grab the Kirman Coffee on the left side (right)

Another scene will play out here, with the result depending on your actions in Eiko’s ATEs (which will turn out great if you chose the above options). When it’s over, Eiko will ask you to bring the pot into the kitchen, but open the two chests in the room for a Phoenix Pinion and Ore (the second chest is to the right of Dagger). You can pick up the pot on the table from the right side, next to the chest, so do that and bring it into the kitchen via the left exit. Speak to her once to get things rolling, then in between the conversation, check the left side of the kitchen in the upper area to find some Kirman Coffee.

Keep talking to Eiko until the conversation repeats, then attempt to leave her house completely, until you’re interrupted by Momatose. He tells you to get some rest, so go ahead and do that now. A few scenes will happen here, with Eiko ultimately joining you on your journey for now, in place of Quina. You will end up back on the world map, but return inside Madain Sari for right now. Right there will be Morrison, who will offer to sell you some goods. You shouldn’t need any equipment, but you might want to stock up on some of the battle items, particularly Softs and Magic Tags. The former will be used to kill some enemies, while the latter is to do what it says it does. That wraps up Madain Sari, so it’s time to make the trek to the Iifa Tree.

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