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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Side Ops 101-110

Jarrod Garripoli

101 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 09

You will have two vehicles to deal with, which are facing opposite directions and have a sniper covering each of them (two snipers at the southeastern vehicle). The rest of the enemies are patrolling between the two vehicles and are just normal soldiers.

102 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 10

You’ll be heading to Nova Braga Airport for this Side Ops, with no other enemies besides the ones you need to kill/extract. There will be two vehicles on the ground, as well as one in the air, the dreaded enemy gunship. Besides that, there’s three snipers on the roof, two on the one side and one on the other, as well as a normal enemy up there with them.

To make things a little more annoying, two normal soldiers will be inside of that building, then two more on the ground by the vehicles. Sneak into the base via the gap in the barbed wire fencing, then get onto the roof with the snipers. Put all the enemies up there to sleep first, then Fulton them, which will likely alert the enemies inside. Grab them next, then the two on the ground, then the rest should be easy enough.

Youll run into a lot of enemy gunships (left) while doing the vehicle Side Ops. You will also want to keep an eye out for snipers (right).

103 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 11

The Aabe Shifap Ruins will be your location for this next Side Ops, where you’ll find another lovely gunship waiting for you. There will be two snipers near the vehicles, as well as three normal enemies. One more sniper will be located on the eastern side. You should be able to get the eastern sniper without too much trouble, but you’ll want to be careful with the other enemies.

104 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 12

The enemies in Mfinda Oilfield (only the ones that are a part of this Side Ops are there, besides the random patrolling vehicle) are spread out kind of far apart from each other. The annoying enemy gunship has returned, although you should be able to work your way around it without it bothering you too much. There are two snipers and the rest of the enemies are normal soldiers, besides the two land vehicles.

105 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 13

This will be a challenging Side Ops, as you also have to deal with the normal soldiers at the place, in addition to the ones for the Side Ops. All of this is happening while you have an enemy chopper looming overhead. So, it’s probably a good idea to go after the normal enemies first, then concentrate on the Side Ops ones. These include two snipers, two sets of two normal soldiers, two vehicles and as previously mentioned, the enemy gunship.

106 - Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit 14

You should have an easy time with this Side Ops, as the enemies are pretty far apart and the gunship shouldn’t bother you, as there’s a lot of space for maneuvering. Three normal soldiers will be walking around together, while two snipers are watching one of the vehicles. The other vehicle is a pretty good distance away and only has one sniper watching it.

107 - Extract the Legendary Gunsmith

The target you’re looking for (an enemy) is located inside of Masa Village and is being escorted by three enemies, making it extremely difficult to get him without alerting any others. There’s also a lot of other enemies around the village, so you’ll need to be extra careful. You can try to separate the gunsmith from the others using diversion tactics, like the knocking sound on your arm or empty magazines.

108 - Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Again

The legendary gunsmith is being held prisoner at the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. There’s a series of three tents lined up along the southern side of the complex, which is where the gunsmith is located (interrogate someone for an exact location). He is being guarded by at least two soldiers, with another likely being close as well.

109 - Extract the Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again

Finally, it’s time to get the actual legendary gunsmith, who is being held at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. He’s inside a room on the western side of the big building and there’s a lot of guards around the entire compound, making it a little tricky to get in and out quick. If trying to be stealthy, use all of the tools in your arsenal and take your time.

110 - Extract Materials Containers

Before you can do this Side Ops, you will need to have the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton Extraction System, requiring the R&D Team level to be at 18, the Support Unit level to be at 16 and also someone with the Transportation Specialist skill. There are only three or so enemies guarding it, with two outside and one inside the shack. Put them to sleep and simply walk up to the container to extract it like any other thing.


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