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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M12 - Hellbound

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Made contact with Dr. Emmerich. Mandatory
2 Extracted Dr. Emmerich. Mandatory
3 Extracted three Walker Gears from Central Base Camp. Optional
4 Extracted Dr. Emmerich without him taking damage. Optional
5 Secured the Glamor Model (Vertical) poster at Central Base Camp. Optional
6 Secured the blueprint at Central Base Camp. Optional

This mission will automatically begin as soon as you finish the Side Ops, “Make Contact with Emmerich”. After learning about the new toy in Cipher’s hands, you’ll be left alone in the bunker and will need to go and rescue Emmerich from their evil clutches. Note that there will be a few enemies here, so watch your step. Before leaving the way you came inside, go up one of the stairs to find some intel on Emmerich’s location.

Leave this area via the same door to be back outside of the power plant, where you’ll notice that there’s now a gunship patrolling the grounds. If you have a rocket launcher, you can try to shoot it, but the problem of alerting the other enemies in the area arises. For now, go back the way you came, using the Intel Team’s markers on your map to find the general areas of the enemies, marking them yourself to pinpoint their locations.

Head back through the door the way you came (left). Use the gantry to exit the facility (right).

Once you exit the power plant, follow the road to the Afghanistan Central Base Camp to the northwest. There will be a few guardposts set along the way that don’t show up on the map as one, so be careful. Upon arriving at the Base Camp, you will find there’s another gunship patrolling here. It’s probably best to leave this one alone, as there are a lot of enemies around that could hear you shoot something like a rocket launcher.

Crawl to avoid detection (left) then sneak behind the soldier guarding the entrance (right).

The building with Emmerich is located in the northwest corner of the area and there’s definitely a lot of enemies guarding the place. A new enemy type has appeared, in the form of soldiers riding Walkers (you saw one pick up Emmerich in the power plant). Their armor makes it so you can’t attack from the front, and it’s likely you have done a lot of stealth up to now, so the soldiers will be wearing helmets, making it even more difficult to deal with them.

One of the easier ways to get through the area without alerting enemies is to go along the southeast side, using the valley and crawling whenever you see the gunship passing overhead. Keep an eye out for enemies as you go along the outer perimeter, with the north side being your destination. There is a door there being guarded by a few enemies. You can have them notice you (the white bar), which might lure one or two to your position.

If this happens, put them to sleep and keep doing that until there’s one left. Should the one side of the building have no enemies on it, lure the final guard over there, then head inside the building. There will be a short cutscene, where you will finally meet up with Emmerich. You now have a choice here as you escape with the doctor.

You can choose to go by foot or use Walker gear (left) though running may be the stealthier option (right).

You can either escape on foot, or use the Walker that is in the lab. It might be easier on foot, since you don’t have to worry about being stealthy like you do while using the Walker. Exit the building via the same door you used to get in, then start making your way out of the compound. As you do this, your support helicopter will get ready right outside of the entrance, so you have a waypoint to get to now.

Remember to use cover and anything else, if needed, to place Emmerich down should you need to tranq someone. When you get close enough, the enemies will begin opening fire on the chopper. Ignore them and continue stealthing your way there, only for something unexpected to show up…the Sahelanthropus! It looks like it’s time to run…very fast!

Sahelanthropus makes its debut (left) so its a good idea to sprint to the extraction point (right).

Run away from the Metal Gear as fast as you can, trying to stay out of the open and using rocks and other things for cover. Just continue running from the base and Metal Gear, until you notice that the support chopper moves its landing zone. It’s not entirely clear when the Metal Gear might stop pursuit, but you could try hiding behind a rock for a short time, without exposing yourself to the attacks from it.

If you’re having trouble luring the machine away from the LZ, you can ditch Emmerich at the LZ and move elsewhere, hiding until the Metal Gear gets bored. Load up the doctor into the helicopter and get in as well, which prompts Sahelanthropus to attack you. It will shoot out some white missiles, so quickly shoot them, then turn your attention to the big target itself. Keep shooting until it blows up in a blaze of glory, bringing an end to the mission.

Mission Task 3

The Walker Gears are treated like vehicles, meaning you will need the Cargo 2 upgrade for your Fulton Device before you can extract them. You can either shoot them from behind or sneak up close enough to grab the enemies and pull them off the Walkers.

Mission Task 5

The Glamour Model (Vertical) poster can be found inside of the small building that’s north of the big, ruined building on your map. It’s on the wall.

Mission Task 6

The blueprint can be found inside of the big eastern building. You need to make sure that the enemies are aware of your presence (alarms/combat alert), as this will lock the doors to the building.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Gears Turn

Complete "HELLBOUND" mission.

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