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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Side Ops 131-140

Jarrod Garripoli

131 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 04

Bring D-Dog along with you for this one, as him pointing out their locations for you will help in finding the path to them. From the landing zone just to the northeast, head towards the circle and you’ll come upon some ledges you can climb. Do that and then climb the crack in the rock wall to find your first of the soldiers. As usual, either kill them or shoot them in the head with a tranq before you extract them.

132 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 05

You’ll find these puppets located at Lamar Khaate Palace, with all of them being on the upper floors. Feel free to kill or extract them, with the knowledge that you won’t need to bring them outside to do the latter, as there are spots without a roof up there.

133 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 06

These puppets will be at Serak Power Plant, all in one spot, with most of them being inside of a building. You can try to make them see you, then lure them outside, so they are easier to extract. Remember that only headshots work for the tranquilizer darts on the puppets.

134 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 07

Da Ghwandai Khar is the location of these puppets and the place is pretty big, so bringing D-Dog along will help pinpoint their locations. You’ll likely have to carry some puppets outside for extraction, since most of them are inside of the buildings.

135 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 08

These puppets will be found inside of the mansion at Lufwa Valley. Unfortunately, they will be on the upper floors and will require you to carry them outside, so do them in batches of two or three to limit them waking up or something. It might also be useful to wait near the northern entrance to the patrolling vehicle to pass, eliminating those two troops because they can be a nuisance.

136 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 09

You will find these puppets at Da Wialo Kallai, with there being a total of seven. They’re as close together as the last few, but close enough where you won’t need to go running around a lot. The catch is that some of them are wearing riot suits, meaning that tranquilizer rounds won’t work. CQC throw them to the ground, then kick them twice to stun them.

137 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 10

These wandering puppets will be located to the east of Aabe Shifap Ruins. There’s a total of eight of them and some are wearing riot suits, so you’ll have to resort to tossing them to the ground a few times or kicking them while they’re down to stun them.

138 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 11

You will need to venture into the caves portion of Smasei Ruins to find these wandering puppets. They can be found in the large area with the water, with some out in the open and the others in the side rooms down there. They will all be wearing riot suits, so you’ll need to CQC them to knock them unconscious, then Fulton them through the hole in the ceiling.

You can find the puppets in the cave portion of Smasei Fort for Side Op 138 (left). Using a CQC throw is one way to knock out the ones wearing riot suits (right).

139 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 12

Qarya Sakhra Ee is the location of these wandering puppets, which is the outpost that is on a hill. They are all wearing riot suits, so you’ll need to use CQC to knock them unconscious. They are all roaming outside, so it’s pretty easy to just knock them down enough times to stun them, then Fulton extract them.

140 - Eliminate the Wandering Puppets 13

There’s nothing special about this Side Ops, as all of the wandering puppets are out in the open. Some of them will be in riot gear, so you’ll need to CQC or throw them a few times to stun them. Kill or extract them all to finish the Side Ops.


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