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One Piece Odyssey

Best Accessories and Equipment in One Piece Odyssey

Matt Chard

As you progress through One Piece Odyssey you’ll gain access to their unique equipment gameplay system which allows you to equip accessories into a square grid. The grid starts with 16 squares to place the various equipment found throughout the game, although it will increase to 25 squares later on. These accessories come in all different shapes and sizes, and you’ll need to slot them into the equipment grid. Although there are numerous accessories to choose from, we will list the best of them.

You place accessories into the square grid in One Piece Odyssey. These come in all various shapes and sizes.

Top 13 Accessories and Equipment

The enemies in One Piece Odyssey shouldn’t give you too many problems as their attacks won’t deal too much damage, but as the game advances they will have a lot more health, and defense. For this reason alone, attack accessories are by far the best way to make your party stronger, although the odd healing or defense/guts accessories can come in handy for tougher challenges.

Wild One’s Crown - ATK

The Wild One’s Crown boasts a ridiculous +1400 ATK making it one of the best accessories in the game. This can be acquired through a locked chest in Dressrosa.

Sabo’s Hat - ATK

Sabo’s hat has one of the highest attack in the game offering you a massive +1154 ATK. You’ll have to progress the story though as this fantastic accessory drops from Burgess in the Dressrosa area, near the coliseum.

Doflamingo Sunglasses - ATK

Doflamingo Sunglasses is another excellent accessory that only falls a little short of Sabo’s Hat giving you a huge +1125 ATK. Although it has slightly lower stats, you won’t be able to get it until you reach Chapter 8, and defeat Doflamingo.

Ace Hat - ATK

The Ace Hat has identical stats to the Doflamingo Sunglasses sitting pretty at +1125 ATK. You’ll need to progress the story until you reach Marineford in Chapter 6 where you’ll find, and have to defeat Akainu who will drop the hat after they’re defeated.

Akainu’s Corsage - ATK

Another accessory with +1125 ATK. This also drops Akainu in Chapter 6.

Burgess’s Power - ATK

This is slightly worse than the above accessories but it’s still very good. This will give you +1085 ATK, and it can be obtained by defeating Burgess in the Dressrosa area.

Hakuba’s Power - ATK

This accessory can be obtained by defeating Hakuba at the New Royal Plateau. Another accessory that isn’t as strong as some of the above, but still a remarkable accessory with +1075 ATK.

(1 of 6) Sabo’s Hat is arguably the best accessory in the game with its massive ATK increase. You can acquire this by defeating Burgess in Dressrosa.

Doeisa’s Necklace - HP

This is the best HP accessory in the game hands down giving you a ridiculous +2200 HP. It can be purchased from the Yoisa Shop in the Tower of Law for a mere 1,000,000 "Berries" iconBerries.

Yoisa Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive Crown - HP

Another great health-boosting accessory comes with an enormous +2100 HP. This can be purchased from the Yoisa Shop in the Great Sandy Desert, but it won’t be available until later in the game.

Doeisa’s Ring

Similar to the necklace, but it only offers the +2000 HP. This can be purchased in the Yoisa Shop in the Tower of Law.

(1 of 4) Doeisa’s Necklace will give you an extra 2,200 HP making it one of the best HP accessories.

Yoisa Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive Badge - HP

Similar to the Crown above, this accessory comes with a modest +1900 HP. Although it’s not as good as the Crown, you can purchase it from the Yoisa Shop as soon as you enter the Great Sandy Desert providing you have a spare 1,000,000 Berries lying around.

Dandelixir Fluff - HP

Not quite as strong as the others, but still powerful in its own right. The Dandelixir Fluff offers a decent +1528 HP and can be acquired during the Dressrosa arc.

Yoisa Commerce Bureau’s Exclusive Ring - Defense

For the most part, you won’t need any defense accessories but when you do, the "Cobra's Necklace" iconCobra’s Necklace will have you covered. Equipping this will give you +750 DEF, and you can acquire it from the Yoisa Shop in the Great Sandy Desert, although it won’t be available straight away.

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