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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

M28 - Code Talker

Jarrod Garripoli
Obtainable Skills/Blueprints
BRENNAN LRS-46 Blueprint
# Mission Task Mandatory/Optional
1 Made contact with Code Talker. Mandatory
2 Extracted Code Talker. Mandatory
3 Extracted Code Talker without him taking damage. Optional
4 Eliminated the Skulls. Optional
5 Extracted the Skulls. Optional
6 Extracted the armored vehicle sealing off Lufwa Valley. Optional

Upon landing, just follow the path and you’ll see that there’s no enemies, which is odd. Not too far after that, you’ll run into some mist and eventually your old friends, the Skulls. As the cutscene points out, there are four of them and this battle will play out similarly to the one with Quiet, except that if you brought her along, then you’re not alone.

The very first thing you should do is find some cover, like a large rock you can hide behind. You should also try to lay low, either crouching or going prone, so as not to give them a target. One of the better tactics you can use is to scan the area where the Skulls are with your binoculars to try and mark them, then if you can get a bead on them, order Quiet to shoot.

Boss Fight: Female Skulls

In this fight you will be against four snipers (left) so use your binoculars to locate, target and eliminate (right).

It’s a good idea to not move, if you can, only should you need to get a better line of sight. Although they don’t hum like Quiet did in her battle, the Skulls still seem to make some kind of noise, which you can use to find their locations with your mic on the binoculars. If Quiet happens to get injured and pulled out, then you’re on your own until she becomes available again for deployment.

Once you manage to finally down all four Skulls, you can move on to find a mansion, which is guarded by many enemies. You are at the back of the place and you want to go around to the front end, where you’ll find the door leading inside (there’s other entrances, but the front door is easiest for a reason). Facing the back of the house, you will likely run into more enemies by going around to the right than the left.

There will be two enemies guarding the front door, so put them to sleep and go inside. Here, go to either side and find a door that will lead further down, where you will find a locked door. Go through this to initiate a cutscene, after which, you will be tasked with escorting the Code Talker out of the place. For some odd reason, all of the enemies outside are not marked, even if you’ve marked them before coming inside.

Sneak round the back to enter the mansion from the rear (left) then head to the basement to rescue Code Talker (right).

Before stepping out the front door, go to your iDroid and call in a support chopper to come pick you up in the northern part of the map.

There will be one or two enemies likely standing right outside of the door, so be prepared to put them to sleep. Start moving towards the LZ, keeping an eye out for more troops, until you spot a bridge in the distance, only to find an armored vehicle guarding it. You do not need to cross the bridge, as you can drop down from the nearby cliff and into the waters below, making it more manageable to get to the LZ unscathed.

Mission Tasks 4 & 5

You’ll only need to eliminate a single Skull to fulfill the mission task, but you won’t be able to extract them until after completing Mission 29. You don’t have a lot of time to extract them after finishing them off (don’t need to do anything special to prepare them for extraction), so move fast.

Mission Task 6

It’s a good idea to leave the Skulls alone in the beginning when going for the armored vehicle, which appears after grabbing Code Talker. This is because the soldiers will become puppet soldiers and will be a lot easier to avoid, making it much simpler to get to the vehicle to extract it.


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