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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Stats: Guts, DEF, ATK & More Explained

Craig Robinson

One Piece Odyssey’s stats are plentiful, with a mixture of your defensive and offensive stats available. These are the core stats that you will use to enhance your skills and attacks while bolstering your ability to mitigate damage from skills and regular attacks. There are a fair few other types of stats that can help your skill generation, crit, and more. Here’s a full look at all the One Piece Odyssey stats in the game.

Here is a closer look at the One Piece Odyssey stats and their meanings.

One Piece Odyssey Stats Explained

The three main stats in the game are Guts, ATK, and DEF. ATK is the stat value that determines the overall strength of your skills, and attacks for each character. Raise this number to get better damage scores on your attack.

Then we have Defense. This statistic empowers a character’s ability to resist damage from primary attacks. It’s an important stat to have, especially when fighting against enemies that counter your character’s attack type. For example, a decent defense stat on a character fighting against a character that neutral or are weak against you will do little, to borderline no damage. But, it can also dramatically reduce the mega damage you take from attacks that counter you.

What Does Guts Do In One Piece Odyssey?

Finally, we have the Guts stat in One Piece Odyssey. This stat is primarily about reducing the effect of skills on one character. This means the amount of damage you take from skill-based effects. It also seems to affect the amount you can get hit by status effects, and their following associated damage effects.

You can also locate accessories on your travels that can increase a character’s GUTS when equipped. These are very often dropped after boss fights.

One Piece Odyssey Resistances

Throughout the game, you’ll notice there are plenty of other stats, such as sleep, confused, burn, frost and more. Improving the stats in these increase the likelihood you will receive these status effects, or entirely resist them. The higher the stat goes from 0-100 means the better the chances of resisting those moves. Some characters have natural weaknesses to moves, and therefore are fairly hard to improve one, while others are almost entirely resistant to those effects by default.

What Is TP In One Piece Odyssey?

TP is the game’s stat that essentially serves as some form of energy or mana bar. You can increase this naturally by doing basic attacks to fill the meter and using food and battle items to increase the amount you get back. There are also stats from accessories that increase your maximum carry amount of TP.

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