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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Cassette Tapes

Jarrod Garripoli

Cassettes can be an important part of the game, as there is a lot of story placed on the tapes that you secure as you play through the game’s main missions. However, there are also plenty of tapes that are simply there for entertainment purposes, containing popular tracks from the 1970s and 1980s, which you can listen to at any time you want through your iDroid.

The only catch is that a good portion of these tapes are hidden throughout the world of The Phantom Pain, making it similar to finding a needle in a haystack. The bright side is that this page will list the locations of all of the tapes you can find. Due to their nature, it can be hard to describe a detailed location for every tape, but if you keep your ear open, you’ll hear music blasting as you get closer, signaling that there is a cassette tape in the vicinity ripe for taking. They will be playing from a radio and when you approach them, you will get a button prompt.

The music tapes are always found in radios (left). If you hear music playing, walk up to the radio to take the cassette (right).

Whenever you begin the game, you will have a total of seven music tapes, with the rest of them requiring you to find them in the wild. If you go to one of the locations listed below and can’t find the tape, come back at a later time.

Cassette Tape Location
204683 Kungenga Mine SW Guardpost
A Phantom Pain Wakh Sind Barracks; Inside one of the small cabins
All the Sun Touches Munoko ya Nioka Station; Underneath one of the green tents
Behind the Drapery Wialo Village; Inside main building
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes Ditadi Abandoned Village; Underneath a canopy tent at top of hill
Dormant Stream Smasei Fort West Guardpost
Friday I’m In Love Lufwa Valley; Second floor of the mansion
Gloria Nova Braga Airport; Inside one of the eastern buildings
Heavens Divide Mission 30; Located on the elevator right before meeting up with Skull Face
How ’bout them zombies ey? Masa Village; Inside of the northeastern building
Kids in America Shago Village; Inside of the main building
Cassette Tape Location
Love Deterrence Ghwandai Town; Inside of the building where you found Miller in Mission 1
Love Will Tear Us Apart Afghanistan Central Base Camp; In a tent in the northeastern section of the base
Maneater Lamar Khaate Palace; On the second floor
Midnight Mirage Bampeve Plantation; Inside a building on the northern side
Nitrogen Serak Power Plant; Inside of the northernmost building
Only Time Will Tell Eastern Communications Post; In building with radio equipment
Peace Walker Main Theme Mission 43; In the basement of the Quarantine Platform
Planet Scape Sakhra Ee Village S Guardpost
Quiet Life Mfinda Oilfield; Inside of southeastern building
Quiet’s Theme Found at the end of Mission 45
Rebel Yell Mountain Relay Base; West of the bridge
Cassette Tape Location
Ride a White Horse Lamar Khaate Palace N Guardpost
She Blinded Me With Science Wialo Village NE Guardpost
Sins of the Father Finish Mission 30
Snake Eater Munoko ya Nioka W Guardpost
Take On Me Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost; On western side of outpost
Take the DW Smasei Fort; Underneath a canopy tent
The Final Countdown Sakhra Ee Village; In a small building near the top of the hill
The Man Who Sold the World Finish Mission 46
The Tangerine Spugmay Keep E Guardpost
Too Shy Kiziba Camp; Inside of the tent next to the radar restricting a new LZ
True Kungenga Mine; In one of the buildings on the southeastern side
You Spin Me Round Lufwa Valley NW Guardpost

Acquired Tapes

Besides the music tapes listed above, there is another set of tapes that do more than just allow you to listen to music. When played, these tapes can produce some special effects depending on the situation. For example, the animal ones make it so that animal type won’t attack or run away if you get close enough (too close and they still will). Note that these tapes are not found in radios like the music ones and do not play any sounds, but are just actual cassettes laying around.

Cassette Tape Location Effect
Animal Tapes (Bear, Bird, Goat, Horse, Wolf) After capturing an animal of the type, head to their cage at the Animal Conservation Platform to find the tape Animal type won’t run away/attack if get close; May cancel enemy suspicion outside of Combat Alert
Afghanistan Music Wakh Sind Barracks; In the basement of the large building Soldiers in Afghanistan fall asleep
Central Africa Music Bampeve Plantation; Inside of the wooden building Soldiers in Africa fall asleep
Afghanistan Soviet Soldier Sakhra Ee Village; In the building with the first spotlight After breaking line of sight, cancel Combat Alert
Central Africa PF Soldier Nova Braga Airport; On the second floor of the main building After breaking line of sight, cancel Combat Alert
Soldier with Stomachache Mfinda Oilfield; In between two toilets next to the southeastern building Play while in a toilet to cancel enemy suspicion
Paz’s Humming Visit Paz on the Medical Platform Wandering Mother Base Soldiers don’t run away and may come to you
Quiet’s Humming Complete a mission with Quiet as your Buddy when her Bond is 60+ Steady hand when aiming down the sights/using scope


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