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Lake Shore Cave Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

The Lake Shore Cave is one of the first major areas you visit as part of the main story of One Piece Odyssey. This occurs once you meet Adio, and have just lost your powers. The result is you need to learn what’s going on the island, and find out what happened to your powers. The Lake Shore Cave is the first case where both of these connect, with the crew getting some of their skills back early. Moreso, you get a tutorial for finding some of the cubes. However, it doesn’t strongly hint at the locations of all the cubes. Ergo, we have made this Lake Shore Cave Cube Location guide for One Piece Odyssey to empower your character as early as possible.

Lake Shore Cave Cube Locations

In total, there are seven cube locations in the Lake Shore Cave area. All of these can be grabbed during this mission fairly normally. But you can miss some of them if you miss a grapple point.

(1 of 7) The first Luffy Cube location is behind the destructible walls after the Death Squirrel fight when the bridge breaks

  • Luffy 1: Players can find the first cube location during the battle with the death squirrel after the bridge collapses. Once you beat it, you will gain some powers back. Now that’s done, there are destructible walls along the edge of your platform you’re on. Destroy them, and you will find a cube floating where one of the walls once stood.
  • Nami: The next cube is on top of one of the stone pillars coming out of the water north of the platform you got Luffy’s first cube. From there, you need grapple over to the various columns, and climb the tallest one in the middle. You should be able to climb up and see it at the left edge of the pillar, with a bat flying around on it.
  • Zoro: The Zoro cube in the Lake Shore Cave is found just before the metal gate you need to destroy. Follow the grapple points to the pillars in the water area. If you climb to the top of the northwest pillar in the water, you can gum-gum grab it with Luffy. Or, head to the platform that brings you to the ground of the northwest section of the cave and climb the ladder to get it that way.
  • Luffy 2: Once you’ve finished climbing and grappling stone pillars and columns, and returned to solid ground, climb the ladder and destroy the metal gate with Zoro. Walk through the gate, and you’ll find a floating cube you can grab using Luffy’s grab feature.
  • Usopp: When you follow the path south to get you back to the Lake Shore Cave save point, there is a final drop-down. Before dropping down, there is a cube you can grab. Use Luffy to reach out and grab it before you drop the ledge. Missing it means you need to follow the route all the way back round again to reach it.

The following two cubes are easily missed, thanks to being hidden near the start of the ruin. Follow the pathway down to the save point in the cave, then look up, and you will find glowing stalagmites you can grapple to. Grappling to them will take you to different cliff edges in the cave, stone arches, and pathways above. There are also plenty of item pick-ups, and ways to reach hidden chests by exploring these routes too. But, only one leads to two cube locations.

  • Chopper: Grapple the stalagmites, and make your way onto the stone arch pathway that leads south and southeast. Chopper’s cube is on the right side of the stone pathway arch, near an enemy.
  • Robin: Further down the path you took to get to Chopper is Robin’s cube. You will need to use Luffy’s grab to reach this one, as it’s slightly high in the sky.

There you go; you have now found all the cube locations in the Lake Shore Cave available in Chapter 1. You’re now on your way to leveling up most character’s skills to an extent!


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