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One Piece Odyssey

Talented Doctor Side Story

Jarrod Garripoli

As with any JRPG, you are going to encounter quests away from the main story, and One Piece Odyssey is no exception. The Side Stories in this game are shown on the map with a blue marker, but once you start them, you will notice there is no tracking at all. This can make things pretty difficult with some Side Stories. This page will focus on the Talented Doctor Side Story in Alabasta.

Where to Start Talented Doctor in One Piece Odyssey

(1 of 2) The location of the side story on the map

The location of the side story on the map (left), You’re looking for the old lady sitting on a bench (right)

Despite starting this side story in Alabasta, you won’t be able to get it until Chapter 3. Progress the story there, until you eventually have to go back to Alabasta. Once you are back, head to Alubarna and head up the western path. On the corner, you should see an old lady sitting on a bench, who will give you the side story. Her back is hurting her, but she still has things she wants to do, and mentions that the medicine from that one doctor who came from the Drum Kingdom will help ease her pain.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where the doctor is right now, but knows someone who was treated by him recently, so she sends you to that person.

Where to Find the Doctor for Talented Doctor

The old lady mentioned that the woman who was treated visits her son all the time, who happens to be a guard in the city. To get to this guard, head south from the old lady, then east, to the double large gates you have to go through part of the city. On the northern side of the northern gate, right across from the save point, you should see someone with the blue conversation markers above their head. Speak to him to learn the doctor, whose name is Nafk, was last seen at the tavern by the castle’s gates.

(1 of 4) The location of the guard you need to talk to on the map

Pass through both of the large gates now, and you should see a tavern to your west, immediately upon passing through the second gate. You’ll know it’s the tavern, as it’s marked on your map with a mug icon. Head inside and speak to the man with the blue marker to find your doctor. He agrees to help, but doesn’t have the ingredients for the "Pain-eez" iconPain-eez medicine. He will need two "Gator Banana" iconGator Bananas in order to make the medicine, so he asks for your help in getting the ingredients.

Where to Find Gator Bananas in One Piece Odyssey

Now, if you’ve been picking up all of the Shiny Spots while exploring, it’s possible you already have the Gator Bananas, but if not, then you will need to hunt some down (the "Banana Gator Pie" iconBanana Gator Pie recipe uses them). Now, you could try your hand at the random nature of the Shiny Spots, but there’s a better way to track down the Gator Bananas, from the Banana Gator enemies themselves. Open up your map and fast travel to the Approach to Desert Byway point in the Desert Near Alubarna. As soon as you arrive, exit that area to go to the desert part.

(1 of 3) You can find Unripe Banana Gators at these two spots

There should be an "Unripe Banana Gator" iconUnripe Banana Gator right there, poking its head out of the sand. Engage the enemy and defeat it to hopefully get the item drop you need. There should be two Unripe Banana Gators in this area, with the second directly north of the western end of the bridge. Should you not happen to get the items, go to any of the camps in the same area, rest, and the enemies will respawn. Once you have the two Gator Bananas, bring them to the doctor to receive the medicine, which you can then bring back to the old lady to finish the side story.


Objective Rewards
Find a doctor 18,000, "Sandora Dragon Steak Tips" iconSandora Dragon Steak Tips, "Herb-Grilled Bo Bo Bird" iconHerb-Grilled Bo Bo Bird
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