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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M1 - Phantom Limbs

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Rescuer, Quick Draw
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Pinpointed Kazuhira Miller’s whereabouts. Optional
2 Extracted Kazuhira Miller. Mandatory
3 Extracted the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks. Optional
4 Completed the mission without being discovered by the Skulls. Optional
5 Secured the rough diamonds hidden in Smugmay Keep. Optional
6 Extracted the transport truck driver. Optional

You’ll learn a few basics at the beginning of this mission, such as using your iDroid, your binoculars and even marking a place using the same binoculars. The main objective in this mission is to rescue Miller (yellow marker), who is located inside of Da Ghwandai Khar. You only have three in-game days to rescue him, which Ocelot mentions to you before you set off. Fortunately, there’s some intel in another village that pinpoints the location of Miller.

That intel is located at Da Wialo Kallai (white marker), but the place has some enemies there guarding it. For now, follow the road and you’ll happen to hear Ocelot mention a guardpost nearby. Stop and look with your binoculars to mark the two enemies that are at the guardpost. Since it’s relatively light, it should be easy enough to dispatch both of the guards here.

Sneak up behind the closer of the two and you should see a button prompt if you remain unseen. Hold this button to grab the guard and see more options. The one on the left is to interrogate the enemy, the middle will knock them unconscious and the right option will kill the enemy. Interrogating these enemies won’t do anything, since they speak Russian and you don’t, so pick one of the other two choices and do the same thing with the other guy.

You can hide when on D-Horse (left), useful when running past enemy bases. Reconning an area (right) is pivotal to mission success. Find a high vantage point.

With those two out of the way, you will have captured the outpost, so continue on going towards Da Wialo Kallai, but don’t enter it yet. Find a high point and use your binoculars to scout out any enemy units guarding the place. There’s usually one located on a spotlight/sentry gun on one side, plus another one or two near the building with the intel.

They tend to stay in one spot for a good while, or not even move at all, so sneaking up on them isn’t too challenging. Just make sure you hide their bodies should you knock them out or kill them. To get to the second floor of the building with the intel, there is an opening on the lower level that will house some stairs for you. Head up those stairs and into the second floor to find the intel you needed to determine Miller’s exact location.

Enter this central building (left), the biggest building in the village) to find the intel for Millers location (right).

Exit and sneak your way out of the town, making your way to Ghwandai now. On the way, you will likely run into another guardpost, this one having four enemies in it. Depending on the time of day, one of them will be asleep, but it’s far too dangerous to try and knock them all out unconscious, so you have one of two choices to bypass them.

The first one is with your horse, as you’re able to hide on your horse with the press of a button. Sprint with the horse while hiding on the side they can’t see to bypass them. The other method is to simply use the surroundings to sneak by without them noticing. As you approach Ghwandai, scout the place with your binoculars and try to mark as many enemies as possible, including those patrolling by the outpost nearby.

The yellow marker will indicate the building where Miller is being held captive, but getting there unnoticed is a slight problem. There are certain buildings within the town that you should be able to climb onto the roof of and scout some more enemies you couldn’t see outside of the place. It’s in your best interests to at least take down some of the guys here, as it will make your escape in a little bit more manageable.

Be especially careful around the building with Kaz inside, as there will likely be a few enemies patrolling the place, with one possibly being inside. Once you grab Miller, make your way out of the town and towards the landing zone. There’s a slight problem, however, as the LZ is shrouded in some kind of gas, making it so the helicopter cannot land.

As soon as it takes off to fly to another landing zone, some freaky things with glowing blue eyes show up. These are called Skulls and you definitely can’t handle them, but the biggest problem is that they’re blocking your only exit (the one path behind is out of bounds). There is a way past them without getting detected, which can be a bit of hit or miss (bonus points if you do). Before doing anything, load Kaz onto your horse and climb up too.

As you approach the building with Miller inside, watch out for guard patrols (left). When the Skulls appear, creep by the ones near the bridge (right) by creating a distraction.

Two of the Skulls are on the bridge, while the other two are at the other end of the little valley. However, you should be able to see that you can go under the arch in the bridge and to the other side, bypassing the two blocking the end of the valley. The two on the bridge will slowly move towards you and if you stay under the bridge long enough, you can sneak past them on the other side.

If the Skulls manage to detect you, though, they will chase after you, so run as fast as you can with the horse, weaving through the rocks and other obstacles. Try to avoid any of the paths with known enemies, so you don’t have to worry about them. Once you manage to get to the landing zone, place Kaz into the helicopter, then get in after him to finish the mission.

Mission Task 3

The commander at Wakh Sind Barracks is easily distinguishable from his red beret that he wears, but the problem is that he’s not always in the same spot. Sometimes he can be found outside of the main barracks, while other times he will be found inside.

Mission Task 5

When you begin the mission, you will start out at Spugmay Keep. As soon as you have free control, turn around and head up the hill nearby. You want to keep an eye out for a small cliff that will overlook the ruins, which is where you’ll find the diamonds on the ground.

Mission Task 6

The transport truck seems to come from the north, near Wakh Sind. If you wait to the east of the barracks, on the road as it just goes south, it will eventually come. You can either place your horse on the road or a cardboard box, as this will make the driver stop, allowing you to put him to sleep before extracting him.

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Phantom Limb

Complete "PHANTOM LIMBS" mission.

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