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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:29 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 15-09-2019 / 10:34 GMT

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Mother Base

Farming Resources

One of the biggest problems that you’ll come into when building up your Mother Base is in leveling up the platforms, specifically in running out of resources. You will definitely run into this problem when upgrading the platforms from level 3 to 4, as these will require you to have 48,000 of that particular processed material. The catch is that the processed materials you find in the field barely make a dent in the amount you need.

That’s where this section comes into play, as there are two big methods in obtaining the necessary amount of materials. It should be said that the maximum amount you can have at one time is 200,000, both processed and unprocessed (they are separate). Both methods will have you extracting the big containers you find, which requires the Cargo 2 Fulton upgrade. The first method involves you playing through the main missions until you complete Mission 22, after which you can infiltrate other people’s FOBs and steal their containers (these materials are processed).

Farming Unprocessed Materials

Before we begin, it’s important to understand how this method of farming works, as it tricks the game a little bit. Normally, whenever you do a mission and extract containers, those containers will not appear in the mission again until you do five more main missions (replays count). This is also true if you went to the location during free roam and extracted the containers.

Note: If you want to make things faster and have the Grand Master Certificate (Fulton), then use D-Walker with the Ballista-F add-on. The Fulton you shoot doesn’t take away from your GMP, plus D-Walker can move very fast.

Farmable Missions

Mission 5 is probably the first mission where you can farm resource containers. This mission brings you to Wakh Sind Barracks, where you’ll find some containers in the lower section, where the road runs through the place. Make sure you clear the area of enemies before extracting them. You can get 4000 Minor Metal , 2250 Common Metal , and 750 Fuel Resources per run.

Mission 12 is the next mission for resources, but it will require you to have the Wormhole upgrade for your Fulton Device. When you start the mission, you will be inside of a cave and that is where the containers are located. Tranq or kill the two guards inside, then head up the one set of stairs to find the three containers you can extract. Once you’re finished, drop down to the ground and head up the other stairs to get the intel file, which triggers a checkpoint. You can net 500 Precious Metal , 7500 Fuel Resources , and 4000 Minor Metal per run.

Mission 21 is definitely a nice mission for farming resources, as you can get 15750 Biological Materials and 9000 Fuel Resources per run. There are more resources at the airport, but these are definitely the quickest to grab. When you land, head towards the front gate of the airport and instead of going through it, head off to the right (facing the front gate) to find a locked gate that you can head through, leading right to the containers. You shouldn’t have to worry about any enemies, but sometimes the sniper on the roof of the main building might notice you, so always be ready to go prone. After extracting all six containers, head out the end of the airport that the gunship comes from and keep running until you trigger a checkpoint.

Mission 30 is probably the last mission where farming is ideal. From when you first land, you will find two containers at the empty guardpost not far from the LZ ( 7500 Biological and 4000 Minor Metal ). The rest of the containers are inside of the main compound and this is where the Stealth Camo item comes in handy (turns you invisible to enemies and they cannot detect you by sound). In the second area are containers with 15000 Fuel Resources and 15000 Common Metal . In the final area before the stairs leading to the top are three containers with 1000 Precious Metal and 4000 Minor Metal . You can trigger checkpoints by going through the gates at the compound.

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