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Final Fantasy VIII
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First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Disc 1

After the Field Exam

Timber Maniacs 1

You’ll make the journey from Dollet to Balamb uneventful, after which you’ll be told by Quistis that you have some free time… basically until you return to Balamb, you’re free to do what you wish. This is good news, as there’s a bit of loot worth gathering here in Dollet, and perhaps some grinding to do…

You'll be given free time when you return from Dollet
which is good, since Seifer strands you in Balamb

First things first, however. Leave the port and Seifer will make off with the car, forcing you to return on foot. Fair enough, we had errands to run in Balamb, anyways! Jerk. First up you can find the Timber Maniacs 1 magazine lying in two places around Balamb. While there’s not much gameplay incentive to find them all, you do get a Steam achievement for it, as well as some info on a character later on. This particular magazine can, if read, marginally change the way things play out in the future, although it’s a trivial difference.

Timber Maniacs I can be found in two locations, on a desk in the 2nd floor of the hotel
and on the floor of the train platform.

To find these magazines, either make your way into the Balamb Hotel (the blue building on the screen adjacent to the port) and head up the stairs to the left. In the hotel room on the second floor you’ll find Timber Maniacs I on a desk to the right of the Save Point. The other place you can find this magazine is on the train platform. Just head left from the hotel, exit the town square to the left to reach the Balamb Station, then exit the screen by heading up past the conductor (the man in a black suit and cap). You’ll find this copy of Timber Maniacs 1 on the ground to the left near some red railing.

Challenge Ma Dincht to a game of cards
and win the Zell card from her

Zell Card

Next up, a bit of Triple Triad is in order - don’t worry, it’s a super short session this time. Make your way to the town square (the area just south of the gas station, where a Thunder Draw Point can be found) and note that there are two houses to the right. Enter the lower one (the one closer to the camera) and you should get some chatter between Zell and his mother. Leave the house and return, then challenge Ma Dincht to a game of cards. She’s got a mediocre deck with a health spread of Level 1-5 Monster cards, and while she can play things like Iron Giant, Malboro and Elastoid, her hand will almost always be hindered by weaker fare. The card you’re looking for is the Zell card, so play her until you get it. If you’ve been following this guide you could have as many as four rare cards, which is a fine start indeed.

You can use Card Mod to refine Zell into three Hyper Wrists
which you can then use to teach GFs the wonderful Str+60% ability

As far as Card Mod goes, Zell refines into three Hyper Wrist items, which will teach a GF the Str+60% ability. This is… actually rather appealing. Who wouldn’t love a Strength boost of that magnitude? We’ll leave this one to you, as the Zell card is good enough to play with, but it’s hardly essential. That said, if you’re doing a low-level run and have powerful spells junctioned to Strength, you’re probably freakishly over-powered already.

Note: If you’re going to refine Zell into Hyper Wrists, use them to teach Str+60% to Quezacotl, Shiva and Ifrit. These three evergreen GFs will be kept on different users (so long as you’ve got a party of three, anyways) from here on out, so they’re GFs to put new abilities on - especially ones you want the entire party to benefit from.

Learn the L Mag-RF ability with Siren
to obtain various curative/status magics

L Mag-RF

With that, you’re done in Balamb and free to return to Balamb Garden, but… well, of course there are grinding opportunities that need to be pointed out. Now that you have Siren, you have new abilities you can learn with that GF, and the two most immediately interesting are the L Mag-RF and Tool-RF abilities. The former will allow you to turn items into restorative magics from items while the latter will let you turn items into… well, other items, some of which can be further refined into powerful magics later in the game.

You should already know how this works, go grind Fastitocalon-Fs on the beaches (use Card to avoid getting any experience if you’re shooting for a low-level run) and get these two abilities. Once you’ve learned L Mag-RF you can use your trust Card Mod ability to obtain the following items and spells:

