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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Chapter 1 Main Missions

M15 - Footprints of Phantoms

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Trap Specialist, Transportation Specialist, G44 Blueprint
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Eliminated all Walker Gears. Mandatory
2 Extracted two prisoners held at Ditadi Abandoned Village. Optional
3 Extracted all Walker Gears. Optional
4 Picked a Digitalis (Lutea) plant at Ditadi Abandoned Village. Optional
5 Extracted a truck at Ditadi Abandoned Village. Optional

It appears that the soldiers in Africa have been provided some Walker Gears. Your job is to eliminate them all, either by destroying them or extracting them. Note that you can’t extract them unless you have the Cargo 2 upgrade to the Fulton Device. If you don’t have it, then you’ll have to resort to blowing them up, with C4 being the best solution.

Bringing D-Dog along with you is recommended, as he can pinpoint the locations of the Walkers when you’re close enough. Upon landing, there’s really nothing in between you and the target area, so sprint there. However, two enemies will come in from the south as patrols, so if D-Dog happens to spot them, take a small detour to get rid of them first so they don’t bother you in your operation.

At the site, you will find a lot of enemies, but there will also be two prisoners. They are completely optional, so rescue them only if you want. Doing so will require you to likely subdue and extract more soldiers than needed. If using D-Dog, then the Walkers will be marked on your map as white circles. In the tent up top with the prisoner is the [G44] Blueprint .

The Walker Gears come in pairs at the top of the hill. The first pair (left) and the second pair (right). The Walkers can be extracted via Fulton.

When the coast is clear enough, plant a C4 charge on each of the Walkers and once that’s done, get far enough away from the area so you can detonate them. If you’re trying to not kill anyone, it’s a good idea to either distract them away from the Walkers or subdue/extract them. Once you’ve blown up all of the Walkers, just exit the hot zone to finish the mission.

Mission Task 2

Since the main mission occurs at Ditadi Abandoned Village, you should be able to find the prisoners located there without much trouble. Bring D-Dog along with you to make them easier to find.

Mission Task 3

In order to extract the Walker Gears, you will need the Cargo 2 upgrade for your Fulton Device.

Mission Task 4

The Digitalis Lutea will appear as a yellow icon on your map once you’ve found it. D-Dog will help in locating it, but it’s not too hard to find. From where the Walker Gears are positioned, follow the mountain around to the northwest side to find the plant you need for this task.

The locations of both the truck you need to extract (left) and the Digitalis Lutea you need to pick (right).

Mission Task 5

The truck you need to extract (Cargo 2 upgrade required) can be found on the main road that cuts through the village.

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