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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Side Ops

Side Ops 121-130

121 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 08

As you might expect, there is a gunship patrolling the skies around the area, but it’s possible to eliminate everything else before you deal with it, making it much easier to avoid detection. There will be three snipers, with two regular enemies split amongst them, as well as two more normal enemies roaming about near the tank.

122 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 09

As usual, you have a gunship to worry about, so take it out like in the previous Side Ops, then get to work on the other units. You have the same tank as before, as well as seven soldiers, two of whom are snipers. Two of soldiers will be in between the two snipers, while the rest are walking about at the tank’s level.

123 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 10

Bring along a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle, because as you guessed it, there is an enemy gunship waiting for you in the air. Depending on when you want to take it down, it might be easier to do it first, as its explosion might lure out the four normal soldiers from their patrol. This will make it simpler to just concentrate on the two tanks and two snipers.

124 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 11

First and foremost, you have an enemy gunship to worry about, so you’ll need to shoot it down, either with a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle. Note that this gunship is armored, so it will take around three rockets to finally down it (meaning that a sniper rifle will take much longer). Besides that, you have the tank and a few snipers situated around on hills. The rest of the enemies are normal soldiers, bringing the total number of units to nine for this Side Ops.

125 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 12

There’s nothing unusual here, as you have a gunship patrolling in the skies, three snipers and four normal soldiers, besides the one tank. It just happens that there’s a lot of room to work with here, so it’s not difficult to avoid the chopper while you take everyone else out. You will want to be careful of the nearby guard post, though, when you go after the chopper.

126 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 13

This is a fairly simple one, as the enemies and tanks are fairly spread out, making it easy to kill/extract them all. There will be three snipers, each of whom will have a normal enemy with them, as well as two tanks and the usual gunship. Note that the gunship has some armor, so it will probably take two rockets to take it down.

127 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 14

Take out the gunship from afar using either a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle, knowing that it’s armored, so the former is the better option. Besides that, there will be two tanks in the highlighted area, as well as three normal soldiers and three snipers. It’s best to put the snipers to sleep first, as they are a pretty good line of sight on the entire area.

128 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 01

Wandering puppets are normal soldiers that are under the effects of the parasites, which you might have noticed whenever you had encounters with the Skulls. There are seven of them, in total, at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost, with no other enemies around (save an enemy vehicle that might pass by). They are located inside of the building, so bringing D-Dog along will help locate them. Either kill them or tranq them (have to hit in the head), bringing them outside for extraction.

A lot of the wandering puppets are inside buildings (left), so you'll have to bring them outside in order to extract them (right).

129 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 02

The puppets will be found at Nova Braga Airport this time, with them all being inside of the main building, usually on the second floor. You won’t find any other enemies around, so there’s no need to be stealthy here. Shoot them in the head to put them to sleep, then carry them outside for extraction.

130 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 03

This is the same as before, with these puppets being found at Shago Village. There will be eight of them, in total, with no other enemies around, except for a patrol vehicle with two guys. As with previous ones, you need to shoot them in the head with a tranq dart to put them to sleep; no other places on their body work.

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