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One Piece Odyssey

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All Water Seven Cube Fragments for Luffy in One Piece Odyssey

Matt Chard

At the beginning of One Piece Odyssey, an incident occurs that will cause all of "Luffy" iconLuffy’s entourage to lose all of their powers. The only way to get back their powers is to go through their memories to get back a previously lost power. Thus starts the journey for Luffy and his crew. Upon reacquiring a lost power, you’ll need to increase their strength with Cube Fragments that are now scattered across the realm. This page will guide you through all five Cube Fragments in Water Seven, and the connecting areas to bring Luffy back to his full strength, and reward you with the Cube Collector: Luffy trophy/achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cube Collector: Luffy

Collected 50 of Luffy's cube fragments.

Trophy icon

Luffy only needs 50 Cube Fragments to unlock the trophy/achievement.

Where to Find All of Luffy’s Cube Fragments in Water Seven

Although Water Seven is a large area with several sub-areas such as the Lower Coast, the main City, and the Sewers it doesn’t have too many cube fragments for Luffy. There are only five to be exact.

Water Seven Lower Coast Cube Fragments

The Lower Coast is the first place you’ll visit in Water Seven. There is only one cube fragment for Luffy in this area.

Luffy Cube Fragment 23

Location Map Marker
Lower Coast - Water Seven Map Pin

The first Cube Fragment in Water Seven can be found in the Lower Coast part of the area. From the Yoisa Travel, follow the path south until you pass the brazier (on your right) next to the rocks. Stop, and rotate your camera to face southwest where you’ll see a few rocks in the sea. The cube will be on one of these rocks.

South of the Yoisa Travel in the Lower Coast. On a rock off the map.

Water Seven City Cube Fragments

This area is the main part of Water Seven where most of the civilians reside. There are two cube fragments for Luffy here.

Luffy Cube Fragment 24

Location Map Marker
Water Seven City - Water Seven Map Pin

You’ll find the fragment hidden behind the white pillar in the west alley of the Cafe Park area of Water Seven.

Behind a pillar in the southwest part of the Cafe Park area.

Luffy Cube Fragment 25

Location Map Marker
Water Seven City - Water Seven Map Pin

Not too far from the previous fragment, and still in the Cafe Park area. Head north until you reach the intersection and take the path west along the river where you’ll see red and white striped poles in the river. The cube will be on the balcony of the building you’re walking under.

On the balcony in the northwest part of the Cafe Park area.

Water Seven Sewer Cube Fragments

This area is located on the West Side of the Water Seven map. You’ll go here as part of the main story. This area contains one cube fragment for Luffy.

Luffy Cube Fragment 26

Location Map Marker
Water Seven Sewers - Water Seven Map Pin

From the Sewer B2F Save Point, go through the door to the south, and follow the ledge east where the cube will be sitting.

Take the door south from the Save Point (B2F) and head east.

Tower of Law Cube Fragments

You’ll need to come to the Tower of Law for the story where you will have to rescue "Usopp" iconUsopp and "Franky" iconFranky. There’s only one cube fragment for Luffy here.

Luffy Cube Fragment 27

Location Map Marker
Tower of Law - Water Seven Map Pin

Situated next to the large fridge in the pantry on the first floor of Tower of Law. You can find the pantry in the northwest corner of the area.

This fragment will be next to the large fridge in the pantry on the first floor.

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One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that has the crew exploring the mysterious island of Waford. There, they meet a girl that strips away their powers, and have to go through memories from their various adventures to get them back, while also trying to unravel the mystery of Waford.

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