CardCard Mod ItemsMagics AcquiredAbility
Belhelmel1 = Saw Blade x11 = Death x10L Mag-RF
Blood Soul1 = Zombie Powder x11 = Zombie x20L Mag-RF
Chimaera10 = Regen Ring x11 = Full-Life x20L Mag-RF
Imp1 = Wizard Stone x11 = Curaga x5L Mag-RF
Mesmerize1 = Mesmerize Blade x11 = Regen x20L Mag-RF
Tonberry1 = Chef's Knife x11 = Death x30L Mag-RF
Torama5 = Life Ring x11 = Life x20L Mag-RF
Turtapod5 = Healing Mail x11 = Curaga x20L Mag-RF
Vysage1 = Wizard Stone x11 = Curaga x5L Mag-RF

Of course, your ability to get cards is limited right now, although you can play people in Balamb if you really want. Still, it’s worth noting this for later at the very least:

  • While Tornado is still the best option for most stats, Regen and Curaga junction admirably well into HP and are easy enough to get. Both spells are excellent junctions for Spirit and Vitality, as well.

  • Death is another incredibly easy spell to refine this way, and junctions well into Spirit and Magic, being just behind Tornado in the latter case.

  • Although Full-Life is a temptingly good spell to have, it’s requirement (effectively two Full-Life spells per Chimaera card) puts it in the same territory as Flare; really good junctioning magic, but not really worth the time to grind for. Still, if you can get some Full-Life junctions incredibly well into HP, and also gives 40% resistance to all elements if junctioned to Elemental Defense (assuming you have a full stack of 100 Full-Lifes).

While L Mag-RF can have immediate benefits, Tool-RF requires a more diverse selection of magic refining abilities to really make substantial use of. That being the case, you can safely ignore it for now. Do whatever grinding you care to do, both for AP or for cards (and hence, new magic to junction) and when you’re ready to move on return to Balamb Garden.

While L Mag-RF can have immediate benefits, Tool-RF requires a more diverse selection of magic refining abilities to really make substantial use of. That being the case, you can safely ignore it for now. Do whatever grinding you care to do, both for AP or for cards (and hence, new magic to junction) and when you’re ready to move on return to Balamb Garden.

Zell and Selphie will leave the party when you return to Balamb Garden
Seifer's pride is sharply wounded after his antics during the field exam
Try to head elsewhere in the garden to get called up for your grade


When you reach Balamb Garden, Zell and Selphie will leave your party. Nothing to do now but head back inside. When you get to the 1st Floor Hall, talk to Cid, Quistis and Xu if you wish (don’t worry, you no longer have to worry about demerits for talking to people). Don’t listen to what Quistis says, however, and exit the screen to the right to find Seifer. Talk to your former captain and… well, things won’t go so well for Seifer, as Xu has some harsh words for him. After some more chatter, attempt to leave and you’ll be called to the 2nd Floor Hallway.

Return to the 1st Floor Hallway area with the Save Point, ride up the elevator and wait. For real this time. If you want to break up the tedium, talk to the people standing around, but few of them have anything of interest to say. After a few moments the SeeD candidates will be called up, Headmaster Cid will give an abortive speech which is hijacked by a curiously assertive "Garden Faculty" member. Imagine the maintenance worker or janitor bossing around the dean in a real college… there’s something odd about this scenario.

After waiting a bit you'll get called up to see the headmaster
Talk to Cid after graduating and he'll give you the Battle Meter
Return downstairs for a rather odd reception...

Oh well, nothing you can deal with now. Cid will give a short message to each graduate, including the true star of the Final Fantasy VIII universe - the anonymous SeeD #2 before dismissing everybody. Before leaving, talk to Cid again and he’ll give you the Battle Meter, which will record various stats like steps taken, battles fought, won and escaped. You can review this data by entering the menu, then selecting Tutorial, Information, Information again, and finally Battle Report.

SeeD Ranks Explained

Afterwards you’ll find yourself just outside of the 2nd Floor elevator. Make your way to the left and talk to your fellow graduates, then exit the screen to find Seifer, who has an unexpected reception for you. Once the screen fades you’ll finally get to see your grade up to this point, and your resulting SeeD rank, split into five categories.

Conduct is determined by how fast you escaped from Dollet. With a flawless escape and some practice you could have obtained 100 points in this by escaping with 25:00 or more left on the clock. In practice, however, it’s much easier to get the second or third bracket, 24:00-24:59 or 23:00-23:59, which is probably what you had to settle for if you chose to fight and defeat X-ATM092.

