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All Luffy Cube Fragment Locations in One Piece Odyssey

Craig Robinson

"Luffy" iconLuffy is one of the primary tank and strong melee hitting characters in One Piece Odyssey. This character is capable of improving damage with Gear 2 and beyond, while also being able to take a beating as well. If you intend to improve Luffy to take on the Challenge Cube bosses, then you’re going to need to collect cubes to his skills. Here’s a like at all the Luffy cube fragment locations in One Piece Odyssey.

Luffy Cube Fragments in One Piece Odyssey

We’ve split all the Luffy Cubes we are aware of into the areas of the game you can get them. If you’re missing some, then feel free to take a look at each section of the map and see if there’s a cube you don’t recognize from your playthrough. You’ll also be able to easily get the Luffy trophy as well for collecting cubes for him.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Cube Collector: Luffy

Collected 50 of Luffy's cube fragments.

Trophy icon

Waford South: Chapter 1

(1 of 3) Behind teh breakable walls in the Lake Shore Cave.

  1. One beside the breakable walls in the square area of the Lake Shore Cave. This is after you fight the first "Death Squirrel" iconDeath Squirrel.
  2. Another is found in the Lake Shore Cave on the northwest side of it. You will need Luffy to grab it, as you can not reach it otherwise.
  3. Inside the first large square room, you enter in the Thunderhead Ruins B2F. You get one Robin and Luffy fragment.

Alabasta: Chapter 2

(1 of 9) The cube fragment will be at the back of the wagon along the Eastern Highway.

  1. Head to the most eastern side of Dust Ruin in Chapter 3 to get this cube. You fill it at the end of the road.
  2. Follow the Dust Ruins down the stairs. You will reach a fast travel sign. Cross the bridge, go further down the stairs, cross the gap, and then the cube is floating next to the pillar on the other side of the chasm.
  3. Inside the Dust Ruin Plaza Room, with the "Sand Del Kong" iconSand Del Kong. Once the gorilla is defeated, look for the rubble in the northwest corner of the room, and you’ll find the cube resting on it.

Water Seven City: Chapter 4

(1 of 5) Bottom left of the cafe area of the city.

  1. In the Water Seven City region, head to the southwest corner of the Cafe Park, where you can find a Locked Chest under the stairs. Keep going along that, and you will find a Luffy fragment hiding behind a pillar as well.
  2. Above the railings in the top left of the Cafe Area.
  3. Inside the Sewer "Franky" iconFranky section of the Sewer 2BF
  4. Inside the Pantry of the Tower of Law. Behind the freezer door.
  5. Follow the road from the spawn point of Water Seven Lower Coast, and then look to the sea. There’s a floating Luffy cube just off-screen on the southernmost point of the road.

Waford South, King Kong & Ice Ruin: Chapter 5

(1 of 6) The ground floor of Thunderhead.

  1. Follow the Waford South trail to the Thunderhead ruin and choose the grass path. The cube is against the stone wall below the Thunderhead ruin pathway cliffside.
  2. Follow the King Kong Garden path on the east side, and keep your camera aimed at the water. There is a cube where the flowing water meets a bunch of rocks along its path.
  3. By the crashed ship on the beach in King Kong Garden.
  4. Between the entrance and the boss room of Ice Ruins.
  5. Inside the Ice Block Ruins Last Experiment Room. Head east from the entrance, and cut down the metal door with "Zoro" iconZoro. Follow the path around, and there’s a cube in the corner beside the next metal door. You get three Luffy fragments from this.
  6. Continue down the Ice Block Ruin eastern path, and you will come across the southeast corner Flying at the side of the path is a floating Cube. You get one Luffy Fragment, and three "Sanji" iconSanji fragments too.

Dressrosa: Chapter 8

(1 of 7) The broken tile road in Dressrosa East.

  1. Spawn in Dressrosa City, and follow the path to the City East road. You will come across a bend that goes upwards. To the left-hand side of the road, part of the road is collapsed, containing a cube holding two Luffy fragments.
  2. Head to the southeast section of Dressrosa City at the Foot of New Royal Plateau. Head to the left side of the area, along the broken stone steps, and there’s a cube in the rubble. It contains three Sanji fragments and two Luffy fragments.
  3. You can construct an optional bridge at the City Ruins section of New Royal Plateau 1st Level. If you visit the Fissure area, turn west and find a "Chopper" iconChopper gap. You can then enter the higher level of City Ruins. Build a bridge, and you can find a cube on the eastern dirt.
  4. Before crossing the first main story bridge in New Royal Plateau 1st Level, head left, and go to the building with orange and white colored diamonds before the Chopper hole. There is a cube containing two Chopper and Luffy fragments.
  5. Enter the Royal new Plateau – 2nd Level- War Plateau area. Head south towards the collapsed bridge that goes southeast. There is a cube amongst the rubble of the nearby building. You will get two Sanji and Luffy fragments.
  6. Head further south down New Royal Plateau - 2nd Level - War Plateau and cross the tiny bridge made out of a white wall piece. To the left is a very small building in ruins, with a cube hiding amongst it. You will get two Luffy and Zoro fragments.
  7. You can find a cube hiding directly below a drop-down in the ground near where wind-up toy soldier guards in the Destroyed City Area of the New Royal Plateau - 2nd Level. You will get two Sanji and Luffy fragments.

Other locations

(1 of 3) Along the Purity gardens section of the Sky Tower.

This section contains the locations of other cubes that are rather spread out or are acquired through alterior methods.

  1. On the southern side of the Sky Tower Purity Garden in the Sky Tower, you can climb up the southern central section, then head east. You will come across a gray wall with vines you can climb. This will take you to a perch that overlooks the Yoisa store with a pickup cube. You will get two Luffy fragments, and three Zoro fragments.
  2. You get three fragments by completing the Zoner trivia questline.
  3. Head to Marineford’s North Town, and go down the first set of stone stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right, and look for barrels against the wall. To the left of them are some boxes with a cube in front of them. You will get three Luffy and Sanji fragments.
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