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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M14 - Lingua Franca

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Interpreter (Afrikaans), Materials Engineer, Zoologist, STUN GRENADE Blueprint
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Identified the Afrikaans interpreter. Optional
2 Identified the Viscount. Optional
3 Extracted the Viscount. Mandatory
4 Pinpointed the locations of the four prisoners from an intel file. Optional
5 Extracted three prisoners held at Kiziba Camp. Optional
6 Extracted a materials container at Kiziba Camp. Optional
7 Listened to all four prisoner interrogations. Optional

You have been contracted to rescue a British prisoner known as the Viscount, whom you can find by tailing the Afrikaans interpreter to where he’s being held. Choose the southern landing zone and head north to the yellow objective marker, where you’ll find some soldiers escorting a prisoner. It turns out that one of the soldiers in that group is the interpreter.

They will split up, with two going one way and the prisoner and a single enemy going another. Wait until the two are far enough away, then sneak up behind the lone enemy and choke him out. Extract the prisoner, who turns out to not be the target, as well as the enemy if you want. You get told to not extract the interpreter yet, as the Afrikaners will kill the prisoners, so just continue tailing them for now.

A Tactical Takedown (left). Sleeping on the job (right), tut tut.

Eventually, they will reach another prisoner and after some interrogation, the interpreter will leave with the one soldier via a vehicle. Before the other soldier guarding the prisoner can do anything to him, shoot him with a tranq dart and then extract the prisoner. By the time you’re finished here, the interpreter has probably arrived at the next prisoner, so you’re going to need to hurry.

If it is raining, that’ll help a lot in covering up the noise you make when sprinting to the next target (go where the interpreter is located), but the rain can also lessen the Fulton recovery chance. This prisoner isn’t the Viscount either, and is guarded by three enemies, so carefully put them to sleep with tranq darts one after another, then take the prisoner elsewhere to extract her.

The Viscount has been found (left) at the following location (right).

That does it for the three other prisoners being held by the enemies, so all that’s left is the Viscount. If you’ve listened to the bits of intel you got from the other prisoners, you know that he is going to be interrogated at night, so you might need to wait around if it’s not night yet. Keep following the interpreter and he will pretty much stop and wait inside of a building.

There’s nothing you can do here except for wait, so feel free to go around and see if you can do anything, like find if there’s any worthwhile soldiers to extract to Mother Base. Eventually, a lone soldier will bring a prisoner to the interpreter, who happens to be the Viscount. Subdue everyone in the area, then extract the Viscount to fulfill the objective you set out to achieve from the beginning. If you want to bring back the interpreter, do so, then leave the hot zone to finish the mission.

Mission Task 4

The intel file is located in the large, wooden building in the center of Kiziba Camp. You can still grab it after getting the optional prisoners.

Mission Task 5

When you start the mission, you will be able to find the interpreter fairly close by, who will be with two soldiers and one of the prisoners (they will split). Following the interpreter will lead you to the three prisoners needed for the task.

Mission Task 6

There is a total of four containers located at Kiziba Camp, two inside the camp and two outside. Note that you will need the Cargo 2 upgrade in order to extract them. Any container will do, but this task has been known to glitch out, so if it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

Mission Task 7

The first thing you should make a note of for this task is to not cause the Alert Status at all, as this tends to break up the scripts for the interpreter, making him stop his rounds for the interrogations. From the initial run-in with the interpreter, follow him as he goes around to question the prisoners.

It’s best to do this separate from rescuing the optional prisoners, in case you might accidentally trigger an Alert Status. The first prisoner is alone, with a single enemy guard. The next prisoners come in a pair (if you left the initial one when you first encountered the interpreter alone). The last prisoner is the Viscount, so you’ll need to wait until night comes if you started the mission during the day. Don’t forget that you can use the mic on your binoculars to listen in on the conversations.


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