Judgment is determined by how much time was on the counter after defeating Ifrit, with a perfect time requiring you to have between 00:01 and 00:007 seconds left after exiting the naming screen for Ifrit. If you’re playing on PC and have a score of 0 for this, it’s because you took too long on the post-battle screens.

Attack is determined by the number of kills you scored during the field exam in Dollet, and not being conducive for a low-level run, it’s easy for a frugal player to end up with a score of between 10-50 in this. If you want a perfect score, experience be damned, you’d have had to have killed 75 or more enemies in the Dollet mission. Enemies defeated before or after Dollet do not count towards this.

Spirit is determined by how many times you escaped from battle during the field exam, with one escape being allowed (the first encounter with X-ATM092 leaving you no other option) for a perfect score. If you flawlessly evaded X-ATM092 or defeated the machine after the first encounter you should have earned a perfect score unless you fled from another encounter for whatever reason. Fleeing from missions before or after Dollet do not count towards this.

Attitude is an odd one, requiring you to have refrained from talking to nearly every character (save Seifer once in the town square) during the field exam in Dollet. Other deductions include disobeying Seifer’s orders while riding in the gunship (-1 demerit), trying to leave the town square before Seifer orders it (-1 demerit), jumping off the cliff like Selphie did (-5 demerits), talking to Biggs after the fight but before leaving the communications tower (-2 demerits), not saving the dog in the town square while being chased by X-ATM092 (-10 demerits) or hiding from X-ATM092 in the cafe (-20 demerits). 18-24 demerits is enough to reduce your score here to 0, while 50+ demerits will give you a score of -100. You need 0 demerits for a perfect score. Curiously, if you defeated X-ATM092, this will be replaced by the Point(s) Deducted category, which is apparently some odd bug.

Bonus For killing X-ATM092 you’ll gain 100 bonus points, which is probably enough to offset a less-than-perfect Attack or Conduct score.

In any event, SeeD rank 10 is about the highest you can expect at this point in the game, but aside from a trivial amount of Gil earned every payday (determined by the number of steps you take, not actually time played) it doesn’t play a major role. The amount of funds you can expect every payday for each SeeD rank are listed below:

SeeD Ranks and Salary

You can take a number of written tests
and if you ace them, your SeeD rank will improve
You can only take a number of tests equal to your level, however.

Now that you have a Seed rank, the next logical question is how to change it? Your conduct can cause your SeeD rank to be raised or lowered, but these are fairly rare and story-related, and hence they won’t be covered until they occur. More generally, defeating enemies improves your SeeD rank - one enemy, one point towards your SeeD rank, every rank requires 100 points, and you lose 10 points every time you get paid. Thus, to maintain your SeeD rank you’ll need to defeat at least ten foes every pay period, which shouldn’t be difficult to do once you know about. Anything above that will slowly contribute to increasing your SeeD rank. Kills made by GFs don’t count towards this total, but other means (including Card) should. Sadly, this doesn’t start being calculated until after you become a SeeD, so any previous grinding you may have done will not have contributed towards your SeeD rank.

Another, somewhat quicker method of increasing your SeeD rank is by taking SeeD exams, which can be done by entering the menu and picking the Tutorial option, followed by TEST. Each test consists of ten yes/no questions that must be answered perfectly to increase your SeeD rank, and since some generous guide author can just give you the answers, it’s a pretty simple way to increase your SeeD rank. You can only take one test per level of your character, so those trying for a low-level run might be somewhat limited in this regard. You’ll just have to make up whatever SeeD ranks you can by defeating enemies and the odd act of competence or valor as you represent your organization going forward. Or not worry about it too much, since, again, it’s just Gil.

In any event, following are all the answers to the tests:

SeeD Test Answers
1Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No11Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes21Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No
2Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No12No -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No22No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No
3No -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No13Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No23Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes
4No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No14Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No24Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes
5No -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes15Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No25Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No
6Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes16Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No26Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- No
7Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No17Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No27No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No
8No -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No18Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No28Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- No
9No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes19Yes -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes29No -- No -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No
10Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No20Yes -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- No -- Yes -- Yes -- Yes -- No -- No30No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No -- No -- Yes -- No -- No -- No

Get changed into your new SeeD uniform
Agree to Selphie's request at the party

The Dance

When you’re done with all that business you’ll find yourself in your dorm, where Selphie will bug you about some party. Save your game, take some SeeD exams, whatever suits you… speaking of which, when you’re ready to move on go into your room, interact with your bed and chance into your SeeD uniform. Spiffy.

