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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Side Ops 81-90

Jarrod Garripoli

81 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 16

This is another annoying and challenging Side Ops to do without being noticed, as you have a total of eight heavy infantry to kill/extract. The catch is that there are normal troops mixed in with them and their layout makes it slightly difficult to get at everyone without luring them away. You will need to use everything in your arsenal and bag of tricks to get them all.

It might be better to start with the enemies at the top and make your way down, or plant a sleeping mine and purposely letting an enemy notice you to lure him over to it. You also have sleep grenades for those pesky ones that are grouped up together, although they will likely run away from them, making it difficult for the gas to actually take effect.

82 - Make Contact with Emmerich

You are required to do this Side Ops in order to continue with main missions. It is a relatively simple one that will force you straight into Mission 12: Hellbound, so be prepared for that. Find the Landing Zone just north of Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost and use that for your long journey, meaning that D-Horse is perfect for this job.

You’ll likely pass through Aabe Shifap Ruins, which will trigger a boss battle against Quiet if you haven’t already done it (you’ll be forced out of the Side Ops anyway if you have to fight her). There are a few guard outposts along the way, so either check them out for any potential recruits or pass them right along on your way to the power plant.

The objective is to get to a door on the far end, which isn’t too difficult, as the southern side of the compound makes for a pretty good path. You will run into a few enemies along the way, but the height advantage by going on the roof of some buildings will help in scouting their locations. You can also just go via the ground, but there’s a higher chance of being spotted by any enemies on buildings. Once you reach the door, get ready for a cutscene, then Mission 12.

83 - Mine Clearing 01

This is a fairly short and very easy Side Ops and is preferable to do at night, since it is easier to see the mines. Go to the designated area and look for a red light (hence the night preference) in the sand. These are landmines and will blow up if you approach them from the angle the red light is pointing. Slowly approach them and you will get a prompt to pick them up. There’s a total of seven mines and the Side Op is done as soon as you grab the last one. Note that bringing along D-Dog will also help reveal the locations on your map.

84 - Mine Clearing 02

As with the first one, doing this at night and with D-Dog’s help will make it pretty easy. Remember that the light coming out of the mine indicates the direction you should not approach it from, as it will explode when you get too close. You shouldn’t have any problem at all with this one, as there is more than enough room to move around the mines and out of their sight line. There’s a total of seven mines.

Bringing D-Dog along will have him mark the mines on your map (left). You can also use your nightvision goggles to find their locations (right).

85 - Mine Clearing 03

Located just outside of Mfinda Oilfield, you will find some more mines. Once again, bring D-Dog with you so he can sniff out their locations on the map, or you can go at night to see their red lights shining brightly. There’s a total of 8 mines to get and you need to make sure that you don’t approach them from the one side, as to trigger their detonation.

86 - Mine Clearing 04

Located near a guard post, you will need to disarm 8 mines this time to finish the Side Ops. As usual, bring along D-Dog and do it at night to make it easier to spot them. Approaching them from the side of the guard post will make it very easy, as all of the mines are facing the other way.

87 - Mine Clearing 05

You will find the mines in between two rocky hills that are sandwiched between guard posts #16 and 20 on the map. As usual, bring D-Dog to show their locations on your map, and go during the night to see the red lights easier. There’s more than enough room to easily maneuver out of their range and grab them.

88 - Mine Clearing 06

You should know the drill by now, as starting the Side Op at night and also bringing D-Dog along are the two biggest advantages you can have. The only catch with this one is that it’s right outside of a guard post, so either be very careful or get rid of the enemies first. There’s a total of 9 mines for you to disarm.

89 - Mine Clearing 07

The mines will be near a guard post, so it might be a good idea to clear it out before searching for them. Bring D-Dog along with you and go at night, as it’s much easier to see the red lights given off by the mines. They are in close proximity to one another, so be careful; there’s a total of 11 mines.

90 - Mine Clearing 08

As with Mine Clearing 07, this one is also right by a guard post, so it’s a good idea to clear them out before searching for the mines. To be exact, you will find them on the hills just above the guard post. This is one mine Side Ops that should definitely be done at night, as they can be a little difficult to find because of the barrels and foliage around.


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