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One Piece Odyssey

Usopp Cube Fragment Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Usopp" iconUsopp is one of the only pure-ranged characters in One Piece Odyssey and has plenty of massive single and multi-target skills that make him a great pick. Add in the fire skills, and the unique fool mechanic that can destroy some of the silliest enemies in the Combat Log, and you have a decent character. To improve the abilities of Usopp, and take advantage of the Trick Ball Crafting; you will need lots of Cubes. Luckily for you, we know where to find over 70 fragments to get those skills filled in. Here’s a look at where to find Usopp cube fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Note: This guide needs two cubes for full slot completion. However, you can still max all of your skills out in battle by swapping the trick ball crafting around before fights and before setting up camp and crafting. You will also get the collection trophy for Usopp, which helps those looking for Platinum.

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Cube Collector: Usopp

Collected 40 of Usopp's cube fragments.

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Usopp Cube Fragment Locations in One Piece Odyssey.

Below you’ll find a list of cube fragments in each region of the game. We’ve split them up in each chapter and area you can find them in, so, if you’re missing a few, you can check each area and match them up appropriately.

Waford South: Chapter 1

(1 of 2) Floating near the drop to the entrance in Lake Shore.

Floating near the drop to the entrance in Lake Shore. (left), On top of the vines northeast of Thunderhead Ruins boss room. (right)

  1. The first Usopp cube is in the Lake Shore Cave Chapter 1 mission. The cube is found at the end of the main story mission in there, with "Luffy" iconLuffy able to grapple it. You will need to travel through the entire cave and then come back from the top of it to the main entrance and grapple it when you return near the save statue.
  2. Usopp’s second Cube is found in the same spot as "Chopper" iconChopper’s Third Cube. You can get this by a hidden cube spawn above the climbable vines in the final stage of the Thunderhead Ruins main story mission. It is in the top right corner of the room, on top of a ledge above vines.

Alabasta: Chapter 2

(1 of 9) Donut area of the Great Sandy Desert

  1. Inside the southern side of the Great Sandy Desert. It is in the bottom right corner of the map, inside the Donut Canyon area.
  2. Usopp’s third Cube is in the Great Sandy Desert map in chapter 2. You can head into the Bone Bridge Canyon bandit camp after completing that stage of the main story, and then use Luffy’s ability to climb the vines on a stone pillar. You can then grapple to hangers to cross to the stone pillar with the cube on it.
  3. The fourth cube is inside the Desert Cave in the bottom right section of the system.
  4. At the back of the Desert Cave system, after beating the "Bushy Banana Gator" iconBushy Banana Gator.
  5. Usopp’s Sixth cube is in the Rain Dinners Casino, on the left side of the ground floor.
  6. Beside the "Kung Fu Dugong" iconKung Fu Dugongs next to the middle bridge in the Desert Near Alubana map.
  7. In the Lovely Spring Plaza section, central west side of the city. The cube is up against a wall.
  8. Inside the Alubarna Royal Mausoleum. Head through the downstairs area, solve the step puzzle, then head into the rocky vine area. From there, cross using Luffy and Chopper to go through the hole. The cube is in the corner of the next room. There’s also a Yoisa shop there too.
  9. Inside the Royal Mausoleum on the B4F map section. Head right when you enter this Mausoleum section, and then use Luffy to cross. The cube is a slight distance away, which Luffy can grab.

Dust Ruins: Chapter 3

(1 of 3) Along the normal Corridor Room.

  1. Inside the Mirror Room Flipped. Head to the northwest corner of that room with the lights, and you’ll find it on the stone platform walkway on the north west side of the room.
  2. In the Dust Ruins Corridor Room, follow the pathway as normal, then reach out and grab it with Luffy on the stone pillar.
  3. In the Dust Ruin plaza room. Head up the stairs of the dust ruin plaza section, then use Chopper to enter the small hole and pick it up.

Water Seven City: Chapter 4

(1 of 8) South side of Water Seven City, near the Tavern.

