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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Side Ops 91-100

Jarrod Garripoli

91 - Mine Clearing 09

This one is pretty easy, even though you have 12 mines to clear, as they aren’t too close together and are all in pretty open areas, making it easy to get behind their line of sight. As usual, bring D-Dog along with you and go at night to make it easier to see the red light given off by the mines.

92 - Mine Clearing 10

You’ll find these mines in Lufwa Valley, just south of the mansion there. There’s a total of 12 mines and some of them can be tricky to get because they are located next to some slippery rocks (rocks that you can’t walk/climb onto). You will find a small enemy camp here, with only 4-5 guards standing there, so put them to sleep before you go looking for the mines.

93 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 01

There will be an armored vehicle with a machine gun, with two enemies guarding it, as well as two more enemies that seem to go on patrol. While the patrolling enemies are far enough away, try to tranq the two standing guards, then sneak in behind the vehicle to Fulton it and then the sleeping enemies. The remaining two should be easy enough to get without any trouble.

You have the option to either destroy/kill all of the units (left) or extract them all (right) for the Armored Vehicle Side Ops.

94 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 02

There’s a total of six enemy soldiers, with the one vehicle. Approaching from the west will make it so two of the enemies and the enemy vehicle will be easy enough to get rid of, but the biggest problem is that the remaining four enemies are all walking together. One surefire way to get them all is to hit them with a tranq in an exposed body part (not head) in quick succession, making it so they don’t have time to react or wake up the others.

95 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 03

You will find this batch southwest of guard post #1, which is southwest of OKB Zero on the map. There will be two vehicles here, as well as two enemies patrolling the road near them. However, you want to watch out for the two snipers in the area, one of each side, who are accompanied by a normal soldier. You should be able to snatch the one to the south of the vehicles easily, but put the others to sleep, including the walking ones, then sneak up and Fulton the vehicles. Clean up the rest to finish.

96 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 04

This might be a little troublesome, as in addition to the armored vehicle, you also have a sniper on a hill with two regular soldiers, then four more enemies walking around together. The best way to do this is take out the sniper and his two cronies, then Fulton extract the vehicle. This will leave you alone with the four roamers. Watch their movements and find a spot where you can quickly tag all four in the legs, then wait for them to fall.

97 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 05

You will have a total of eight units to deal with in this Side Ops, with two of them being vehicles. The other ones are all soldiers, with two being snipers positioned on hills and each having a guard with them. The remaining two enemies are regular soldiers that patrol the area.

98 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 06

There will be a gunship and it’s possible it might spot you as you land in the area, since the LZ is right inside of the zone. You will want to get rid of this as soon as possible, either using a rocket launcher or sniper rifle. There’s one vehicle on the ground, two snipers and four men who patrol around together.

99 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 07

As with the last one, you will have another gunship for this Side Ops, so that should be the first priority. Besides that, there are two ground vehicles, two snipers and four regular enemies. Note that it’s possible after destroying the chopper that some enemies might run to the airport nearby.

100 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 08

You will want to use the landing zone to the southwest of the highlighted area, as using the one in it will likely result in your cover being blown. There are three snipers in the area, all on the same side and looking towards the armored vehicle, making it very easy to sneak up behind them. There are also four regular soldiers, two of whom are patrolling a set area and the other two being stationary.


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