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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 04-08-2020 / 08:16 GMT

111 - Visit Quiet (Important)

Ocelot asks you to come visit Quiet's cell to talk with him about her. If you don't know where it is, the cell is on the Medical Platform. Right next to the helipad, there are some stairs going down, which lead to her cell. You'll learn some interesting things about her and will also be able to take her on missions as a Buddy now.

Take the stairs down to the cells (left) and then listen to Ocelot's conversation about Quiet (right). Afterwards, she will be unlocked as a Buddy.

112 - Intel Agent Extraction

A very important member of the team from 9 years ago is being held captive and it's up to you to rescue him. He is being held in a building in the back of the area and there will be a decent number of enemies in the way, including one or two that patrol the inside of the very same building. There is another building with a crack in it that will allow you to climb onto the roof, which you can use as a vantage point.

113 - Eli's Challenge (Important)

This is a rematch against Eli (The White Mamba), but it's on your home turf this time. He will come out swinging, though, using stun grenades and petrol bombs to attack you, in addition to his melee attacks, which you can still counter. Finding him might prove difficult, but if you have the Active Sonar upgrade for your arm, then you can use its locater ability to find him. Either counter his melee attacks or shoot him with tranquilizers to finish the battle.

114 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 01

Depending on whether you want to destroy/kill the Tank Unit or extract them all, this could be a slightly annoying Side Ops. There will be one tank, with three soldiers standing around it, but that's not all. Up on the hill nearby will be one more soldier and a sniper, who also belong to the Tank Unit. The ones on the hill will be easy to get, but the others will be a little tricky.

Note that to Fulton the tank, you need the Cargo 2 upgrade to the device. What you want to do is aim from the hill and hit each of the three soldiers with a tranquilizer dart (if you have a sniper rifle, use that on their heads). While they're sleeping, quickly move in on the tank and extract it before it honks the horn to wake up the others. If you're quick enough, the tank will be gone and you can grab the others.

115 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 02

You will find one tank located near Lamar Khaate Palace, but you will want to be careful in your approach (coming from the east). It's not too difficult to spot the tank, but a little southwest of it on the map is a sniper by a tree. In addition to that, there will be another enemy near the sniper, as well as two more wandering enemies a decent distance away from the others.

Take care of the sniper first, then the other enemy nearby, then as you continue along, you will likely notice there's another tank, one more sniper and another soldier near him. Luckily, the sniper isn't facing the tank, so you should Fulton that first, simply because subduing the others before will make the tank wake them up.

116 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 03

Landing at Aabe Shifap Ruins will probably alert the enemies to your presence, so land either to the east or southwest. The first thing you'll see as you land is an enemy gunship appearing on your map. Of course, this thing will have to go, so call in a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle (with a silencer) to bring it down.

Note that it will likely take a while with a sniper rifle and as soon as you fire, the gunship will attack that position, so move. Once you've taken out the gunship, the rest of the Side Ops will be easy. You will have two pairs of soldiers each, then the tank. Try to avoid tranquilizing the enemies near the tank, as it will honk its horn to wake them up. When they are sleeping, sneak up and Fulton the tank, then the enemies.

117 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 04

There's another gunship patrolling the skies above the area, so either use a rocket launcher or the sniper rifle strategy described in Tank Unit 03. Besides the gunship, you have the usual tank, as well as two snipers nearby, with a soldier moving about near them. The rest of the enemies are walking about near each other, so tag them each in the leg with a tranquilizer dart in quick succession.

The dreaded enemy gunships return for the tank Side Ops (left). Extracting the tanks is one option to complete the side missions (right).

118 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 05

This tank unit is located in the middle of Nova Braga Airport, but there aren't any other enemies around besides the nine units you need to destroy/kill/extract. The first thing you'll see is an enemy gunship, which needs to go first, so either use a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher to take care of it. Besides that, you have two snipers on the roof of the main building, as well as five normal soldiers.

119 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 06

Luckily, there's no gunship with this Side Op, but you do have two tanks, in addition to the six regular soldiers roaming around in the area. You want to avoid putting enemies to sleep in the tanks' line of sight, as they will honk the horn to wake them up. So, wait until they are behind the tanks or not in front of them to put them to sleep, then run in to extract them and the tanks.

120 - Eliminate the Tank Unit 07

Although it might not look like it, you do have a gunship to worry about for this Side Ops. However, it might be easier to wait until after you get everyone else, as well as the two tanks, before dealing with it. There will be two snipers and four regular enemies, the latter of which just patrol around the area in two lots of pairs each.

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