At the party, endure some dialogue from Zell and Selphie, and when the latter makes a request of you, respond with Yeah, I guess so. After this, a mysterious girl will try to get a dance out of a club-footed Squall, prompting a video. Afterwards, on a balcony Squall will be pestered by Quistis, who either doesn’t know what good dancing is, or is curiously shameless in her flattery of Squall. Her next words seem somewhat less ambiguous, and she’ll end by ordering you to meet her at a "secret area" in the training center. You know, the hookup spot where unruly students go to break curfew and do certain other expellable offenses? Yeah, quite an odd request…

After Squall escapes from the dance floor, Quistis will corner him with an odd order
Unable to help herself, Quistis bothers you with yet another tutorial
Follow her advice and junction Sleep magic onto a character's Elemental Attack

Quistis in the Training Center

Back in your dorm, change clothes, save your game, then head on out. Almost all of the Garden is locked down right now - curfew and all - the only ward open being the training ward. Basically if you see a creepy Garden Faculty member standing outside, you can’t go there. Head to the right and exit the screen, then enter the first area you find to rendezvous with Quistis in the hallway outside the training center.

Despite the seedy-seeming nature of this meet up, Quistis can’t help but give you another tutorial on status junctions, which work similarly to elemental junctions. Basically you can junction magic to your Status Attack and Status Defense stats to have a chance to inflict said status effect when you attack, or resist it when used against you. Naturally status-affecting spells like Blind, Death, Sleep, Silence etc., will junction well in either an offensive or defensive role, a full stack giving you a 100% chance to inflict (measured against the enemy’s resistances, of course) or resist said effect. Esuna grants a nice bonus to all your resistances, but not enough on its own to buy yourself any sense of real security. Oh well, there have to be better magics out there for that!

Your overall stock of status magic is probably rather limited (even if you used L Mag-RF to get a few spells) right now, so most of this is for future consideration. Junctioning Blind, Silence, Sleep or Slow to a character is usually a purely beneficial move capable of neutralizing some enemies outright. Even if a foe is immune, there’s no real downside to keeping such magics junctioned at all times. On the other hand, Drain can effectively give the attacker life leech, only becoming detrimental if said attacker is afflicted with the Zombie status. Death is also an interesting choice, as it has a chance to simply kill an enemy outright. Granted, if you are doing a low-level run and have Tornado junctioned to Strength, you’re probably so powerful that most attacks are one-hit-kills to any enemy that would be regularly effected by Death anyways, but it’s still an option.

In any event, after the tutorial Quistis will join your party. Be sure to strip the GFs from Selphie and Zell and reassign them to Squall and Quistis, and either transfer magic back from the two absent characters to Quistis, or refine more spells for her out of your item stocks and junction the magic to her stats. Be sure to follow her advice and junction Sleep (harvested from Fastitocalon-Fs earlier in the game) to her Status Attack, as it may just prove in handy if you run across a hungry apex predator. Just remember next time Cid talks about how happy he is that everybody is safe - he’s the guy who keeps man-eating dinosaurs in the training area of his school.

When you’re ready head forward into the training center, where you’ll find a fork in the path ahead Both will take you to the same area, your destination being a screen with a Save Point and a well-lit doorway to the north. If you go right you’ll find a Blizzard Draw Point along the way, which probably isn’t too enticing at this point in the game.

You can draw Silence and Sleep from Grats
Grats aren't helpless, however, and will kindly introduce you to the wonderful world of status effects

There are only two enemies in this area, Grats and T-Rexaurs. The former are here to introduce you to the wonderful world of status effects, as they can put your party to sleep with their Sleeping Gas attack and poison you with their Gastric Juice attack. The former won’t last terribly long, but the latter will require you to use an Antidote, which can be obtained by using Card Mod on Anacondaur cards to create Venom Fangs, and ST Med-RF on Venom Fangs to produce Antidotes. You can draw Sleep and Silence from Grats, the latter of which being a spell that prevent enemies from using spells.

