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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M20 - Voices

Jarrod Garripoli
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Extracted Shabani. Mandatory
2 Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack. Optional
3 Fought off the Man on Fire. Optional
4 Pinpointed route to Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post from an intel file. Optional
5 Extracted an African wild dog near Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post. Optional
6 Listened to the conversation about the “bodies at Munoko ya Nioka Station”. Optional

This mission’s sole objective is to rescue Shabani, the leader of the children who were forced to work at the mines. He will be located at Ngumba Industrial Zone, which is quite a trek from the only landing zone in the area. To get there, though, you’ll need to pass through Munoko ya Nioka Station. You can sneak through about half of the place by using the cliffside, but you’ll have to drop down and sneak the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, the gate on the opposite side is shut and the door that you can access is on the side with the guard tower. Tranquilize any guards in that area, then quickly unlock the gate and move through it, noting that there might be another guard right on the other side. From here, just follow the trail to the Industrial Zone, noting that there will be two guard posts along the way.

Take out the enemies at the guard tower (left) then enter the Ngumba Industrial Zone (right).

In between those guard posts, the bridge will be busted and you’ll encounter a lot of mist. If you have D-Dog with you, he will easily spot enemies for you, as well as any vicious wildlife (jackals) you may encounter. Past the second guard post, you will be free to run to Ngumba Industrial Zone, where you won’t find any enemies at all. Weird. Head inside the main building and you’ll run into a cutscene, then one more after that, triggering a boss fight!

Boss - Man on Fire

The Man on Fire sets everything ablaze and the first thing you need to do is get out of the building. Head out the same way you entered and then you’ll need to fend off the boss. If you remember previously, it seems like water works on the Man on Fire, except you need to find a source for it. There are big water tanks in the area, as well as smaller ones in the other big building.

Lure the Man on Fire to either of those, then shoot the tanks to trigger a splash effect, causing him to vanish and make the small red-headed child appear. You can shoot this child, making him disappear and reappear in another spot, with a total of 20 shots ending the fight. Note that you can’t hide from the Man on Fire, as he will always teleport around and follow you.

The Man on Fire appears (left). You can blast the gas tank to knock the Man on Fire into the pool of water (right).

Another method you can use to quickly end the fight is to look for the pool of water in the area, which has a large tank next to it. Lure the Man on Fire to the little bit of land in between the pool and tank, then shoot the tank to make it explode, knocking the boss into the pool, ending the fight instantly. One last way is to simply wait it out for around 10 minutes, which causes it to rain, ending the fight.

Mission Task 2

In order for the Floating Boy to appear, you will need to incapacitate the Man on Fire. This can be done by shooting the blue water tanks around the compound while he’s near them. Once he’s dazed, the Floating Boy will appear and you can hit him with any weapon to complete the task.

Mission Task 4

You can find the intel file in one of the tents at Guardpost #20 on the map.

Mission Task 6

To get the conversation about the bodies, you will need to follow a truck driver without raising any suspicion. The easiest way to do this is to get into the back of the truck and wait. He’ll make two stops and have two conversations before stopping a third time. Follow him at this third stop, making sure to remain unseen, until you spot him talking to someone. Listen to this conversation to fulfill the mission task.

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Complete VOICES mission.

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