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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M38 - Extraordinary

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Noise Suppression Specialist
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Secured film canister Mandatory
2 Captured Spugmay Keep Optional
3 Secured film canister before reinforcements arrived Optional
4 Extracted prisoner being held at Spugmay Keep, East Guard Post Optional
5 Extracted a griffon vulture near Spugmay Keep Optional

Let’s begin by saying this mission can be a pain in the butt, as you are required to find a small canister amongst all of the ruins before the enemies find it, meaning there’s a hidden time limit. Depending on the enemies’ adaptation to you, this can prove very difficult, as they can be equipped with riot armor, making it where you can’t use something like tranquilizer darts on them.

To make matters worse, the film canister isn’t always in the same spot, with there being two or three locations. When you begin, take the northern of the two landing zones and make sure you either bring along some cardboard boxes. Find the southern road leading to the keep and start putting some boxes on it, spacing them out enough, as there will be an enemy vehicle with three guys (one of which is wearing a riot suit) coming from the south to help with the search effort.

As time goes on in the mission, Kaz will chime in and say that the location of the canister has been pinpointed. Go to your iDroid and to the missions tab to see a picture of the location in the bottom right. You can do this mission in one of two ways, with the first method being a snatch and dash, if you happen to know the locations of the film canister.

Two possible locations of the film canister.

The other method will involve in taking out all of the enemies at Spugmay Keep. There are two enemies in riot suits there, so bring some sleep grenades or the sleep mines with you. Place the boxes on the road, then quickly make your way to the keep, tagging the enemies and shooting the ones you can in the exposed body parts.

You will also want to be careful of another vehicle that seems to come from the northern side, but this one only contain two normal enemies. If you can manage to find the film canister before the enemies from the south come, then simply exit the hot zone. You can surprise “attack” them by planting a sleep mine on the road.

If you don’t care about killing enemies, then Quiet might be the better choice here, especially if your bond with her is very high. One of her sniper rifles is fitted with a silencer (not the non-lethal one) and her one command (Cover Me) will make her fight on her own accord until all of the enemies are either dead or asleep, depending on which weapon she has equipped.

Mission Task 3

There are two sets of reinforcements, one coming from the north and another coming from the south. Both arrive in four-wheel drives and one of them will have a heavily armored enemy with them (the others are just normal troops). Since they are in four-wheeled vehicles, you can set up blockades with cardboard boxes to stop them while you search for the film canister, or you can kill/extract them before they arrive at Spugmay Keep.

Mission Task 4

The prisoner can be found inside of a small house at Guardpost #24 on the map.

Mission Task 5

Bringing D-Dog along with you will help in locating the vultures that are likely flying around the area. You can either wait for them to land before shooting one with a tranq, or try your luck in shooting it out of the air. Once it lands, extract it to finish the task.


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