If Sleep is junctioned to a weapon, that character can effectively keep the T-Rexaur neutralized most of the battle
while the other character punishes the dino
Despite their size, T-Rexaurs can be whittled down and affected by Card

T-Rexaurs are more straight-forward melee brutes, having a great amount of HP (between 13,000-18,000, assuming you’re around levels 10-20), and decent attack power. Fortunately if you followed Quistis’s advice earlier and junctioned Sleep to Status Attack you’ll be able to keep them pacified most of the fight, allowing you to whittle them down and defeat them conventionally or Card them. While they’re worth 10 AP if you defeat them, their stock of spells is limited to Fire and Thunder unless you’re above level twenty, which isn’t too appealing.

Quistis will confide in Squall
a mistake, considering the taciturn teen is in an especially anti-social frame of mind today

Make your way to the Save Point, then head through the well-lit doorway, where Quistis and Squall will have a bit of a one-sided chat. It’s an… odd place to have a meeting, especially considering the decidedly non-romantic nature of Quistis’s conversation, and while somewhat awkward, Squall crosses the line from merely anti-social to full-on jerk-ass here. Poor Quistis.

As Quistis and Squall leave the training center they'll hear a cry for help
emanating from a woman being attacked by... a giant bug?

Afterwards, go to leave the training area and you’ll hear a cry for help. Well, at least something good might come from this debacle of an outing!

Boss - Granaldo

Rushing to the sounds of the distressed cries you’ll encounter a… giant insect monster? What’s not apparent when you engage is that it’s not alone, being accompanied by three armored, terrestrial monsters. The flying monster - Granaldo - and the three armored monsters - Raldos - will collectively make up this next boss encounter.

HP: (lv11)287
Status Resistances:Immune to Berserk -- Card -- Confuse -- Float -- Petrify -- Silence -- Sleep -- Slow-Petrify -- Zombie; Darkness 40% -- Death 80% -- Doom 60% -- Drain 0% -- Eject 20% -- Haste 0% -- Lv Down 0% -- Lv Up 0% -- Poison 60% -- Reflect 0% -- Regen 0% -- Slow 10% -- Stop 90% -- The End 0%
Draw:Fire, Thunder, Protect
Drop:Wizard Stone x4
HP: (lv11)1,538
Weaknesses:Wind (200% damage)
Status Resistances:Immune to Berserk -- Card -- Confuse -- Darkness -- Float -- Petrify -- Silence -- Slow Petrify -- Zombie; Death 90% -- Doom 60% -- Drain 0% -- Eject 20% -- Haste 0% -- Lv Down 0% -- Lv Up 0% -- Poison 60% -- Reflect 0% -- Regen 0% -- Sleep 60% -- Slow 10% -- Stop 90% -- The End 0%
Draw:Blind, Shell, Sleep
Drop:Wizard Stone x4

The Raldos and Granaldo fight symbiotically, either by the Granaldo dropping a Raldo on you
or by whipping them into you

Calling this a boss fight might be a bit much, as these foes will appear again as mundane enemies, but who are we to argue with the boss battle music? And with only two characters at your disposal, they might pose enough of a hint of a challenge to make you think… well, okay, no, probably not.

Star out the fight by cutting down two of the three Raldos
so you can draw Protect from them more safely

Anywho, the first thing you should do is quickly cut down two of the Raldos, as the Granaldo will use these otherwise somewhat passive monsters as weapons, either by whipping them at you or dropping them on you. Cutting down its offensive options is a good first step, and since these enemies are locked at level eleven (just like the past few bosses have been) you won’t really suffer the consequences if you over leveled or enjoy the boons of keeping your level low. That’ll change soon enough, but for now the Raldos can’t break 300 HP, which even the weakest characters can cut through in a few attacks.

Have your characters draw and cast Protect
to further mitigate incoming damage

Once the herd of Raldos has been thinned, turn your attention to drawing magics from both enemies. Start with the remaining Raldo, as it has Protect, which you can use to reduce the incoming damage you’ll take while you draw. It’s good defensive magic, well worth your time to stock up on. If you find Protect insufficient to mitigate damage, you can attempt to put the Granaldo to sleep, although it’s somewhat resistant, and this is at best a short-term solution. It’s also worth noting that neither enemy has any restorative magic you can draw - a first for a boss encounter. Still, if you’re injured you can cast Cure spells from your magic stocks, as they’re easy enough to replenish.

