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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Prologue - Awakening

Jarrod Garripoli
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Completed the mission without triggering Reflex Mode. Optional
2 Completed the mission without allowing the Man on Fire to attack even once after meeting up with Ocelot. Optional

The game starts three days after you wake up in the hospital. Listen to the doctor’s instructions and move the camera when prompted to do so. After that, input your name and birthday and then watch more scenes that will eventually lead into you creating your online avatar.

Once you finally regain control after more scenes, all you can do is crawl, so keep doing that until you end up being able to walk. Follow Ishmael and when prompted, go prone and keep following him. More scenes will periodically play out and you’ll end up in a hallway. Keeping an eye out for the searchlight on the helicopter, follow the path and you’ll be told to run, so do that and end up in the room ahead.

Continue following Ishmael down some stairs, only to have to turn around because of some soldiers. Make your way to the gate with a bunch of people behind it and push yourself through until they get mowed down. Quickly try to escape, only to get pulled into another room by Ishmael. There are some more enemies on the other side of the room, so move slowly down it and go right behind a curtain.

These enemies will search each bed one by one, so when they approach the one next to yours, go prone and hide underneath the bed. Some more cutscenes will play out and after they are over, crawl underneath the curtains and into the open, then find your way to Ishmael. Go prone once more and crawl until you’re next to some dead bodies. Make sure you don’t move here, so as not to alert the enemies in the hallway.

Bypass the searchlights by crouching (left). Later, hide behind the curtains to avoid the guards (right).

Keep waiting here, playing dead and when your cover is almost blown, an unexpected stranger shows up. There’s nothing you can do here except for watch and after it’s over, press the button shown to take care of your critical injury. Exit the hallway and follow Ishmael down some stairs, to a door, where you will need to quickly take cover behind one of the pillars.

An enemy will appear and as long as you stay hidden, Ishmael will kill him for you. Approach the body and you’ll receive a suppressed pistol, but before you think about taking out any bad guys, you get to use it on a nearby fire extinguisher. However, around the next corner will be two enemies, who will be firing at you.

Using the corner of the wall as cover, creep out enough so the targeting reticule turns red and try to get headshots on them. It may help to use the first-person view to score headshots. Continue going until you come to the front foyer of the hospital, where you will see a bunch of enemies. Thanks to a distraction from Ishmael, one guy will be preoccupied on the stairs, but the rest of them down below will be able to see you if you’re not careful.

The best way to deal with the room at the beginning is to go prone and head to the one side, so you can get a clear headshot on the guy on the stairs. Hide behind something and depending on how the other enemies react, they will likely check up on the guy you just killed. Take them out one by one (there’s five more in addition to the fresh meat).

Take out this guard by moving to the left side (left) so the other guards move to check on him. During the chase, do not let the Man on Fire get too close (right) or youll die.

Once you’re finished, head to the front door for another scene, then go towards the front door again after it’s over. When prompted, perform the Quick Dive maneuver to get away from the tank busting through the front and watch the scene that follows. With the enemies distracted, run out what used to be the front door to initiate another cutscene.

This one will end up with a chase sequence, with you on the back of a horse. Your little flamey friend is chasing after you and you’ll have to shoot him with the shotgun to push him back a little bit. Reload during the moments when he’s not charging you and do watch out for his charging stance. Don’t let him get too close if you wish to complete the objective.

Just when you think he’s gone for good, he will show up for a little bit more of the cat and mouse game. Once you get to the end, there will be one final cutscene before the end of the prologue.

Mission Task 1

This is easily done by disabling Reflex Mode in the options and playing through the mission with it off.

Mission Task 2

The Man on Fire comes at the end of the mission and you don’t know if you have completed his task or not until after doing it. It’s not clear as to what the description means, but there are two main attacks that the Man on Fire does in your little encounter with him. The first is a “hurricane” attack that usually happens if you keep shooting at him and he gets too far away; this is unavoidable and doesn’t count for the task. The other move is when he charges up, which is the one you want to pay attention to. Any time you see him charging up or get real close, shoot him.

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Complete "PROLOGUE: AWAKENING" mission.

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