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One Piece Odyssey

All Franky Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Franky" iconFranky is a speedy character that deal solid damage, especially through his fiery skills. You will naturally want to level them up, especially for fighting groups of tactical and enemies weak to fire damage. To do so, we’ve found all of Franky’s cube fragments in One Piece Odyssey, so you can scale him up fast.

Trophy hunters out there, this guide will ultimately help you get that needed Franky cube trophy, helping you on your way to Platinum too!

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Cube Collector: Franky

Collected 20 of Franky's cube fragments.

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All Franky Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

Below you’ll find sections split into all the game areas you can get Franky’s cubes. Moreso, we have notes, and images matching where you can find these cube fragments. If you miss any, don’t worry, as you can always go back using the memoria feature and visit previous areas of the game.

Franky Cube Fragments in Dressrosa: Chapter 8

(1 of 7) Near the wagon, as you drop down from Dressrosa East.

  1. Inside Dressrosa City East. Follow the path down to the to the northeast corner of the map, then drop down to the broken street below. You can pick up two Franky cube fragments beside a cowboy-themed wagon with a white cover.
  2. Follow the Dressrosa City Eastern road to the Foot of New Royal Plateau in the city’s eastern section. You will enter a new section with a pink circular building in the middle. Go to the entrance of the building, and you’ll find a cube on one of the outer roof sections. Contains three Zoro fragments and two Franky fragments.
  3. On the southwest side of the Coliseum Path in Dressrosa City, there is a side street you can go down. Head to the thinnest part, where there is a toled food burning. There is a cube you can pick up, containing two Franky and Usopp fragments.
  4. Head to the southwest part of Dressrosa City, and enter the Square at Fountain area. Head southeast of the taxi signpost and head to the southern edge of the pathable area. You will find a cube in the rubble. It contains three Zoro fragments and two Franky fragments.
  5. As you enter New Royal Plateau - 1st Level from the City, look immediately left. There are three Franky fragments to pick up.
  6. When you start making your way over the Great Fissure of New Royal Plateau - 1st Level, there is a section on the west side you can grapple to. Go to the larger mound of dirt with the rubble on it, stand on top of the mount, overlooking the edge with the black brick building, and you’ll see a cube floating next to it towards the ground below it. You will get two "Nami" iconNami and two !Fanky fragments from this.
  7. Head south until you find the New Royal Plateau -2nd level - Destroyed City Ruins region. When you cross, you will follow some stone pathway with a gilded metal fence facing a yellow round building. A cube is on one of the gray stone details above the front door. You will get three "Chopper" iconChopper fragments, and two Franky fragments.

Franky Cube Fragments in Waford Central: Chapter 9

(1 of 3) In the bird’s nest to the southwest part of the garden.

  1. In the southern central part of the Purity Garden Sky Tower, you will come across a cliff on the left side with a bird’s nest on it, followed by another blue chilly-chilly bird. You can climb on the pile of rocks on that platform, and look into the bird’s nest to get the cube, You will get three Franky fragments and two Chopper fragments.
  2. In the central part of the Sky Tower Purity Gardens, you will find a cubby that goes into the mountain leading to a rocky dead end in the east. To get there, you need to cross to the tiny pathable islands north of it, then grapple back. Here you can grab three Zoro and Franky fragments.
  3. Three Franky fragments are available from one cube in the Forest of Cleansing part of the Sky Tower Gardens. Head through the Chopper space in the eastern part of the area, then climb the vines and platforms above the water with the logs. You will find a cube in a bush.

Franky Cubes in Marineford

(1 of 2) Inside the Chopper hole in Marineford’s main street.

Inside the Chopper hole in Marineford’s main street. (left), On the southwest edge of Marineford. (right)

  1. Follow the pathway down South Town in Marinford, all the way to the collapsed wall with the cannons. To the right of the collapsed cannon wall is a Chopper hole you can go into. In the room are a man, a bike, and a cube in the corner.It contains three fragments for Robin and Franky.
  2. At the very south of Marineford’s South Town, you can follow a fenced area around the destroyed bell area to a secluded southwest area. Here you cna et a chest, and a cube containing three fragments for Usopp and Franky.
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