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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Side Ops 71-80

Jarrod Garripoli

71 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 06

This is a pretty simple Side Ops, with only four heavy infantry you need to take out to complete it. They are all stationed at the guard post, with one standing still on one side and another being in the tower. The last two will be walking back and forth, so wait for them to be on one side, then turn around and start walking back to the other side to grab them.

72 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 07

There will be two pairs of two infantry each, totalling four you need to kill/extract, near an enemy guard post. Take care of the guard post first, then watch their movements closely. When the lower pair turn around and start walking in another direction, sneak up behind one of them and choke him, then do the same with the second. It might be wise to carry them to another area to extract them both before taking out the second pair.

73 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 08

There are five heavy infantry at the guard post, with two looking in one direction and the remaining three looking in the other direction. What you want to do is approach from the northeast and sneak behind the middle enemy, choke him out and then do the same with the other two looking in the same direction. Carry them outside the range of the others so you can Fulton extract them, then go after the remaining two.

74 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 09

There are three sets of targets, each containing two infantry each, but they are not in the guard post, as you may suspect. They are all on the hill just northwest of the guard post and they are fairly close to each other, but not too close that you need to worry about them all at once. Keep an eye on them and whenever you see a pair turn around, sneak up and grab one of them, then either carry him away or grab the other one.

75 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 10

There are six infantry stationed at the guard post in the middle of the highlighted zone, two of which are on the hill above looking down. Those should be your first targets, then you can concentrate on the other ones in the area below. Don’t forget that you can do more than just sneak up on enemies from behind, as you have methods to lure them away from their initial positions.

76 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 11

You’ll want to be careful using the landing zone inside of the circle, as some of the targets might see you, although most of the others are too far away. For us, four of the six targets were walking together, meaning it’s highly difficult to get them without being noticed. Worry about the two lone wolves first, then use something like a sleep grenade on the others.

It is possible to sneak up behind a line of enemies and pick them off one-by-one with a CQC chokehold.

77 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 12

There’s a total of seven enemies that you need to either kill or extract. All but two of them will be at the guard post, with those select two being just on the outskirts of it. The rest of them, besides the two mentioned, are fairly spread apart, so it should be pretty simple to sneak up behind them to CQC choke them to sleep.

78 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 13

You will have a total of eight infantry in this Side Ops, who are all located right outside of a guard post. In fact, the guard post doesn’t really factor into the equation here, as they won’t bother you. The targets are spread out enough that you shouldn’t run into each of them while killing/extracting them, but be on the lookout for the two patrolling the area.

79 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 14

This can be a challenging Side Ops, due to the close proximity of the eight infantry in the small guard post area. You will likely be required to lure enemies away from each other, using either your “knocking” function on your arm or the empty magazines. Try to lure enemies into traps, like the mine that puts them to sleep, making sure it’s far enough away from the others.

80 - Eliminate the Heavy Infantry 15

This is one of the tougher iterations of this Side Ops, as not only do you have to deal with eight heavy infantry, but there are also normal enemies at the guard post. To make matters worse, the infantry you need to get are paired up and are positioned in a way that makes it very difficult to sneak up behind them. You have a few choices, but one of the better solutions is to use Sleeping Grenades.

These can work on the two sets that are not on top of the hill, since they are in blind enough spots to not get noticed by the others. Take them a little bit away from the guard post for extraction. This will allow you to sneak up on the remaining two groups, plus you can always take out the other soldiers using your tranquilizer darts.


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