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One Piece Odyssey

Beast Tamer Mooji Bounty

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the side activities you can do in One Piece Odyssey is hunt down wanted criminals and cash in their Bounties. There’s a number of Bounties in the game, with this page being dedicated to the "Beast Tamer Mooji" iconBeast Tamer Mooji Bounty.

How to Find Beast Tamer Mooji in One Piece Odyssey

Before you have access to this Bounty, you need to have completed the Mediator Marzin’s Quest in Nanohana of Alabasta. Once you have finished this, check the bulletin board in the tavern to find a list of new Bounties available for you to catch. If you look at the description on the right for Beast Tamer Mooji, you will see he is found in the Ravine of No Return, an area you pass through during the main story.

(1 of 3) At one point, the Navi Bird will go left

This place is a little tricky, as you will be sent back to the beginning, if you choose the wrong direction. While you can journey through the place through the process of elimination, but you have another option of going through the location. If you head back to Nanohana, you can start a sidequest to get a Navi Bird, which will point out the path through the Ravine, making it a lot easier to get through it. However, if you choose this method, it won’t take you to the bounty, as it’s off the beaten path.

Go the following path to get to the Bounty:

  • Right
  • Right (only way to go)
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right (the Navi Bird will go left here)

You’ll know you’re going the correct way, as there will be a pirate in the tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel, you’ll see more pirates, some chests, and Beast Tamer Mooji.

How to Defeat Beast Tamer Mooji in One Piece Odyssey

Beast Tamer Mooji is a pretty simple fight, as he is really nothing more than a stronger pirate (the one equipped with a club). He will be accompanied by two "Rock Panda" iconRock Pandas, which aren’t really all that dangerous, either, although it solely depends on your characters’ levels at this point. You should probably take out the Rock Pandas first, which don’t really seem to do anything but attack you normally. They aren’t super strong, either, provided you are playing intelligently and not having anyone in battle weak to the Power type (all three enemies are Power types).

(1 of 3) Beast Master Mooji will be accompanied by two Rock Pandas

Thankfully, all three enemies should be grouped up in a single spot, so attacks that hit all enemies in a zone will be extremely useful. Mooji himself isn’t really much stronger than the Rock Pandas, with a normal attack and Spirit Strike to worry about. The latter is a little stronger than his normal attack. If you’re taking more damage than you want, you could try attacking the Rock Pandas with "Zoro" iconZoro, as his attacks have a chance to inflict Bleed, which also debuffs ATK. Overall, this is a simple fight and you shouldn’t really have any trouble with it.

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