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One Piece Odyssey

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Thunderhead Ruins Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

The Thunderhead Bluff Ruins is the first major location where players battle a boss. As you venture through the ruin, solve puzzles, and eventually fight Chapter 1’s first big baddie, you will naturally come across many chests, pick-ups, and cubes. The purpose of this is to help you find all the Thunderhead Bluff Ruins cube locations in One Piece Odyssey.

Thunderhead Ruins Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

(1 of 3) The first cube is in the sky as soon as you enter the Ruin in 1BF Thunderhead Ruin.

Once you enter the Thunderhead Bluff area’s ruins, you will explore two large rooms, and a boss room. These areas have a few alternative exploration methods, with rotating puzzles that open alternate doors and pathways leading to goodies. Keep this in mind, as a few secrets are knocking around the Thunderhead Ruins, which will lead to cube locations. We have attached a list of the cubes in the order you can get them, along with screenshots to help visualize their location in the game and on the mini-map.

  • Robin 1: The first cube is immediate as you enter the ruin, though, it could be clearer. Walk forward onto the platform you enter the ruin on, across the gap, and then look up. You will see a cube floating near the moss cover on a stone block. Also, there are some other goodies you can grapple to as "Luffy" iconLuffy, right above the entrance to the Ruin.
  • "Zoro" iconZoro 1: Follow the route down into the main chamber of B1F of the Thunderhead Ruin. Eventually, you’ll come to the middle of the ruin, with some lights running through some switches and locked doors. Rotate the switch, so it faces the door to the north. The door will open, allowing you to enter. Inside is a cube for Zoro in the top right corner of the room.
  • Zoro 2: The second Zoro Cube in Thunderhead Ruin follows from the first Zoro Cube. With the puzzle door open, turn into "Chopper" iconChopper, then run into the tiny hole opposite where you picked the first cube up. Follow it around, then you’ll come to a new room. You then need to grapple over as Luffy, bringing you on top of another cube.

Thunderhead Ruins 2BF Cube Locations

(1 of 4) Open the door to the left of the stairs in the northwest power switch hub.

When you make your way down to the next floor, many other cube locations are hidden near the boss room’s power switches. Make sure to explore these towers properly, as there are many hidden cube locations around. To follow this list, we are starting with the northeast corner of the 2BF room.

  • Zoro Cube 3: The first thing you should do is head to the far east wall of the boss room. From there, you will find a tiny gap in the corner, where you can turn into Chopper and run through a hole. Follow the thin route round, and avoid the two monsters in the room. Continue following the route, leading you into the northeast power switch hub. You need to look for vines growing out of the wall, which you can identify via their green glow. You’ll also notice a small brick-stone border around the vines. In the deep corner is a cube for you to pick up.
  • "Usopp" iconUsopp & Chopper 1: Now you have the above cube, look up as Luffy. You can climb the vines, and reach another floor above. Once again, look up, and you’ll find some parts of a cave sticking out of the walls with a cube for you to reach and grab with the gum gum hands of yours. Note, you will get a cube for both Usopp and Chopper.
  • "Sanji" iconSanji 1: Now you have reached the cube above, you need to turn and face south. There is another cube in plan view of you near the power switch you need to disable for the boss fight.
  • Zoro Cube 4: Now you’re done with the east side, it is time to run west. Follow the route up the stairs, and turn the switch to open the door on the left of the switch. When it opens up, there is a cube in the corner to acquire. Just be careful of the yellow beetle hiding behind the door!

This concludes the Thunderhead Ruins Cube Location in One Piece Odyssey. Enjoy your newly empowered skills, and your trophy progress for acquiring cubes for each character.

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