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Final Fantasy VIII
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First Published: 15-03-2019 / 00:00 GMT
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Final Fantasy VIII Guide

Last updated 12 hrs ago · Guide Information

Final Fantasy VIII Guide

Last updated 12 hrs ago · Guide Information
Disc 3


Wonder of wonders, there’s air on this ship, and at least some gravity. After you save your game (you don’t want to sit through all that space stuff again, right?) go through a doorway and in the next screen you’ll be in your Sunday worst. Rinoa will be annoying and Squall will play incredibly dense, after which you’ll finally be free to go search the ship on your own. Make sure your junctions are set and head through another door to find that you’re not alone on this ship.

The Ragnarok is filled with alien pairs - Propagators.
They can inflict a few debuffs
cast Thundaga
or perform somewhat weak melee attacks
but the ample curatives you can draw from them make them an easy fight

Aliens? Well, you just saw the moon puke monsters on the earth, so… why not? After spying the beast, Squall will helpfully remind himself (and hence you) to check on your junctions, if you haven’t already. Continue up to find a sealed door, then turn right and go down some stairs. No avoiding it, you’ll have to confront this monster, whatever it is.

HP: (Lv10)2,000
HP: (Lv20)3,000
HP: (Lv30)4,000
HP: (Lv100)11,000
Status Resistances:Immune to Card and Confuse; Berserk 40% -- Darkness 20% -- Death 30% -- Doom 20% -- Drain 0% -- Eject 20% -- Float 0% -- Haste 0% -- LV Down 0% -- LV Up 0% -- Petrify 20% -- Poison 20% -- Reflect 0% -- Regen 0% -- Silence 20% -- Sleep 20% -- Slow 10% -- Slow-Petrify 30% -- Stop 50% -- The End 0% -- Zombie 30%
Draw: (Lv1-19)Cure, Esuna, Life, Thunder
Draw: (Lv20-29)Cura, Esuna, Life, Thundara
Draw: (Lv30+)Curaga, Esuna, Life, Thundaga
Mug:Wizard Stone x6 - x12
Drop:Shell Stone, Protect Stone, Aura Stone, Death Stone

Propagators are weird enemies - especially if you count them as bosses - in that they’re fairly weak. They’re not resistant to or weak against any forms of damage, and as far as status effects go, they’re only immune to Card and Confuse, being fairly vulnerable to everything else. They’re also not well-protected with a large pool of HP (a potent low-level party might well be able to one-shot them) and if that’s not cake enough, you can draw Cure (-ara, -aga), Esuna and Life from them, so keeping yourself alive should be a simple matter. In fact, if you render yourself immune to the two debuffs they can inflict - darkness and silence - and if you’re set to adsorb thunder damage, there’s very little they can really do to harm you.

So, what’s the catch? Well, defeating one isn’t enough, as it’ll simply respawn unless you subsequently kill its pair. There’s not just one Propagator on this ship, oh no. Too simple. There are eight - two pairs of four, which are fortunately color-coded. The first one is purple, so to keep it from respawning you’ll need to kill its purple twin, then repeat the same with other colors. All propagators fight more or less the same, so just refer to the stat box above for any queries you may have as you go about eliminating pairs.

Kill the first purple propagator
then take down the second.

First up, the purple. Kill the purple Propagator in the Hangar then head up to find two doors: a large one with three green lights and a smaller one to the right with one larger light. Go through the larger door to find yourself in another "Aisle" area - guess area names aren’t going to be very helpful here. Further down the hallway you find yourself in you’ll find a Red Propagator. You want to avoid this critter, so you’ll need to quickly run forward and exit through a door to the left. If you get caught by the red Propagator you’ll have to defeat it, and the purple Propagator in the room behind you will respawn. Nuisances, really. Avoid that if at all possible (you can’t escape from fights, by the way), otherwise go back and kill the first purple Propagator and try again. When you make it past the red Propagator you’ll find a second purple Propagator in the "Entrance" screen. Kill it and you’ll have kept the first pair of Propagators down for good.

