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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Strategy Guide

First Published: 01-10-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 02-07-2020 / 08:11 GMT



Quiet is recruitable after completing Mission 11, which most people will trigger while on their way to do Side Ops 82. After completing the Medical Platform back at Mother Base and completing Mission 10, you can head to Aabe Shifap Ruins to trigger the mission. At the end, you have the option to either kill Quiet or let her live. Opt to bring her back to the base and after completing Mission 14, you can do Side Op 111, which unlocks her as a Buddy.

Quiet is an excellent companion to help in clearing out outposts, as she is a sniper. Just make sure to equip her with a non-lethal rifle if you want to extract enemies.

As your bond with her grows, Quiet will become a very valuable ally to bring with you. You can order her to scout bases, where she'll mark enemies, then she will perch at her sniper's nest while you infiltrate. She will generally follow your orders, unless she deems it necessary to intervene, such as if you trigger Reflex Mode or the enemies are on combat alert. You can also use her as a distraction, since enemies spotting her are not counted as an alert in your mission score.

Reunion: With one of the latest patches, it is possible to get Quiet back as a Buddy once she leaves you after completing Mission 45. To do this, keep replaying Mission 11 (making sure to spare Quiet) until the text on the selection screen turns into [REUNION]. Complete it one more time, sparing Quiet, and you'll have her back for good.

Quiet Equipment

Name Rank Item/Skill Req. Unit Level Req.
Wicked Butterfly 4 500K GMP, Bond 60+ R&D (18), Intel (15)
Guilty Butterfly 3 286K GMP, Golden Crescent (60), Digitalis Purpurea (10), Bond 20+ R&D (15), Medical (15)
Guilty Butterfly 5 750K GMP, Bond 80+ R&D (22), Intel (18)
Sinful Butterfly 4 490K GMP, BRENNAN LRS-46 Blueprint, Bond 40+ R&D (20)

Quiet Costumes

Name Rank Item/Skill Req. Unit Level Req.
Naked (Blood) 3 186K GMP, Bond 30+ R&D (15)
Naked (Silver Q) 4 350K GMP, Bond 70+ R&D (19)
Naked (Gold Q) 5 570K GMP, Bond 100 R&D (22)
Sniper Wolf 4 450K GMP, Handkerchief Key Item R&D (23)
Gray XOF 5 670K GMP, Quiet's Examination Report Key Item R&D (25)

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