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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Guide

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Side Ops

Side Ops 31-40

31 - Prisoner Extraction 05

You will find this prisoner at guard post #14, just west of the Smasei Ruins. There aren’t too many enemies here, around six, so it should be a pretty easy in-and-out extraction.

32 - Prisoner Extraction 06

This one is located at the South Guard Post near Kiziba Camp, inside a building. There aren’t too many enemies around, but there is a sniper on top of the nearby hill, so you should go around and take him out first before anyone else. The rest should be like clockwork now, but make sure you wait for dry weather if it is raining.

33 - Prisoner Extraction 07

You will find this prisoner located at Spugmay Keep. There won’t be too many enemies located here, but one of them is a sniper, so you’ll have to be careful he doesn’t spot you. Approaching from the LZ to the north is the better option, as you can stay high and probably not get in the sniper’s line of sight. The prisoner will be behind some rocks, on the hill surrounded by the rocky walls.

34 - Prisoner Extraction 08

This prisoner is located in a small hut in the middle of Bampeve Plantation. You will need to be very sneaky in order to get to the hut, as there are a lot of enemies in this area. As usual, bringing D-Dog along will help in locating the prisoner and enemies, although Quiet may make a good buddy for a distraction, if you don’t have a silencer on her weapon.

35 - Prisoner Extraction 09

Although you can land at the Aabe Shifap Ruins, it’s a good idea not to because the enemies will notice you right away. There’s only four enemies, but they are all snipers perched either near the prisoner or on the outskirts of the blue circle on your map. So, bring D-Dog along (or Quiet, since snipers usually don’t wear armor and are easy shots) to pinpoint their locations before even trying to go after the prisoner. Even with a suppressor of your own, it’s possible they will spot you, but once you subdue all four snipers, it’s easy to extract the prisoner.

36 - Prisoner Extraction 10

You will find this prisoner in Lamar Khaate Palace, in a "cell" on the north side of the main building. While there may not be too many enemies throughout the area, there are quite a number guarding the prisoner, making it a challenge to get in and out without being seen. You should be bringing D-Dog with you automatically by now when finishing these missions. You’ll likely need to incapacitate everyone around the prisoner, as you need to unlock the door to his cell. Carry him somewhere else for extraction.

37 - Prisoner Extraction 11

This is a very easy Side Ops, as there’s only one prisoner, who is cowering on top of a small shack. The only enemy you will encounter is a wild animal (might be two) who is harassing the prisoner. Put the animal to sleep, then climb on top and free the prisoner.

Put the animals roaming around (left) to sleep before you climb on the little shack to extract the prisoner (right).

38 - Prisoner Extraction 12

Another pretty simple prisoner to extract, with him being surrounded by around seven or so guards, although they are not that close to one another to be too worrisome. If you come from the northeast landing zone, you should have a vantage point from a cliff’s edge. Tag each enemy with a tranquilizer dart from a sniper rifle so you don’t draw too much attention, then run in when they’re all asleep to grab the prisoner.

39 - Prisoner Extraction 13

This can be a confusing one, but the prisoner is located on the hillside, behind a rock. There are a number of enemies wandering around, some in groups of two, but as long as you know where they are located, it should be pretty easy in dispatching them and grabbing the prisoner.

40 - Prisoner Extraction 14

Make sure you don’t try to come from the north, as the narrow path on your map is blocked, so come from the south. This is a very simple Side Ops, as the prisoner is only guarded by two enemies, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

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