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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
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First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 17-02-2020 / 19:46 GMT

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Side Ops

Side Ops 11-20

11 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 01

The guy you need is located up on the cliff and is a sniper, with two other soldiers with him (they carry rifles). Thus, you will need to be careful moving around in his vicinity, as he can spot you quite easily and start pelting you from his perch. It’s easier to get to them via the western side of the landmass they’re located. Use empty magazines to lure the two guards away so you can tranquilize them, then sneak up behind the target, knock him out and extract him to finish.

Look for the sniper on the cliff as you approach (left). Approach from behind his position and watch out for the other soldiers with him (right).

12 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 02

The target is walking around, with another soldier walking with him, so you will need to identify him first by either interrogating someone or just marking him with your binoculars. Of course, there will be other enemies in the area, so try to mark as many as you can before diving in and trying to isolate the target. Try to eliminate everyone else, then grab the other soldier following and shoot a tranquilizer dart in the target’s head. Put the soldier you grabbed to sleep, then extract the target to finish.

This one is usually found on patrol around the base (left). Mark enemies with your binoculars then creep up and take him down (right).

13 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 03

You will find this soldier at Smasei Fort, which you might remember as being quite heavy in enemy presence. The target is standing by one of the tents, with another soldier right by him. There will also be many other enemies in the general area nearby, so getting him by himself is not going to be an easy feat.

Start by making your way to the entrance of the fort, similar to when you were doing the "Where Do The Bees Sleep?" mission. From here, you can likely crawl to right behind the camp with the target, or you can try to toss an empty magazine to try and bait him into moving away from the others. Going with the latter might be your best bet, as it will allow you to take him somewhere else to be extracted.

14 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 04

The soldier you need is located at the far end of the base (in one of the buildings) and can be hard to get to undetected, due to the large amount of normal enemies wandering around. Bringing D-Dog here is recommended, as he will make it easy to know where all of the enemies are located. Once you grab the soldier, carry him outside of the base to extract him.

15 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 05

To the east of Aabe Shifap Ruins is a guard post, but the target isn’t in the actual guard post. Look to the south of it on your map and you will spot some other ruins that are not actually part of the guard post. The soldier is here, is a sniper, and is accompanied by around four other enemies. So, approach from any direction except for the north and try to mark all of the enemies before going in to tranquilize/extract the target.

16 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 06

You’ll find this one at a guard post, with five other enemies with him on the ground. Of course, that’s not all, as there are also two snipers there. So, the first thing you should do is go after the snipers, then start going after the others, preferably either separating them for a one-on-one or quickly subduing one and then others as they notice the unconscious bodies.

17 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 07

The main target should be standing next to an armored vehicle, with another enemy also standing next to it. There will be two enemies patrolling the road, as well as two snipers on the hill nearby. Approaching from the closest LZ will place you behind the snipers, making it easy to get them. Wait for the patrolling guys to get far away before putting them to sleep, then tranquilize the target on the one side of the vehicle, sneaking up to carry him off somewhere else for extraction.

18 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 08

Your target is located at Mfinda Oilfield and will be found at the northern tip. He shouldn’t have many enemies around him, probably just one moving with him, but there will be others hanging about in the area. If you head up one side of the compound, you won’t run into much of a resistance, but be sure to take out any you find. The soldier will likely be walking in the area below the upper deck, so once you find him, knock him out and bring him into the open for extraction.

19 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 09

The skilled soldier will be walking around the guard post with another enemy by his side. One thing you will want to be careful of are the hills surrounding the place, as there will be a few snipers situated there. There’s also more enemies around than there usually might be at a normal guard post. With a sniper rifle of your own, you should be able to easily pick off each enemy one by one until you get to the target.

20 - Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier 10

Your target is a sniper on a hill, with an enemy accompanying him. There’s also a tank nearby and two sets of two soldiers each walking around the area. This will be pretty easy, as the wandering soldiers are usually nowhere close to the sniper, meaning you can put them all to sleep, then do the same with the sniper and his friend. Just be careful about the tank nearby, as well as the guard post.

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