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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M35 - Cursed Legacy

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
Quick Reload
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Extracted 2 containers Mandatory
2 Completed the mission by riding a Fulton extracted container out of the hot zone Optional
3 Completed the mission without the enemy discovering the container extraction Optional
4 Pinpointed the soldier’s location from an intel file Optional
5 Extracted the commander of the Zero Risk Security force guarding the mansion Optional
6 Recovered the rough diamonds snatched by the common raven near Lufwa Valley, NW Guard Post Optional

Code Talker has some research materials stashed away in some containers and you need to go recover them. They are hidden in the jungle and some XOF choppers are en route to grab them, so you’ll need to hurry. Bring D-Dog along with you for this mission, so you can find out the locations of the enemies guarding the containers. Also, if for some reason you don’t have the Cargo 2 upgrade for your Fulton device, you are required to have it for this mission.

There are intel files you can grab to pinpoint the locations of the two containers, but you run the risk of alerting the enemy and beefing up security around them. Of the two landing zones available, go with the one in the southwest, as it is closer to the containers. Head northeast or so from your starting position and D-Dog will eventually find some enemy soldiers, which is your cue that it’s one of the containers.

The enemies guarding the containers will be wearing full body armor (left), so you cant use tranquilizer darts. Wait too long and a lot more enemies will show up (right).

Now, there’s a hidden time limit at the beginning, around 10-15 minutes or so, after which you will get a warning that the XOF choppers are coming, putting an actual time limit on your screen. Hopefully, by this time, you have already gotten one of the containers, or else you will be pressing your luck with the timer.

You’re dealing with Zero Risk Security and they are well-armed, complete with full body armor, making it so you can’t shoot them with any tranquilizer darts. That means you’re going to need to CQC them to knock them out. There will be two enemies guarding the first container you find, but more will show up, so either move quickly or wait to clear out more guards.

It’s probably a good idea to extract the enemies you knock out, so you avoid raising any suspicion with a large container missing. Move to the east-northeast to find the other container, with a few more enemies guarding it. Do the same as with the first, then exit the hot zone to finish the mission. Note that you can Fulton the container, then hold the climb button to get on it and exit that way, which is actually one of the optional objectives.

Mission Task 2

To ride the container out of the hot zone, you need to first climb on top of it. Attach the Fulton Device as usual and you should see another button prompt. Hold the button shown to make sure to cling on and don’t fall off of the container.

Mission Task 3

The best way to make sure that the enemies don’t discover the containers’ extraction is to simply kill or extract all of the enemies in the vicinity.

Mission Task 4

There are two intel files you will need to grab in order to fulfill this mission task. The first is in a green tent that is close to one of the bridges southwest of the mansion. The other intel file is located inside of the mansion, in the northern part.

Mission Task 5

The commander of the Zero Risk Security forces should be close to the intel file that’s inside of the mansion. D-Dog is ideal for this, as he will help locate the enemies at the mansion, making it easier to know where they are.

The location of the diamonds on the map (left) and where they are on the ground (right).

Mission Task 6

From Guardpost #8 on the map, go east and look for a bunch of ravens circling in the sky. If the diamonds aren’t on the ground, shoot one of the ravens to make them drop them. There is also a pack of wild dogs in the vicinity, so find them and you’ll know you’re in the right spot. D-Dog is a good Buddy to bring for this, as he will mark the animals for you.


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