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One Piece Odyssey

Give The Soup to the Cook in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

To unlock cooking in One Piece Odyssey, players need to complete a quest in Chapter 2. The quest is titled, Bring Soup to Cook, which sees Sanji, and the cook in the Spicy Bean competing against each other making soup. However, the quest isn’t as apparent as what’s going on. So, here’s our guide to One Piece Odyssey’s Give the Soup to the Cook quest.

Give the Soup to the Cook in One Piece Odyssey

Ensure you’re rewarded with the legs you need before leaving the area to avoid confusion with the give the soup to the cook quest.

Once Sanji and the cook of the Spice Bean have had their soup challenge, you now embark on your quest. The two items you need are Sandy Shells, and Scorpion Legs. These two items are available in the nearby regions of Alabasta.

Getting your hands on the Sandy Shells is fairly easy. All you need to do is head back into the main harbor where you started the chapter in, and head through the gate on the west side of the town. After that, follow the road around the curve rock walls, then head to the tiny beach where the crew’s ship is docked. From there, you need to just walk along the coast with Sanji, picking up the loot on the sand. You should be able to get more than enough and some spare for future meals by picking all of them up.

Now that’s done, you need to head to the Desert Near Nanohana. Head west from the Spice Bean tavern, and follow the sandy road out of town where the market stalls are. You then need to go through the cave, and emerge on the other side. On the left, you will see a camel and some travellers, then some scorpions in the distant dunes. Go over to the scorpions, and engage one in combat. If you can sneak up behind it, the better. Now you need to defeat the scorpions and any other threat on the battlefield.

Once you defeat the scorpions, there’s a chance you can get loot, including the Scorpion Legs. Chances are, this is where the confusion sets. The quest marker objective will update once you defeat the Red Scorpions, not when you pick up enough Scorpion Legs. It means it’s possible for you to return to the cook with the Give the Soup to the Cook quest updated. However, you won’t have the ingredients and be unable to craft the soup like the game tells you to. Make sure you got the Scorpion Legs from winning the battle by checking the loot window in the bottom left of the victory screen before debarking. If you didn’t, you’d need to fight more Scorpions until you get some legs.

Once you have the legs and the Shells, you can return to the Spice Bean. Upon returning to the cook, you can interact with the cook, and complete the quest. Upon doing so, you will unlock cooking in the game, and complete the quest.

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