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One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Fire Colossus Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

Sometimes, you will run into a challenging boss fight that gives you trouble during the course of One Piece Odyssey. While you fight the "Fire Colossus" iconFire Colossus at the beginning of the game, you won’t truly fight it until much later in the main story, which is when you will defeat it.

You will finally have your long awaited showdown with the !Fire Colossus

How to Beat the Fire Colossus in One Piece Odyssey

The Fire Colossus can be a little tricky, as the boss is done in two phases. The first one will be a normal battle with your crew, but not long into the battle, the game will take over and the second phase will begin. This is when "Brook" iconBrook is put into your party, making you think that he will be extremely useful in the fight. However, he has nothing equipped and his HP is rather low, so it’s better to just swap him out for someone else. If you don’t, then it’s highly likely that Brook will get downed with just two attacks, creating a game where you’re constantly trying to bring him back, only to be downed again.

Fire Colossus’ Attacks in One Piece Odyssey

The following is a list of all attacks you will see from the Fire Colossus boss fight in One Piece Odyssey.

Burning Truth

This is the Fire Colossus’ single target attack, with it dealing around 500-700 damage, depending on the character hit with it. Naturally, being the Fire Colossus, all of its attacks can inflict Burn on your characters, meaning they will take some extra damage after their turn has been spent.

Solar Heat Wave

The Fire Colossus fires a laser beam, resulting in a fiery explosion, hitting all characters in the same area as it. This will probably do around 700 damage to Power-type characters, so Speed-types will get hit for a lot more and Technique ones a little less. As mentioned above, Brook will have no accessories, so he’s going to take a lot more damage than the others.

Violent Fire King

The Fire Colossus shoots a bunch of fireballs into the air, which then come crashing down to the ground. This does a lot of damage to all characters on the field, ranging from 850-1050+, depending on their types. If you have Brook on the field, he will likely be close to getting knocked out, or just get downed immediately, from this attack.

Since you just recently fought the Water Colossus not too long ago, you may want to treat this battle similarly. The Fire Colossus is a Power-type, so adjust your characters accordingly. You definitely don’t want to be bringing characters like "Nami" iconNami, "Franky" iconFranky and "Usopp" iconUsopp, since they will take more damage than normal, due to their type. You also should sideline Brook, despite the advantage he has over the boss, since his stats are not going to help much.

(1 of 2) !Brook will rejoin in the second part of the fight

!Brook will rejoin in the second part of the fight (left), However, he will be taking a lot of damage from the boss (right)

Outside of the above, there’s not too much else to say. Avoid using fire-based skills against the Fire Colossus, as those aren’t going to do much damage at all. Likewise, you have Trick Balls to help with debuffing the boss, so use them if you feel like they will help a lot, especially the ATK down one. This might help Brook survive more, especially if you boost his stats with food buffs. You should also be using these to heal, although "Chopper" iconChopper should have access to Cure (All) at this point, meaning he can heal the party, if necessary.

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