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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Guide, Part 2


After completing Mission 2, you will gain the Fulton Device, which allows you to send enemies and prisoners back to Mother Base so they can work for you. This trophy/achievement should come soon after getting the device, as you will be needing to use it to build up your base.



Upon sneaking up on an enemy from behind without getting noticed, you will get a prompt to grab him by holding the CQC button. While doing this, press and hold L1 (Playstation) or LB (Xbox) to start interrogating the enemy. Choose one of the options with your right stick, pressing it in to confirm the selection and receive the trophy/achievement.


To The Rescue

There are many Side Ops in the game where you will be required to rescue a prisoner in enemy territory, which are called Prisoner Extractions. Of these, there are two known ones that have a female prisoner in them, which are Prisoner Extraction 02 and Prisoner Extraction 06. The trophy/achievement will pop upon rescuing one in either one.


Platoon & Battalion

Extracting an enemy using the Fulton Device will send them back to Mother Base, where they become one of your troops. Keep grabbing enemies with this until you manage to get a total of 250 troops at once at Mother Base. Note that you will need to upgrade the Base Facilities so you can hold more people, as the default amount for each of the platforms is pretty low. These two will undoubtedly unlock as you naturally work on the " Army" trophy/achievement .



Each of the platforms at Mother Base has a level associated with it that increases as you add more personnel to it. Getting each of them to level 50 will take a long time and won’t be possible with the low quality troops you find near the beginning of the game. You will definitely want to get A or higher ranks for the enemies you Fulton, as both quality and quantity is needed.


Development Trophies/Achievements

On the Mother Base tab of your iDroid, one of the options you can select is Development, which lets you use GMP to make new items or upgrade the ones you already have to stronger versions. Since you need to develop a total of 300 items, you’re going to want to do everything and anything.

The first few ranks don’t take any time for the item to be complete, but later ones will require you to wait. Also, each of the items will require your platform levels to be at certain thresholds, with R&D being the primary one, although the others will also come into play. Lastly, there are some items that require a specific collectible, such as a Key Item or Blueprint.



This trophy/achievement will require you to construct all of the available platforms for Mother Base. It doesn’t include the FOB, so you only need to worry about the regular ones. Each platform can go up to level 4 and will require a certain number of resources (two kinds) and GMP to level them. However, you will need a lot of resources, especially Fuel Resources, as every platform (barring one) uses it and the level 4 upgrade requires 48,000 of the resources used.



After completing Mission 31, go to the Mother Base tab and then to Resources, where you can find an option to develop a nuclear weapon. In order to do so, though, you will need 750,000 GMP, 75,000 Fuel Resources and 50,000 Minor Metal. You also need to have your FOB constructed, as that is where the nuke is stored once it has completed; it takes 24 in-game hours for it to complete, after which the trophy/achievement will unlock. Note that constructing a nuke will make you instantly lose 50,000 Heroism Points, so it’s probably a good idea to get the "Hero" trophy/achievement first .



There are two ways to get a nuclear weapon in The Phantom Pain, either by developing it yourself (see the "Deterrence" trophy/achievement above) or stealing it from another player’s FOB. These nukes can be found as containers on one of the decks and can just be Fulton extracted. Once you have a nuke, you can dispose of it in the same menu as where you developed one.



Amassing 10 million GMP can be quite a feat and you don’t need it on you all at once, since it’s physically impossible to do due to the 5 million cap. So, you are free to spend the money as you want whenever you get it. Considering some of the later missions give upwards of 500-750k as rewards, then it shouldn’t take you too long to amass the amount needed for the trophy/achievement.



There’s a total of 47 different animals that need to be captured for this trophy/achievement. They can be collected in one of three ways, with the most obvious one being to put them to sleep and then Fulton extract them (smaller animals can just be picked up). The second way is by doing Side Ops missions, but there are only three special ones attached to those.

The third way is by developing and planting Capture Cages in the wild. The highest upgrade will allow you to capture the Ultra Rare animals, which will be needed, and they are automatically extracted when you go back to base. The best way to do this is to deploy some whenever you’re doing a mission, as the game will tell you if any animals have been captured at the end. For more information, including some locations for all of the animals, head to the Wild Animals section of the guide.



This trophy/achievement will require you to get all of the Blueprints in the game, as well as the Key Items. The Blueprints will be required to develop some weapons and can be found in a few ways. Nine of the Blueprints will have you finishing all of the Key Dispatch Missions, while six are acquired as a part of certain Side Ops. The final twelve can be found during your travels in the game world, either as part of a mission (check the Obtainable Skills/Blueprints on the mission selection) or during free roam. For a list of all Blueprints and their locations, check the Blueprints page of the guide.

For Key Items, you will need to perform certain actions in the game to get them. Some are obtained by finishing certain missions, getting S Ranks on every mission, or just doing a certain action a lot. For a list of every single Key Item in the game and how to obtain them, check out the Key Items page of the guide.



Memento Photos are tied to the Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers Side Ops. There’s a total of 10 of them that will be unlocked over the course of the game and finishing each one will net you a photo. Once you have one, go to the Medical Platform at Mother Base and look for a door you can enter on one of the upper levels. Show the photos to the person inside, knowing you can only do one at a time. After showing one, head right outside the door and use your Phantom Cigar to pass some time. When you show all 10 photos, you will find the final one on the wall right outside of the door to the room with the person.



Heroism Points are a value that is attributed to you as you perform various actions in the field, such as finishing a mission with an S Rank, as one example. You can check this at any time by going to your iDroid and checking the bottom right corner. In order to get this trophy/achievement, you will need to get a total of at least 150,000 Heroism Points, as well as finish Mission 31. It seems that it’s not the same threshold for everyone, as some unlock it at 150K and some don’t get it until 200K. So, just keep grinding until you see the trophy/achievement pop (the Heroism Score also turns yellow on the iDroid screen). It’s a good idea to avoid going for the Deterrence trophy/achievement at the samw time, as developing a nuclear weapon will cost you 50,000 Heroism Points.


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