After you have drawn full stocks of Protect, you can work on accumulating Blind
and Shell from the Granaldo

When you have all the stocks of Protect you want or can hold, turn your attention to the Granaldo, which can be mined for Shell - the magical alternative of Protect - and Blind, which can inflict darkness on enemies. Shell is, of course, incredibly useful at times, while Blind is useful if you want to inflict or protect yourself from the status, either by casting or junctioning.

Note: Shell can be junctioned to Elemental Defense to give a character 20% resistance to all elements, while Protect can likewise be junctioned to give 20% resistance to fire, ice and thunder.

Once you have all the spells you want, dispatch the last Raldo and focus on the Granaldo
While resistant, Sleep can still find purchase
After the fight, some oddly-attired men will show up to escort the attacked woman to safety

Get the spells you want, then cut down the last Raldo and turn your attention to the Granaldo. Granaldo is sturdier than the Raldos, having up to 1,500~ HP, but that’s still paltry compared to, say, X-ATM092’s 5,000+ HP. A party with powerful magics can probably kill the Granaldo in two hits, but otherwise simply defend yourself with Protect and work on whittling down the bug with melee attacks. If you used Card Mod to turn Thrustaevis cards into Shear Feathers, then turned those into Aero magic, you can use that (either casted or junctioned to your weapon’s Elemental Attack) to score bonus damage on Ranaldo, which is weak to air. Use Cure as necessary and the Granaldo should fall, after which some men in weird (and unflattering!) uniforms will show up and escort the attacked woman to safety. She looks awfully familiar, doesn’t she?

Quistis will make one last attempt to reach out to Squall
who at least has the courtesy to wait for her to leave before being a jerk this time
One last nuisance awaits Squall on his way to his dorm, but at least Zell bears welcome news

Oh well, leave the training grounds and Quistis will try to reach out to Squall one more time, unsuccessfully. At least he waits until she’s out of earshot to reply this time. Go save your game at the Save Point in the 1st Floor Hall, then return to the dorm and get some sleep. At least you have your own room now that you’re a member of SeeD, as Zell will inform you. It’s the little things in life…

Even sleep is no reprieve, as Squall will be awakened by Selphie
Grab the issue of Weapons Mon April before leaving your room

The First Mission

You’ll be woken up by an overly-excited Selphie, who tells you that you’re being sent out on your first mission as a member of SeeD. Wake up and claim the issue of Weapons Monthly, April Issue from the desk to the right of the Save Point, then head to the front gate to join up with Selphie, Cid, and eventually a tardy Zell.

Get the debriefing for your first mission as a SeeD from Cid
then talk to him again to acquire the Magical Lamp

You’ll be told precious little of your first mission, save that you’re to head to Timber and identify a contact who should say "The forests of Timber sure have changed", which you’ll respond to with "But the owls are still around.", and that you’re to follow your employers orders unfailingly. Not only is this an oddly open-ended objective, but you’ll also be informed that… well, there’s not much money in it. Guess new SeeDs don’t get the most glamorous of jobs, eh? Selphie and Zell will rejoin your party, and before you leave talk to Cid to obtain the Magical Lamp.

This item, despite being cursed, give you a great opportunity to increase your power if you can subjugate the being within. Not only that, but you now have a measure of freedom to do whatever you please in and around Balamb, something that you may not be able to do so easily in the future. If there’s any grinding you skipped earlier - whether acquiring Card Mod and magic refining abilities or playing Triple Triad to acquire a fine collection of cards to play with or refine - now’s the time to do it.

It was already recommended you acquire stocks of Tornado and -aga magic as the bare basic power-boosting, and if you still haven’t done so… well, take this as yet another recommendation to that goal. You can also fill up on curative magics if you learned Siren’s L Mag-RF, and after dealing with the Magical Lamp even more possibilities will open up. Old business won’t be rehashed, however, so refer to previous grinding sections to accomplish what you want. If you can’t be bothered grinding, skip ahead to the section The Deling Debacle, otherwise the Magical Lantern and related grinding can be found in the following The Magical Lamp

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