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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Chapter 1 Main Missions

M16 - Traitors Caravan

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
UN-AAM Blueprint
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Identified the armored escort unit. Optional
2 Identified the transport truck. Optional
3 Extracted the transport truck. Mandatory
4 Eliminated the Skulls. Optional
5 Extracted the transport truck driver. Optional
6 Pinpointed the escort unit's estimated route by recovering an intel file. Optional
7 Listened to all conversations between the transport truck driver and outpost/guard post soldiers. Optional
8 Extracted three Zero Risk Security soldiers. Optional

This can be a confusing and frustrating mission, as you are given a general idea on what to do, but the specifics are a little unclear. Your objective is to steal a truck that’s transporting some precious cargo, except the Intel Team doesn’t know which truck it is or where it’s exactly located. If you have upgrades to your C4 or a strong rocket launcher, then bring those along for the end portion.

As soon as you land, head to the yellow objective point and you’ll see that the escort for the cargo truck isn’t there. You get told to check around to see if there’s anything of value that will help in finding out the truck’s location. In the tent next to the watchtower is an intel file that will have the truck’s path highlighted on your map.

Of course, this is where things are a bit confusing, as you have no idea from which direction the truck is coming. It is coming from the south and will slowly make its way north, being escorted by an armored vehicle (with machine gun) and a tank. The strategy following this involves taking out the two escorts, then taking care of the truck.

Note: If you have the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton Device, then you probably won’t need more than enough C4 to destroy the two escorts. Of course, if you plant a vehicle in the road, you can extract them, too, but you risk triggering the one fight.

Go anywhere on the indicated route, but try to not go too close to one of the little outposts. The truck will be coming from the airport, but it takes a while for it to start moving. Take a pack of four C4 and plant it on the road, then take another pack of four and plant it on the road a little further down (around 30 or so meters; closer to the airport). Close to the first set of C4, you should use a cardboard box and quick dive out of it (on the road).

Now, with that done, you will want to plant some more C4 in the grass area, not too far from the road, but not too close. Do this two times, but space them apart enough so they don’t explode each other. Place a marker on the road and move back around 40m or so; you’ll see why in a little bit. There seems to be a glitch of some sort where if the C4 lights don’t show up on the road, then they all won’t explode at once and will detonate one at a time.

So, you’ll need to go to the other side of the road and make sure you can see the two sets of C4 on the road. Stay at least 40m from the road and whenever you see them coming, detonate the first set of C4 for the first armored vehicle, then the second set when the tank rolls over them (try to avoid getting too close to the truck with the detonations).

Note: If you need some extra help with the following section, you can simply set up a roadblock using a vehicle of some kind, leaving the escort vehicles intact. This allows you to use them in the next part of the mission.

This will prompt (barring any unfortunate accidents) the driver of the cargo truck to step out and investigate. While still maintaining the 40m distance, try and hit the driver with a tranq dart and put him to sleep, then arc around to the other side of the road (without going under 40m), to where your C4 is planted in the grassy area.

When you’re ready, approach the truck and some Skulls will jump out! They won’t be alerted to you right away, although they will slowly move towards your position. Alerting them will make them go crazy, essentially teleporting and attacking you. Basically, move around while crawling, waiting for them to get in range of the C4, then let them go boom.

You can use C4 to kill the Skulls (left) then drive out of the hotzone or Fulton extract the truck (if you have the Fulton 3 upgrade) (right).

Clean up any remainders with your rocket launcher and hopefully you don’t die to them. Extract the driver of the truck if you want, then get in and start driving to the edge of the hot zone to finish the mission. If you have the best upgrade for the Fulton Device, you can simply extract the truck out of there, then leave any other way.

Easier Strategy (S-Rank)

Using the knowledge above, you can finish this mission in around five minutes, should you want to just complete the mission and do nothing else. It requires the Cargo 2 upgrade in order to do this. The cargo truck spawns in the airport and is pretty much unattended, except for the nasty surprise that will show up whenever you get too close. Instead of using D-Dog for this strategy, it’s highly advisable to use D-Horse, since you’ll be moving very fast.

As soon as the mission starts, head straight for the airport and find the truck. There is a section of the wall that you can climb over right next to the truck. Trigger the Skulls, quickly run to the truck and Fulton it, then call your horse and start riding away as quickly as possible. For some reason, the Skulls will run alongside the horse, but don’t seem to attack.

Sneak round the back of the airport (left) and climb over the wall (right).

Mission Task 7

There’s a total of three conversations you need to listen to in order to complete this task. The first will occur at the airport, but you have plenty of time to go and grab the intel file first. Once you do, rush over to the northwestern side of the airport, but don’t get too close to the truck (35-40m), as this will trigger the boss battle with the Skulls.

After triggering that conversation, the next one will occur at Guardpost #12 on the map, so it will be a long run there (D-Horse is preferable, due to his speed). The last conversation will occur at Kiziba Camp.

Mission Task 8

The Zero Risk soldiers (there are four and a four-wheel vehicle) are located at the crossroads just north of the airport. You only need to extract three of them to complete the task and it’s best to do this before the truck leaves the airport.

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