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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M22: Retake the Platform

Jarrod Garripoli
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Eliminated the enemy commander. Mandatory

This mission will appear for you whenever you are doing Mission 21 and you have the option to start it right away, which you should. It appears someone has invaded Mother Base and has taken over one of the platforms, so it’s up to you to drive them out. Note that you don’t have a Buddy for this mission and you can’t call in any support, including a supply refill. So, it’s important to bring along a weapon or two with enough ammo to last.

Doing this mission in a stealthy manner is quite difficult, especially if you’re looking to not kill anyone. Not only do you have to be careful of navigating the area, due to the abundance of enemies and having to manually mark everyone, you don’t have resupplies, so you’ll have to watch your suppressor durability. Headshots with something like the Riot SMG or tranquilizer darts will go a long way.

You can climb the pipe to stay hidden (left).When on the top deck you are required to stay low to the ground (right).

There’s only one goal in this mission, which is to make it to the yellow marker, where you’ll find the commander of this group of enemies. Watch the stairs and keep an eye out for any roaming soldiers as you make your way to the top. Once you find the commander, you either need to capture him or kill him to end the mission. It’s preferable to extract him, as he tends to have pretty high stats.


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