Find the first red propagtor
and cut it down
then head upstairs to find a second red propagator
and kill that one, too

Next up, the red. Exit back into the "Aisle" to the right and kill the red Propagator there (note the Cura draw point behind it), then exit by heading down to return to where you fought the first purple Propagator, head upstairs and you’ll find a second red Propagator walking about the narrow aisle up here. Kill it and you’ve eliminated half the pairs. Much win.

Defeat the first yellow propagtor
then keep both down by defeating the second.

Good news! From here on, your task should be pretty simple, as the last two pairs are pretty easy to deal with. From where you fought the second red Propagator, head down (head towards the Save Point) to find yourself in the hallway where Squall and Rinoa talked earlier, which is now occupied by a yellow Propagator. Kill it, save your game if you wish, then return back up to where you fought the second red Propagator. Head downstairs to where you fought the first purple Propagator, go through the large doorway (first red Propagator) then exit to the left (second purple Propagator). Head left again and you’ll find yourself in a room with a green Propagator. Don’t worry, however - this one is lazy, and won’t bother you if you don’t bother it. Make your way around it and enter a door to the left to reach the "Passenger Seat" area, where a second yellow Propagator lurks. Kill it and you’ll have exterminate all but one pair.

A sedentary, docile green propagator rests on an elevator
provoke it and kill it
then stroll over to its fellow and rid yourself of the propagator menace.

Exit by heading down and kill the sedentary green Propagator, then head down again to unlock the door that connects to the upper "Aisle" area (second red Propagator). Now just head downstairs (first purple Propagator) and go through the smaller of the two upper doors to find the second green Propagator. Kill it to eradicate the Propagator presence from the airship.

Sorceress Drama

Once you’ve secured the Ragnarok for humanity, return to where you fought the first green Propagator (note all the corpses are now gone) and where it stood you’ll find an elevator you can ride. Ride up and sit through quite a bit of chatter, during which you’ll learn about Rinoa’s new… condition. When you land, Rinoa will be led away again, after which return on board the Ragnarok and enter the "Passenger Seat" room to the left of the elevator where more dialogue will occur - first an internal monologue, then, when your party arrives, some condemnation. When the Ragnarok starts to move, leave the Passenger Seat room and ride up the elevator and endure a final bit of conversation, then you’ll be flying the Ragnarok. Looks like Rinoa once again needs to be rescued, which has been the entire substance of disc three so far.

Don’t worry, soon you’ll have free reign of the sky and will be able to indulge in some high-reward side-content without worrying about having to rescue the princess again. Okay, well… at least for a little bit. First, however, it’s time to go rescue Rinoa. Again. There are two ways to get to your destination - the Esthar Sorceress Memorial - either bring up the large world map and move the cursor over the middle map marker on Esthar (southeast of the city of Esthar) and press [Talk/Confirm] to travel there, or just fly northeast from your current position until you find it.

You can fast travel via your map
or simply fly the Ragnarok over to the Sorceress Memorial
Back at Edea's House, Squall's vow ill bring the game full circle.

Either way, land and enter the Esthar Sorceress Memorial, head upstairs and note a Stop draw point to the left. Approach the two guards near the door and they’ll prove to be pretty cool, actually. The engineers inside are less understanding, but hey, what’s the fate of the universe when compared to the love of two stupid teens? Exit to the left and approach the containment device Rinoa is in, watch the scenes that follow, and back on the Ragnarok Rinoa will ask to go to Edea’s House.

Fly or fast travel there, enter the ruined orphanage grounds, and you should spot Angelo. When the mutt runs left, follow it to find a field of flowers and after your companions leave talk to Angelo to have Squall muse about Rinoa. Rinoa will shortly arrive and you’ll have to endure another example of what supposedly passes for romance between Squall and Rinoa, including some cryptic bits that were hinted at in the game’s intro movie. Neat. Before long you’ll be rescued from these two by a companion, who will tell you that the Estharans have a plan to deal with the sorceress threat that faces them and seeks to hire SeeD. Although initially skeptical, a key name-drop convinces Squall to return to Esthar and hear them out.

