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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 05-07-2020 / 16:19 GMT

Blueprints are one of the collectibles in The Phantom Pain and are needed in order to develop some specific weapons. They are also needed in order to get the Collector trophy/achievement , along with Key Items. There are three ways to get Blueprints in the game, with the first being to finish the Key Dispatch Missions, which house 9 of them. There are also specific Side Ops that will require you to snatch Blueprints, totaling another 6. The remaining Blueprints will require you to find them in the wild, either while free roaming or during Main Missions.

Note: A few missions have a task that require you to shoot down an enemy gunship to retrieve a Blueprint. You don't have to do this to actually get any of the Blueprints, as the 12 needed can all be found while free roaming.

Key Dispatch Blueprints

Blueprint Dispatch Mission
GEIST P3 Break Through the Stockade Force.
WU S333 Restore the DMZ.
ZE'EV Search and Destroy Remaining Forces.
FB MR R-Launcher Liberate the Tanker.
AR MRS-71 Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft.
LPG-61 Recapture the Port Facilities.
HAIL MGR-4 Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges.
ZORN-KP Defend the Pipeline.
BULLHORN SG Prevent the Coup d'etat.

Side Ops Blueprints

Blueprint Side Ops #
RIOT SMG Side Ops 05
STUN ARM Side Ops 06
IR-SENSOR Side Ops 07
UA-DRONE Side Ops 10

Blueprints are usually found in buildings (left) or tents. You can interrogate enemies (right) to find out their locations.

Free Roam Blueprints

Blueprint Location Description
UN-ARC Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost Found in a room in the west corner, on a table.
BAMBETOV SV Lamar Khaate Palace On the north wall of the ruins, you can find a crack you can climb. This crack will bring you to the roof, and the blueprint will be right there.
PB SHIELD Wialo Village Inside of a building near the central portion of the town, on the east side of the main road.
UN-AAM Nova Braga Airport Inside of the main building, on the second floor. It's on the reception desk.
ISADO RGL-220 Ditadi Abandoned Village, South Guard Post Inside of a green tent.
G44 Ditadi Abandoned Village In one of the green tents at the top of the hill.

Note: If you have trouble locating a Blueprint, then you can interrogate a soldier in the area to help pinpoint a location.

Blueprint Location Description
STUN GRENADE Kiziba Camp On a shelf in the biggest building in the camp.
KABARGA-83 Mfinda Oilfield Inside the building closest to the road on the east side of the outpost.
URAGAN-5 Bampeve Plantation Inside of a green tent in the middle of the area.
MACHT 37 Kungenga Mine Inside of a green tent to the south of the main mines area.
BRENNAN LRS-46 Lufwa Valley On the second floor of the mansion; in the library room, right next to an Idol (Horizontal) poster.
FLAMETHROWER Munoko ya Nioka Station Inside of the white trailer-like building on the southern side of the area.

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