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Jarrod Garripoli

D-Walker is unlocked after you complete Mission 13 and is the only Buddy that doesn’t have a bond meter. It is similar to the Gear Walkers you can find enemies using, only you can able to fully customize it with many different weapons and other equipment. Pressing the Stance button will switch between the standard mode and a more mobile mode.

D-Walker has various functions, like a mode that makes it great for mobility (left). It can also equip a variety of weapons, like a gatling gun and even a flamethrower (right).

There are three different configurations you can set up for D-Walker, allowing you to customize it so you can adapt to the situations at hand. You can equip various weapons to it, such as a gatling gun and even a non-lethal pistol. There is also a supporting role for the bi-pedal ally, functioning similar to D-Dog, although it has certain range to it.

D-Walker Equipment

Name Rank Item/Skill Req. Unit Level Req.
D-Walker 3 80K GMP, Minor Metal (150), Materials Engineer R&D (15)
D-Walker 4 170K GMP, Minor Metal (200) R&D (29)
Ammo Rack 3 90K GMP R&D (17)
Ammo Rack 4 230K GMP R&D (31)
Auto Loader 3 100K GMP R&D (19)
Auto Loader 4 300K GMP R&D (33)
Support Head 3 100K GMP, Minor Metal (150), Metamaterials Specialist R&D (20), Intel (20)
Scouting Head 4 230K GMP, Precious Metal (200), Video Surveillance Specialist R&D (30), Security (30)
Intercept Head 5 360K GMP, GUN-CAM DEFENDER Blueprint, Precious Metal (250) R&D (44), Security (44)
Name Rank Item/Skill Req. Unit Level Req.
Task-Arm CQC 3 10K GMP R&D (12)
Task-Arm MCHT 4 80K GMP, Mechatronics Specialist R&D (22)
Task-Arm SM 5 100K GMP, Skulls Machete Key Item R&D (36)
DW S.Pistol-CS 3 70K GMP R&D (15)
DW S.Pistol-CS 5 570K GMP, Noise Suppression Specialist R&D (47), Intel (47)
DW S.Pistol-AP 4 290K GMP, Golden Crescent (100), Digitalis Purpurea (16), Anesthesia Specialist R&D (49), Medical (49)
DW D114-CS 2 50K GMP R&D (7), Intel (7)
DW Geist K11-CS 4 200K GMP, Gunsmith (Handguns) R&D (33)
DW ZE’EV-CS 6 400K GMP, Gunsmith (Submachine Guns) R&D (58)
Name Rank Item/Skill Req. Unit Level Req.
Gatling-Gun 2 80K GMP R&D (13)
Gatling-Gun 3 230K GMP R&D (23)
Gatling-Gun 4 430K GMP R&D (37)
ATMG-MK IV 3 150K GMP R&D (25)
ATMG-MK IV 4 490K GMP, Missile Guidance Specialist R&D (43)
ATMG-MK IV 5 750K GMP R&D (55)
Flamethrower 4 100K GMP, Fuel Resources (400) R&D (27)
Flamethrower 5 550K GMP, FLAMETHROWER Blueprint, Fuel Resources (500) R&D (45)
H-Discharger 4 150K GMP, Minor Metal (400) R&D (29), Security (27)
H-Discharger 5 570K GMP, STUN ARM Blueprint, Minor Metal (500) R&D (47), Security (45)
F-Ballista 5 510K GMP, Grand Master Certificate (Fulton) R&D (41), Support (41)


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