  1. Head to the southern most middle section of Water Seven City Area. The cube is by the lamppost near the gate.
  2. Inside the weapon store in the Water Seven City Area. Head to the general store in the middle of the city, go up the stairs, and then enter the first green building on the right.
  3. Dock one in chapter 4. Head north from the dock gate, and it is in the northwest corner
  4. On top of the scaffolding near the main building in Dock One. Move the cranes and then grapple up.
  5. Use the crane to climb the scaffolding in the material storage in Water Seven City Dock. Follow the scaffolding stairs down, and a cube is hiding behind a stack of wood serving as a barrier between the street and the scaffolding.
  6. In the B2F sewer location. Can find it in the rectangle section in the middle of this map.
  7. Under the crashed train in the Tower of Law.
  8. Tower of Law storage room. Use Chopper to head Into a storage room and then into a vent. Luffy can then reach it.

Waford South: Chapter 5

(1 of 7) Beside the lake near the beach in Waford South.

1 Next to the save point in the water of Waford South. Look for the tiny lake on the minimap near the junction that takes you to the westernmost point of Waford south. It’s the spawn point closest to the southern beach.
2. Next to King Kong and "Doeisa" iconDoeisa’s cliffside throne on the upper western part of the King Kong Garden map.
3. In the southwest grove of King Kong Garden with the fast travel post. There’s a cube floating above the small body of water in the area.
4. Inside the Ice Block Ruin’s first platform area. Climb up the left side of the platform, then look behind the stone pillar, as the cube will float around that area.
5. Two Usopp Cubes inside the Ice Block Ruins Accessway 2 room. It’s the larger room in the middle section of the map.
6. There is one Usopp Cube in the Ice Block Ruin Third Lift Room. Head inside one of the southeast Chopper-sized holes, there is a cube in the path.
7. Look into the Chopper area of the Ice Block Ruins Last Experiment Room from the south section. You will notice two holes, one left and one right. Go into the right one. And follow it to two Usopp cube fragments.

Dressrosa: Chapter 8

(1 of 5) On the burning tiled floor in Coliseum Road.

  1. On the southwest side of the Coliseum Path in Dressrosa City, there is a side street you can go down. Head to the thinnest part, where there is a tiled floor burning, there is a cube you can pick up, containing two "Franky" iconFranky and Usopp fragments.
  2. Cross over to the north side of the Great Fissure in New Royal Plateau, and then parkour up the mud to reach a broken stone bridge facing east. At the edge is a cube you can get containing three Usopp and two Chopper fragments.
  3. There is another Usopp cube near the bridge north of the Great Fissure. Head down the mud parkour spots and look for the north-facing foundation on the bridge’s east side. There is a cube in the mud on the level the foundation ends. You will get three Usopp and "Zoro" iconZoro fragments.
  4. Head into the New Royal Plateau - 3rd Level, and walk through the Foot of Flowerhill path. You will come across a Chopper hole that leads to a stone brick pathway which breaks, with penguins and wind-up soldiers on the ground below. Before dropping down, there is a cube at the edge of the broken stone pathway. You will get two "Nami" iconNami and Usopp fragments.
  5. Climb up the cliff using Luffy in the New Royal Plateau - 3rd Level Flower hill section. Part way up you will come across a lamppost sticking out of the cliff with a cube on it. This contains two fragments for Usopp and Nami.

Waford Central: Chapter 9

On a small platform overlooking the Yoisa Store in Purity Gardens.

  1. While climbing up the main vine wall to reach the cliffs above in the Purity Sky Garden, you navigate right while near the top. This will take you to another tiny platform overlooking the Yoisa store and the floor space you climbed. On this platform is a bush hiding a cube. You will get three Usopp and two "Brook" iconBrook fragments.

Marineford: Whenever you can travel back

(1 of 2) Behind the tree, as you cross the bridge in Marineford.

Behind the tree, as you cross the bridge in Marineford. (left), The most Southeast point of Marineford. (right)

Marineford unlocks in Chapter 6, but you don’t get to explore the actual town then. Instead, you can travel there using Memoria

  1. Behind a tree when you cross the bridge in Marineford. You get three Chopper and Usopp fragments.
  2. At the very south of Marineford’s South Town, you can follow a fenced area around the destroyed bell area to a secluded southwest area. Here you can get a chest, and a cube containing three fragments for Usopp and Franky.
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