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One Piece Odyssey Wind Colossus Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

The Wind Colossus is the second official Colossi you will face in the game, with you fighting it inside the Dust Ruins during Chapter 3 of the main story. While the "Thunder Colossus" iconThunder Colossus was a bit on the easier side, due to Luffy’s inability to be hurt by lightning, the "Wind Colossus" iconWind Colossus can actually prevent a real challenge to the player. It’s best to be prepared for the ensuing battle in trying to vanquish this foe.

You'll be fighting the !Wind Colossus at the end of the Dust Ruins

How to Beat the Wind Colossus in One Piece Odyssey

Before starting to delve too deep into the battle, the Wind Colossus is a Speed-type foe, meaning that they will do extra damage to "Zoro" iconZoro and Robin, while "Luffy" iconLuffy, "Sanji" iconSanji and Chopper will take less damage from it. That means keeping Luffy and Sanji on the frontlines will be ideal, but bring along Chopper for the battle, as his healing capabilities will shine here. Since he is a little more squishy than the other two, it’s best to keep him in a separate area than the other two Power-types. Your fourth character can be either "Nami" iconNami or "Usopp" iconUsopp, although they likely won’t be doing much damage to the boss.

Nami has a little more utility, thanks to Mirage Tempo, so you can just use her. Note that "Adio" iconAdio won’t be contributing to the offense in this battle, as he continually casts Grande to increase your party’s DEF, or uses Heal whenever you might need it. Otherwise, he will just sit back and watch, wasting a turn. Let’s take a look at the Wind Colossus’ attacks now.

Wind Colossus’ Attacks in One Piece Odyssey

The following are the attacks you are most likely to see during your boss battle with the Wind Colossus.

Bladed Truth

This will be the Wind Colossus’ single target attack, and probably the only attack you will want to see. It does about 250-300 damage to a single character (Power-type), plus it has a chance to also inflict Bleed. As already mentioned, you will want to see this attack often, just because it’s the least damaging and only hits a single person.

Storm Helix Blade

The other attack you will see often is this one, which hits an entire group of people (those in a single area). In fact, it seems to be a close-ranged attack, as it apparently only hits the group in front of the Wind Colossus. Against Power-type characters, you will see this likely doing around 350 or so damage, meaning those of the other types will receive much more damage. As with all of the other attacks from this boss, this one can also inflict Bleed.

Crushing Chaos King

While it seems to be used very rarely, you never really want to see this attack, as it hits the entire party, regardless of their positioning. This is also the most damaging attack in its arsenal, with it damaging Power-type characters for around 600 or so damage. Since you won’t have just those types of characters on the field (due to there only being three Power-types), you will see at least one or two characters taking much more than the above damage.

Those are all the attacks you will see from the Wind Colossus and with the right preparation, you should have a slightly easier time, although it can still be challenging. First and foremost, as mentioned near the beginning of this page, Chopper should be someone you want to use, as he can heal an area now (it’s quite expensive in TP costs, though). Putting him on the frontline is risky, though, should you wish to regain TP through normal attacks; there’s always items and food to replenish TP, though.

Speaking of items, the "Bronze Bat Soup" iconBronze Bat Soup is perfect for this battle, since it heals everyone for 1,000 HP and buffs DEF/GUTS; it’s a perfect complement to "Chopper" iconChopper’s healing. As for other items, having the Trick Balls that can debuff the Wind Colossus is great, although which ones you use is entirely up to you. If you’re taking a lot of damage, then the ATK debuff is perfect, but if you wish to inflict more damage to the boss, then use the GUTS debuff one. Why debuff GUTS over DEF? Well, GUTS will help with the boss taking more damage from your special attacks. You should be using your special attacks, too, since they are going to do the most damage.

(1 of 4) All of the boss' attacks have a chance to inflict Bleed

Since you never know when one of the Wind Colossus’ skills is going to be used, it’s best to keep everyone above half health, especially those who aren’t a Power-type. Don’t forget to equip good accessories on your characters, too. If you can manage the damage output of the Wind Colossus, you will have an easier time during this boss.


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