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Tavern Trouble

Matt Chard

As you progress through One Piece Odyssey a new gameplay system will open up that goes by the name of “Side Stories”. This is what’s known as side quests in most JRPGs which will yield you experience, "Berries" iconBerries, and useful items as well as lore for the side characters in the world.

Head over to the Kajika Tavern in Water Seven to start this quest.

Where to Start Tavern Trouble in One Piece Odyssey

You can pick up this quest when you reach Water Seven at the beginning of Chapter four. As you could imagine, this quest starts at the Tavern Kajika which is situated in the north towards the center. As soon as you enter the door to your right, you’ll find a young woman wearing a blue and white striped shirt minding the shop.

After your brief conversation with her, you’ll find out that her name is Lucie, and she wants to put her business above her competitors. To do this, she needs your help to find out what shops are the most popular.

Lucie doesn't look too happy. Find out what's making her so miserable.

Get info from the Tourists

This will give you your next objective, gathering information from the tourists. Maybe if you head to another bar in the same town, you might find some tourists. If you look at the map, there is another tavern at the bottom of the city called Cats All Over. This appears to be the perfect place to find out about the competition. Make your way south, and you’ll eventually run past the bar. Head inside, and there will be a small child having a meal with his mother. Rudely interrupt their dining experience, and speak to the child to find out that they like this place because of all the cats around the tavern (sounds hygienic).

The table to the back-right of the child is a man who looks like he’s escaped from his jail cell with his black and white striped get-up. Head over to him, and he’ll give his thoughts on the success of this bar which appears to be the taste of "Aqua Meat" iconAqua Meat. Real informative. Finally, head over to the bar to speak with the aptly named woman called “Cleanly Woman” who likes places that are trendy and clean. Taking a moment to summarize, Lucie will need a trendy and clean place that serves tasty "Aqua Meat" iconAqua Meat and has cats everywhere if she wants her tavern to prosper.

(1 of 3) The small child loves food establishments with lots of cats…

Now that you’ve reached your quota of talking to three tourists, make your way back to Lucie to tell her the good news or in her case, the not-so-good news. Apparently, she is allergic to cats, so that’s a no-go and the "Aqua Meat" iconAqua Meat wouldn’t make her stand out, although she does have some. She does agree with the clean and trendy part, but the Carpenters come here after a hard day’s work, and she doesn’t want to alienate her customers.

From all that information you gave to her, she somehow deduces that the thing she needs is some Men’s Perfume. "Chopper" iconChopper will mention that they recall that Nanohana sells perfume and Nani assumes that they’d sell perfume for men.

(1 of 2) You can find the Aroma and Armor shop southwest of the Spice Bean Tavern in Nanohana.

You can find the Aroma and Armor shop southwest of the Spice Bean Tavern in Nanohana. (left), Speak to the woman behind the counter to acquire the Men's Cologne. (right)

Time to travel to Nanohana on a whim, thankfully you can fast travel. Use the Memoria Cube to get back to Nanohana, and make your way to the Spice Bean Plaza in the north. Then head west and go through the first door on your left to enter the Aroma and Armor shop. Talk to the woman in the white hat, and "Nami" iconNami will ask for some Men’s Cologne which the shopkeeper will gladly hand over. Thankfully "Nami" iconNami’s whim pays off!

Deliver the Perfumes

Now head back to the Kajika Tavern in Water Seven and talk to Lucie again to hand over the cologne. It appears that giving the carpenters the cologne will solve all her problems…Anyway, it doesn’t matter, your task is finished and the spoils are yours.

Hand over the cologne to Lucie (who still doesn't look happy) to complete your task.

Tavern Trouble Rewards

Berries Rewards
36,000 Aroma Ring


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One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG that has the crew exploring the mysterious island of Waford. There, they meet a girl that strips away their powers, and have to go through memories from their various adventures to get them back, while also trying to unravel the mystery of Waford.

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