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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M46 - Truth - The Man Who Sold the World

Jarrod Garripoli

Unlocking the Mission

Complete all of the Main Missions that aren’t repeats, except for Mission 45. After you do that, listen to all of the cassettes that are marked with a yellow dot and keep completing Side Ops until you get a cutscene back at Mother Base that results in Emmerich being exiled from it. If the mission doesn’t unlock at that point, keep doing the same thing until it does.


# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Eliminated 6 soldiers at the hospital entrance Optional
2 Landed 20 or more shots on the Man on Fire Optional

This mission is the same as the Prologue, down to the same exact things you have to do to escape the hospital. The only differences are that there are two different mission tasks available and of course, the new cutscenes at the beginning and end of the mission. The mission will be complete as soon as you escape from the hospital and won’t contain the chase sequence as in the Prologue.

Rather than have the same walkthrough reiterated again, this page will contain the two optional mission tasks for you. When you are in the main lobby near the end, you’ll need to shoot and kill the six soldiers there. Start off by hitting the one on the stairs and the others will eventually see his body. As they come up the stairs, shoot them in the head.

This mission plays out the exact same as the prologue, except you have two new mission tasks.

There might be one or two soldiers that don’t investigate, so either keep low to the ground and “snipe” them through the railing or move to another position to get a better angle. The other mission task will ask you to shoot the Man on Fire 20 times. The only opportunity for this is near the end, after triggering the cutscene where the soldiers get sliced by the helicopter blades, but before hitting the next cutscene where the armored vehicle comes inside.

Just keep shooting with your pistol, keeping count of how many times you hit (there’s no confirmation). Play the rest of the mission as you did in the Prologue and it will finish after going outside of the hospital. Enjoy the true ending and the truth behind everything in the game! Oh yes, make sure to stay after the credits for some more dialogue and a little gift for completing the mission.

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