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One Piece Odyssey

Alubarna Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

The deeper into Chapter 2 you go, players will naturally keep stumbling on more and more cubes to power their characters up. The result is bigger and badder skills for you to use and beat even more enemies up. As you’re coming to the end of Chapter 2, the Desert Near Alubarna and Alubarna city have a fair few amounts of cubes to get. Here’s a closer look at the Alubarna cube locations in One Piece Odyssey, focusing on both its desert and the city.

Alubarna Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

(1 of 5) In the market side street at the southwest corner of the city.

The Alubarna city explorations occur in two different parts of the game. When first arriving, the area is filled with enemies. We recommend completing the main story in Chapter 2 before fully exploring the city, thanks to the locked gates, and enemies patrolling in all directions. Once you finish the main story missions in Chapter 2, you are free to explore and return at your leisure to the city before returning back to Waford. You can also explore the map in later Chapters 2, but the opportunities are limited until you finish the main story. Here are the cube locations in the city, with each written explanation matching the number of images above as a reference point.

  • "Sanji" iconSanji 1: As you enter the city from the desert, head west, then turn north when you reach the market stalls. There is a cube beside some of the stalls near the northwest corner of that small section.
  • "Usopp" iconUsopp 1: Head towards the middle of the city, and move directly west of the save point nearest the middle of the city. You then need to look for a staircase that leads to an alley that goes north into a residential plaza to find the cube.
  • Sanji 2: When you reach the middle section of the city, you will come across a building with scaffolding and outdoor arches supporting a walkway under the building. There is a cube below it. It’s slightly hard to see thanks to the scaffolding covering the likely angle you look at this building.
  • "Luffy" iconLuffy 1: Look for the Yoisa travel signpost at the uppermost signpost. From there, head south then, then turn east to reach an alleyway. Go through this alleyway, and you will come across a wagon. The Luffy cube is behind the said wagon.
  • Robin 1: When you can free roam the city, head to the Mausoleum entrance at the northwest side of the map. You can then find the cube location behind the stairs of the western side of the entrance plaza.

Desert Near Alubarna Cube Locations

(1 of 4) This is the western path you can take when you’re presented with two travel options at the south of the map.

The !Desert Near Alubarna region is the desert that connects directly with the the City of Alubarna. For this reason, we’ve lumped it together to make it easier for those traveling through Chapter 2’s Alabasta kingdom to come back here and get these items.

  • "Chopper" iconChopper 1: When you walk up from the entrance to the desert from the Great Sandy Desert, head west. Continue to walk the path, keeping Luffy toward the northern edge of the walkable area. You will see a Cube across the gap near a stone pillar formation.
  • "Zoro" iconZoro 1: On a guard tower directly east of the royal army camp in the !Desert Near Alubarna region. You will need to climb up to reach the cube.
  • Usopp 2: Beside the side quest Dugongs next to the middle bridge in the !Desert Near Alubarna map. If you’re walking from the army camp across the bridge, then they are immediately to the left of the bridge as you get off.
  • Luffy Cube 2: Towards the northwest side of !Desert near Alubarna, there is a path you can take to go down into small chasm area. Follow that down, and you can get cube from a skull off the pathable chasm area. You will need Luffy to grab it.

We shall update the page if we find anymore cubes in either location.

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