The President of Esthar

Board the Ragnarok again and fly to Esthar and enter the city (follow the roads until one terminates at the central, U-shaped building) and when you appear inside via the left, exit the screen to reach the hub near the city entrance. Sadly, the lifter doesn’t seem to be working, so you’ll have to make your way to the Presidential Palace on foot. Exit by heading up (use the ramp near the tube), the continue up, up and finally left to find yourself outside the palace. Enter the building by heading up, then use the lift (the one operational lift in the city, it seems) before heading left until you reach a door guarded by two Esthar Soldiers. Enter and beyond you’ll meet the president, who is, as ever, joined by his trusty associates - Ward and Kiros.

Meet the president of Esthar
and listen to Laguna's scheme to get rid of Ultimecia.

Ask Laguna whatever questions you with to learn about his plan to find out that… you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. The first thing you’ll have to do is rescue Ellone and deal with Adel, both of which are in Lunatic Pandora, and the rest just gets weirder from there. Sounds far-fetched, but it might finally give you a way to strike at Ultimecia herself, and a longshot is better than nothing.

Defeat Laguna at cards
and take his Squall Card
then endure a cliche speech from Laguna on the Ragnarok

When Odine leaves and Laguna takes a break, challenge him to a game of cards. When he asks to mix rules, decline until he drops the issue - you don’t want to mix the rules of the Lunar Base with Esthar. Play him until he puts up his Squall Card and win it from him to finally complete your collection of Level 10 Player cards. Not just that, Squall is a pretty potent playing card, too, rivaling Seifer’s card in stats, but differing in orientation. The Squall card can also be refined into three Three Stars items, which in turn can each be refined into 100x Triple spells, should you have a need for more. You can also use Three Stars to each a GF the Expendx3-1 ability, which will cause Triple to only expend one spell per cast instead of three. Probably best to keep this as a card, however, seeing as how you’ll be able to gain access to as many Triple spells as you could possibly ever need.

After you secure the Squall Card, talk to Laguna and learn what you can - if you ask What are you doing here? you can learn about Adel’s fall, how Laguna became president, and see some movies that you otherwise wouldn’t be privy to. At the very least it explains how the Ragnarok came to be adrift in space.

Finally talk to Laguna and agree to carry out his mission, after which you’ll return to the Ragnarok to get another briefing from Laguna, who babbles incessantly about love, friendship, and other vapid platitudes. When he finally shuts up you’ll be able to depart and will be in control of Ragnarok again - no more distractions this time, ignore Lunatic Pandora for now and consider taking on some optional content.

First, there are two islands - the Island Closest to Heaven and the Island Closest to Hell - that can only be accessed with the Ragnarok where high-tier spells live. If you still needed any spells, these are the places to get them, and you might as well stock up while you’ve got the chance, and before you attempt any optional, late-game content. This is covered in the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell section of the guide.

After that it’ll be time to head to Cactuar Island (near the Kashkabald Desert and tame another GF. This is pretty straight-forward, and is covered in the Jumbo Cactuar section of the guide.

The final two GFs can both be found in the Deep Sea Research Center, which is split into two sections for reasons that’ll become obvious as you explore that area. Basically, Part 1 will cover you getting the first GF, and Part 2 will cover the second… and a fight with a superboss. No big deal.

After you acquire the final GF from aforementioned superboss it’ll be time to gather some rare items, which you can use to teach your GFs some choice abliities. If you don’t have Chocobo World and you feel like wasting a whole bunch of time to scrounge for goodies, you’ll be able to do so with the Angelo Search ability. It, too, will be covered in its own section.

After that it’ll be time to wrap up the game’s final side quests, which will also give you some rare items you can use to teach GFs some new tricks. These quests include the Obel Lake Quest, the UFO Quest and the Queen of Cards Quest. Yes, finally time to finish that last one up.

Finally, after you have all the game’s GFs and know how to acquire top-tier abilities for them, it’ll be time to work on your characters. There are multiple ways to min-max your stats, and they’ll be discussed in the Max Stat Boosting section of the guide.

If you don’t want to do any or some of that, you can of course continue with the main story by skipping ahead to Lunatic Pandora - Part 2. Be warned, however, as there’s a point of no return that’ll lock you out of some content - basically anything that takes place in a city/civilized area. While you can still do most of the aforementioned content, you should be sure to have completed the CC Group quest in Balamb Garden if you haven’t done so already, and finish up the Queen of Cards questline, as you won’t be able to do them later if you skip them now.

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